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Pulp Jerami Sebagai Bahan Serat Dalam Pembuatan Eternit Nasirwan, Nasirwan; Yanziwar, Yanziwar; Hendra, Hendra
JURNAL R & B Vol 3, No 1 (2003)
Publisher : JURNAL R & B

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The use of straw and waste paperboard pulp as a fibrous materials in hand-sade celling board making bad been investigated with adough composition consisting of 60% cernent, 32 % lise and 85 pulp. The straw was cooked with cold soda process in laboratory scale and the concentration of NaOH was varied from 0 to 10%. Straw pulp cooked with 8 and 10 % NaOH produced and celling board with a good bending streigh;however, this property was still lower than those celling board made from 100 % wasta paper board pulp or 100 % waste staples.