Lasty Wisata
Faculty of Medicine Padjadjaran University/ Dr. Hasan Sadikin General Hospital, Bandung

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Clinical Aspects Disparities of Resistant and Non Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome in Children Wisata, Lasty; Prasetyo, Dwi; Hilmanto, Dany
Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association Vol. 60 No. 12 December 2010
Publisher : Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association

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Histopathologically diagnosed nephrotic syndrome (NS) consists of minimal and nonminimal lesions. Minimal lesion nephrotic syndrome (MLNS) is usually called as sensitive steroid nephrotic syndrome (SSNS), and nonminimal lesion nephrotic syndrome (NMLNS) is the same as steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome (SRNS). Histopathologic feature is a gold standard in diagnosing NS, but it is not possible for every patient due to its invasive nature. This study aimed to elucidate the association between several clinical and laboratory manifestations such as nonalbumin protein, cholesterol, hypertension, haematuria, and the response towards SRNS and SSNS. An analytic study was carried on to find out the response of steroid therapy. The sample consisted of two groups with 38 subjects each, collected from the Outpatient and Inpatient setting of the Department of Child Health Hasan Sadikin General Hospital, Bandung, since January 2008 up to September 2009, all of whom were diagnosed with SSNS or SRNS according to the medical records data. Further analysis was done using X2. Logistic regression analysis was done simultaneously to find out the association of several variables, and odds ratio was used to calculate the strength between the variables. There was no difference in nonalbumin protein (p=0.139) and hypertension (p=0.247) of all subjects from both groups. The cholesterol rate was lower in SRNS group compared to those in SSNS group (p<0.05). Both groups showed difference in the incidence of haematuria (p=0.054). Multivariate analysis found out the association between sex, cholesterol rate and nonalbumin protein response towards steroid therapy in NS.Keywords: cholesterol, SRNS, SSNS, nonalbumin protein