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Hubungan Kadar IgG Antikardiolipin dan Infark Plasenta pada Abortus Berulang dan Abortus Satu Kali Sulistyono, Agus; Gumilar Dachlan, Erry
Obstetri Vol 13, No 2 (2005)
Publisher : Obstetri

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Reccurent spontaneous abortion (RSA) is one of serious problems in pregnant women with bad obstetric histo y. Many potentialcauses have been presumed for RSA such as genetic, anatomic, endocrine, infectious, and immunologic factors. IgG anticardiolipin(ACA) has been documented as an immunologic factor that causing RSA. Pathogenesis of antipospolipid syndrom is caracterized bytrombosis within uteroplacental circulation lea& to plancental infarction and abortion or fetal death. The purpose of this researchwas to observe the relationship of IgC ACA level and placental infartion between RSA and spontanious abortion. The research wasdone in obstetric emergency room and histopathology Department Dr Soetomo Hospilal Surabaya on March-Juy 2004. The methodof research was analythic observational with cross-sectional design which done to 30 patient consist of 15 RSA patient and 15spontaneous abortion. Samples of blood andplacenta were takenfrom each group and the blood samples were examinedfor the IgGACA level, while the placenta samples were observed to get the presence of plancen tal infarction. Two ofmeen (1 3.3%) had positiveIgG ACA in RSA group but on spontaneous abortion group. Mean of IgG ACA level in Rsa group was 18.77 + 30.1 while mean ofIgG ACA level I spontaneous abortion was 9.81 + 2.83 and the digernce was not statistically sign8cant. On the histopathologicexamination of the presence ofplacental infarction, there were also positive in 2 of15 samples RSA and no positively in spontaneousabortion and he difference of the presence ofplacental infarction between 2 groups also not statistically signficant. But interestinglyin IgC ACA patient and the presence of placental infarction was signiJicantly difference between the positive IgG ACA group andnegatively group (p = 0.002), and the relation strength was 0.707. Based on the results could be drawn that there were no signiJicantlydtfferences of lgG ACA andplacental infarction between RSA and spontaneous abortion but there was signijcantly d~flerenceo f thepresence of placental infarction in positive and negatively IgC ACA.Key words: reccurent spontaneous abortion, IgG anticardiolipin, placental infarction and antiphospholipid syndroe
Conservative Surgical Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) Using ’Surabaya Method’ (Modified B-Lynch Compression Suture) Sulistyono, Agus; Gultom, Elli Saur Mauli; Dachlan,, Erry Gumilar; Prabowo, Prajitno
Indonesian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Vol.34. no.3. July 2010
Publisher : Indonesian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of PPH management by conservative surgical management using B-Lynch Method and Surabaya method (Modified B-Lynch compression suture) as an alternative to hysterectomy in PPH due to uterine atony.Method: Eighty-four cases of PPH from 2786 deliveries were recruited in period of July 1, 2007 - August 31, 2008. The study was perfomed in Ob/Gyn Dept. Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya, Indonesia. Its management consisted of 72 cases succeed with medical (uterotonics) and mechanical technique (tamponade technique) and the remain of 12 failed cases was done by conservative surgical technique that preserving uterus. The surgically therapy on these 12 cases were proceeded by B-Lynch technique on 4 cases and another 8 cases with Surabaya Method in which the technique was done by performing brace suturing way with 3 longitudinally stitches using chromic catgut no 2 and round needle.Result: From 12 cases showed that all 8 cases with Surabaya Method technique were success to stop bleeding, but 2 cases were failed from B-Lynch Method and hysterectomy were done. Two out of 8 cases Surabaya Method and 1 B-Lynch technique case were ended with death which possible causes were HELLP syndrome,DIC and multiple organ failure complication in severe preeclampsia,although actually the bleeding had already been stopped.Conclusion: The present study showed that Surabaya Method was effective to stop bleeding in PPH conservative surgical management with uterus preserving. Beside simple, effective and easy to implement, the advantage of Surabaya Method was quick.[Indones J Obstet Gynecol 2010; 34-3: 108-13]Keywords: PPH conservative management, Surabaya Method,B-Lynch technique Tujuan: Untuk mengevaluasi efikasi manajemen perdarahan pascapersalinan dengan manajemen bedah konservatif menggunakan metode B-Lynch dan metode Surabaya (jahitan kompresi modifikasi B-Lynch) sebagai tindakan alternatif histerektomi pada perdarahan pascapersalinan karena atoni uteri.Metode: Sampel terdiri atas 84 kasus perdarahan pascapersalinan dari 2.786 persalinan periode 1 Juli 2007 - 31 Agustus 2008. Studi dilakukan di Departemen Obstetri dan Ginekologi RS Dr. Soetomo Surabaya Indonesia. Tujuh puluh dua kasus berhasil dihentikan dengan menggunakan uterotonika dan teknik tamponade, sedang 12 kasus yang gagal dikerjakan teknik bedah konservatif dengan mempertahankan uterus. Terapi bedah pada 12 kasus tersebut dikerjakan dengan metode B-Lynch pada 4 kasus dan 8 kasus dengan metode Surabaya di mana metode Surabaya berupa penjahitan keliling dengan 3 jahitan longitudinal dengan menggunakan catgut no. 2 dan jarum bundar.Hasil: Dari 12 kasus, 8 kasus dengan metode Surabaya berhasil menghentikan perdarahan sedangkan 2 kasus dengan metode BLynch gagal yang akhirnya dilakukan histerektomi. Dua dari 8 kasus dengan metode Surabaya dan 1 dengan metode B-Lynch berakhir dengan kematian dengan kemungkinan penyebabnya adalah sindroma HELLP, DIC dan kegagalan multi organ sebagai komplikasi dari preeklampsia walaupun sebenarnya perdarahan berhasil diberhentikan.Kesimpulan: Metode Surabaya efektif dalam menghentikan perdarahan pada kasus perdarahan pascapersalinan dalam mengonservasi uterus. Selain sederhana, efektif dan mudah untuk dilakukan, waktu yang diperlukan dalam pengerjaan metode Surabaya adalah lebih cepat.[Maj Obstet Ginekol Indones 2010; 34-3: 108-13]Kata kunci: manajemen konservatif perdarahan pascapersalinan, metode Surabaya, penjahitan teknik B-Lynch
Aspirin Dosis Rendah Efektif Menurunkan Resistensi Arteri Uterina yang Abnormal pada Ibu Hamil Usia Kehamilan 16–24 Minggu Rachmi, Rachmi; Sulistyono, Agus
Majalah Obstetri & Ginekologi Vol 24, No 1 (2016): Januari - April 2016
Publisher : Majalah Obstetri & Ginekologi

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Tujuan: mengetahui pengaruh pemberian aspirin 125 mg/hari terhadap penurunan resistensi pembuluh darah arteri uterina pada ibu hamil USG doppler velocimetry arteri uterina abnormal usia kehamilan 16-24 minggu.Bahan dan Metode: Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian pra-eksperimental pre-test post-test one group design. Subjek penelitian adalah ibu hamil dari puskesmas Mulyorejo dan Kalijudan Surabaya, usia kehamilan 16-24 minggu dengan hasil USG doppler velocimetry arteri uterina abnormal. Pemeriksaan USG doppler arteri uterina dilakukan di Departemen/SMF Obstetri Ginekologi Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Airlangga-RSUD Dr. Soetomo, divisi Feto-Maternal, sebelum dan sesudah pemberian aspirin 125 mg/hari selama 4 minggu. Hasil pemeriksaan USG doppler velocimetry arteri uterina dibagi menjadi empat tingkatan yaitu; normal bila RI < 0,58 tanpa adanya notching, tingkat I jika RI > 0,58 tanpa adanya notching, tingkat II RI < 0,58 disertai notching dan tingkat III bila RI > 0,58 disertai adanya notching.Hasil: Dari 99 subjek penelitian dengan hasil USG doppler velocimetry arteri uterina abnormal yaitu; 81 orang tingkat I, 2 orang tingkat II dan 16 orang tingkat III. Hasil pemeriksaan USG doppler velocimetry arteri uterina setelah diberikan aspirin 125 mg/hari selama 4 minggu, didapatkan 76 subjek dengan hasil USG doppler arteri uterina yang menjadi normal dan 23 subyek tetap dengan hasil USG abnormal (20 orang tingkat I dan 3 orang ibu hamil tingkat III). Aspirin dosis rendah dapat menurunkan resistensi arteri uterina secara bermakna, dengan hasil p=0,0001 (p<0,05).Simpulan: Aspirin dosis rendah efektif untuk menurunkan resistensi arteri uterina yang abnormal pada ibu hamil usia kehamilan 16 – 24 minggu.
The Indonesian Journal of Public Health Vol 11, No 1 (2016): The Indonesian Journal Of Public Health
Publisher : Universitas Airlangga

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HIV AIDS is considered as global threat due to the adverse impacts it brings to all sectors. The number of person with HIV-AIDS increases both in men and women. For pregnant women, HIV is not just a threat to the mother but also for the infant, therefore as to prevent the transmission and complication during pregnancy, screening should be made through an HIV test. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between the number ofantenatal care and stigmatization on participation of pregnant women for HIV testing after counseling by Health Workers in the working area of Turi Public Health Center, Lamongan. This study applied cross sectional study. The population in this study consisted of 80 pregnant women. Simple random sampling was chosen for Sampling Technique and it was obtained as many as 42 respondents. Data collection was done using a questionnaire and interviews. Data were analyzed using frequency distribution tables and chi square test with significance level of 5% (p = 0.05). The results revealed that from as many as 42 pregnant women who made antenatal visit > 4 times, 100% of these pregnant women did not take HIV test while pregnant women who made only 2–4 times antenatal visit was as many as 16 individuals (64%) took the test, and only one pregnant woman who took the test on the first visit. Pregnant women who did not have the stigmatization, 100% took the HIV test. Statistical analysis showed no correlation between the number of antenatal visits (p = 0.000) and stigmastization (p = 0.000) of pregnant women for HIV testing after counseling by Health Workers. It is necessary to increase the provision of information and education for the pregnant women through health promotion concerning the importance of HIV testing and antenatal visits to the Health Care.Keywords: HIV test, Number of antenatal care, Stigmatization 
Perceived Benefits and Intakes of Protein, Vitamin C and Iron in Preventing Anemia among Pregnant Women Triharini, Mira; Nursalam, Nursalam; Sulistyono, Agus; Adriani, Merryana; Hsieh, Pei-Lun
Jurnal Ners Vol 13, No 2 (2018): October 2018
Publisher : Universitas Airlangga

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Introduction: Nutritional adequacy is essential in ensuring the normal growth and development of the fetus. Perceived benefits will be able to strengthen pregnant women to meet optimum nutritional intake to prevent anemia. Adequacy of protein, vitamin C and iron will reduce the risk of iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy. This study aims to examine the association between perceived benefits with protein, vitamin C, and iron intake in preventing pregnancy anemia.Methods: This study used a cross-sectional design and was conducted in August-October 2017 among105 pregnant women. This study used the multistage random sampling method. The population of this study was pregnant women who had antenatal care in four Community Health Centre in Surabaya namely Jagir, MedokanAyu, SidotopoWetan, and Gundih. Results: The average daily protein intake was 76.34 (SD = 35.88) gram/day. There was a significant association between perceived benefits with protein intake (r = 0.272; p = 0.005). The average daily vitamin C intake was 90.67 (SD = 116.54) mg/day. There was no significant association between perceived benefits and vitamin C intake (r = 0.175; p = 0.074). The average daily iron intake was 64.73 (SD = 23.13) mg/day. There was a significant association between perceived benefits and iron intake (r = 0.219; p = 0.025).Conclusion: The knowledge of pregnant women about the benefits of nutrition will affect the adequacy of pregnancy nutrition. Health workers need to provide health education on the importance of nutrition for pregnant women to prevent anemia during pregnancy.
Deteksi Dini Risiko Ibu Hamil dengan Kartu Skor Poedji Rochjati dan Pencegahan Faktor Empat Terlambat Widarta, Gede Danu; Cahya Laksana, Muhammad Ardian; Sulistyono, Agus; Purnomo, Windhu
Majalah Obstetri & Ginekologi Vol 23, No 1 (2015): Januari - April 2015
Publisher : Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University

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Tujuan: menganalisis kasus kematian maternal di RSUD Dr. Soetomo tahun 2011 – 2013 dengan tiga penyebab terbanyak (perdarahan pasca salin, preeklampsia berat dan penyakit jantung) ditinjau dari skor KSPR dan faktor empat terlambat.Bahan dan Metode: Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian retrospektif observasional dengan desain studi deskriptif. Objek pada penelitian ini merupakan pasien yang meninggal sebagai kasus kematian maternal di RSUD Dr. Soetomo tahun 2011-2013, dengan jumlah 58 orang. Variabel penelitian ini adalah tingkat risiko kehamilan berdasarkan KSPR, faktor empat terlambat dan kematian maternal.Hasil: Pada penelitian ini didapatkan seluruh kasus kematian maternal mengandung unsur faktor risiko dalam KSPR dan faktor empat terlambat. KRST merupakan kelompok faktor risiko terbanyak (55,2%), diikuti oleh KRT 39,7% dan KRR 5,2%. Faktor terlambat mendeteksi tanda bahaya ditemukan sebanyak 82,8%, terlambat mengambil keputusan merujuk 56,9%, dan terlambat sampai di tempat rujukan 15,5%. Faktor terlambat mendapat pertolongan di tempat rujukan terakhir tidak ditemukan pada penelitian ini.Simpulan: KSPR masih relevan digunakan untuk deteksi dini faktor risiko ibu hamil. Pencegahan faktor empat terlambat penting untuk menurunkan angka kematian maternal
Folia Medica Indonesiana Vol 52, No 4 (2016): OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2016
Publisher : Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga

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Phosphatidylglycerol is an important indicator of fetal lung maturation, which plays a role in stabilizing surfactant lipoprotein complex. Corticosteroid antenatal can stimulate the synthesis of pulmonary surfactant in infants with preterm birth. The objective of this study is to examine the phosphatidylglycerol levels as fetal lung maturation parameter after dexamethasone administration in women with preterm birth compared to L/S ratio parameter. This study was prospective longitudinal (cohort). The samples were pregnant women with preterm birth risk at 28-34 weeks gestation getting the therapy of antenatal dexamethasone 6 mg IM every 12 hours given 4 times in 48 hours. The samples were 17 patients. Determination of L/S ratio and PG levels was performed by ELISA. The study was conducted from May - November 2015 and reviewed to obtain ethics eligibility permit by the research ethic committees of Dr. Soetomo General Hospital. The results show that the mean value of L/S ratio is 2.28 with a range of 1.35 to 9.06 and the mean of PG level is 1.17 with a range from 0 to 3.79. L/S ratio and PG show no significant relationship between the two of them. Increased levels of PG on the gestational age of 28-32 weeks have not demonstrated clinically significant changes yet. The highest PG level occurs in the gestational age of 32-34 weeks.
Pengaruh Cat Stretch Exercise Terhadap Penurunan Intensitas Nyeri Menstruasi (Dysmenorrhea) dan Tanda-Tanda Vital pada Remaja Purwaningsih, Purwaningsih; Armini, Ni Ketut Alit; Sulistyono, Agus; Yunitasari, Esti; Triharini, Mira; Nurmasitoh, Anita
Jurnal Ners Vol 2, No 1 (2007): Vol. 2 No. 1 Mei-September 2007
Publisher : Universitas Airlangga

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Menstruation is a period of uterine fluid discharge to endometrial detachment, often accompanied with pain called dysmenorrhea. The objective of this study was  to  analyze the effect of cat stretch exercise on the relief of menstrual pain and characteristics of vital sign in adolescence. Pre experimental design (one group pre-post test) was used in this study, 12 samples were recruited by purposive sampling. Observation and questionnaire were applied to measure patient’s pain scale. Data were analyzed by  using  Wilcoxon signed rank test (p<0.05). Conclusion: the cat stretch exercise has effect on relieve of menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) and normalized of vital sign: blood pressure, hearth rate and respiratory rate.
Jurnal Ners Vol 5, No 1 (2010): Vol 5 No. 1 April 2010
Publisher : Universitas Airlangga

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Introduction: The number of mother who breastfeed their babies exclusively in Indonesia is low. It caused by many factors such as high intensity of formula milk advertisement, lack of awareness about the importance of breastfeeding, working mother, social culture, family support and the role of health care provider. The purpose of this research was to analyze factors related with successfulness level of exclusive breastfeeding. Method: Design used in this research was analytic retrospective. The population were all mothers at Pacarkeling Public Health Center area. Sample obtained through purposive sampling. Total sample was 61 respondents. Independent variables were knowledge, information and promotion, family support, social cultural, role of health provider, work/occupation, education and breast physiology anatomy. The dependent variable was exclusive breastfeeding. Result: The result indicated that exclusive breastfeeding achievement level was related with information and promotion (r = 0.271), family support (r = 373), health care provider role (r = 231), mother occupation (r = 251), anatomy and physiology of breast (r = 293), while the knowledge (r = 108), social cultural (r = 180) and education (r = 093) not significantly related. Discussion: In conclusion, there was a positive correlation between information and promotion, family support, health care provider role, mother’s occupation, anatomy and physiology of breast with successfulness level of exclusive breastfeeding. While the knowledge, social cultural and education did not indicate significant result. Therefore it is suggested to increase the quantity and quality of information and promotion about exclusive breastfeeding to the society, health care provider and pregnant and breastfeeding mother.
Aspirin Dosis Rendah Efektif Menurunan Resistensi Arteri Uterina yang Abnormal pada Ibu Hamil Usia Kehamilan 16-24 Minggu Rachmi, Rachmi; Sulistyono, Agus
Majalah Obstetri & Ginekologi Vol 24, No 1 (2016): Januari - April
Publisher : Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University

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Objectives: To measure the thickness of elastin fibres on vaginal wall of patients with POP anterior and then analyse the correlation of this measurement with the degree of POP anterior.Materials and Methods: This research is an observational analytic study. Data collection was conducted with a cross sectional approach on 28 blocks paraffin of vaginal wall taken from POP anterior patients of whom went through an operation in Dr. Soetomo Hospital of Surabaya. Data was divided into four groups: degree 0/I , II, III and IV respectively (n = 7). Immunohistochemical staining was performed with antibodies elastin. Afterward, the thickness of the elastin fibres was measured by utilizing a microscope with a Leica Application Suite (LAS) software.Results: We found significant differences in the mean of thickness of elastin fibres in each group of patients with degrees of anterior POP 0/I , II , III and IV respectively 0,81 + 0,14 µm; 1,63 + 0,19 µm; 2,47 + 0,26µm and 3,19 + 0,36 µm (p < 0,0001 ). Based on Pearson correlation test, the results shows a correlation coefficient r = 0.965 (p < 0,0001).Conclusion: The thickness of elastin fibre on vaginal wall increased as the degree of POP anterior arise. Increased in the thickness of elastin fibers on the vaginal walls was the result from extracellular matriks remodelling on vaginal wall of anterior POP patient.