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Journal : Jurnal Penelitian Saintek

ADSORPSI NITROGEN DARI URIN DENGAN ZEOLIT Utomo, Pranjoto; Widjajanti, Endang; Budiasih, Kun Sri
Jurnal Penelitian Saintek Vol 15, No 1 (2010): April 2010
Publisher : Jurnal Penelitian Saintek

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The aims of the research were to determine the nitrogen contained in human urine before and after applying zeolyte and to determine  the influence of MgO to nitrogen  contained in human urine. The determination of zeolyte adsorption capacity to nitrogen contained in human urine included 3 steps: activation of natural zeolyte, nitrogen adsorption, total nitrogen determination  by Kjedahl test. Zeolyte activation was done by soaking zeolyte into 0,1 M HCl,  HNO3,  and H2SO4 for 1 hour and calcinated for 4 hours at 400°C. The adsorption proses was done by adding inactivated and activated  zeolyte with and without MgO adding. The optimum mass of zeolyte was 3 grams. The  adsorption  capacities  of inactivated zeolytes without and with MgO adding were 0.007809% and 0.0102% per gram zeolyte, respectively. The adsorption capacities of activated zeolyte by HCl,  HNO3, dan H2S04 without MgO adding were 0.00604%, 0.00664% and 0.00917% per gram zeoliyte. The adsorption capacities  of activated zeolyte by HCl,  HN03,  dan H2S04 with MgO adding were 0.00839%, 0.0104%, dan  0.011% per gram zeolyte. The  activation  and MgO adding increased  the adsorption capacity of zeolyte to nitrogen contained in human urine.