MEDIA STATISTIKA Vol 2, No 2 (2009): Media Statistika

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Queue system is a group of customer, service, and some rules to regulate arrival customers. Queue happened if a customers which need a serve more than service capacity. Phenomenon queue will find easily in public facility. One of is train  queue at Cirebon Main Train Station  and Cirebon Prujakan Train Station. Queue happened from train awaiting to be ridden away and from train which would to go to station, so that makes sometimes inappropriate arrival and departure the train of schedule resulting cumulative of train passenger candidate. To analyse  problems of train queue happened in station Cirebon can be applied the application of the queue theory. The steps must to do is by to create the examination where the queue happened. Based on those analysis can be known queue model and performance measure of queue system. And from data analysis can get two best kind of model for service system at Cirebon Main Train Station, that is (M/M/1):(GD/∞/∞) and (G/G/3):(GD/∞/∞). And two model service system at Cirebon Prujakan Train station, that is (M/G/2):(GD/∞/∞) and (M/G/1):(GD/∞/∞).   Keywords : Queue System, The Cirebon Station, Queue Model


MEDIA STATISTIKA Vol 4, No 1 (2011): Media Statistika
Publisher : Jurusan Statistika FSM Undip

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This paper studies the implementation of Markov Chain Monte Carlo on estimating the hyperparameter of Gaussian process. Metropolish-Hasting (MH) algorithm is used to generate the random samples from the posterior distribution that can not be generated by a direct simulation method. This algorithm require only a proposal distribution for generating a candidate point. In this paper uniform distribution is choosen as the proposal distribution.   Keywords: Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Gaussian Process, Metropolis-Hasting Algorithm


MEDIA STATISTIKA Vol 5, No 1 (2012): Media Statistika
Publisher : Jurusan Statistika FSM Undip

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Interval estimation of a parameter is one part of statistical inference. One of the methods that used is the Bayes method. A Bayesian method is combine prior distribution and distribution of samples, so that the posterior distribution can be obtained. Interval estimation using a method Bayes called credibel interval estimation. In this thesis, the distribution of the sample is used a two-parameter Weibull distribution scale-shape-version of survival distribution (reliability). Data that used are data that is not censored data type and data type II censored if prior distribution using non-informative which of the produce distribution the resulting posterior distribution is gamma distribution. Parameters of the sample distribution that to find out is a parameter that  by the parameter c (shape parameter) known while the parameter b (scale parameter) had unknown. Keywords: Bayes Method, Two-Parameters Weibull Distribution , Gamma Distribution, The Estimated Credible Interval.

Investigasi Bidang Gelincir Tanah Longsor Menggunakan Metode Geolistrik Tahanan Jenis di Desa Kebarongan Kec. Kemranjen Kab. Banyumas

BERKALA FISIKA Vol 13, No 2 (2010): Berkala Fisika

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Investigation of landslide slip surface using geoelectrical resistivity method has been conducted at Kebarongan Village, Kemranjen District, Banyumas Regency. Data acquisition by means Schlumberger and Wenner configuration.  Data processing and interpretation were using Progress version 3.0 and Res2Dinv version 3.54 softwares.  The output of Progress software were depth, number of layers, and values of rock resistivity.  Mean while the output of Res2Dinv were resistivity section, RMS, and depth of rock layers.  The interpretation result showed that at Kebarongan village lithology consist of four layers i.e. top soil, sandy clay, wet clay and sandy clay.  Slip surface is wet clay with depth of 10.31 until 14.21 m.  The slip surface orientation is same of slope area that is to south and the type of landslide is translational.      Keywords: geoelectrical resistivity, landslide, slip surface, Kebarongan


BERKALA FISIKA Vol 14, No 1 (2011): Berkala Fisika

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Two dimensional (2D) resistivity survey was conducted on a teak field behind the MIPA building of UNSOED, Purwokerto. The purpose of this research was to know the subsurface condition of the teak field, so that can also determine the suitability of the field to teak plant. The survey was conducted using resistivity-meter NANIURA type NRD 22S. The type of configuration was used is Wenner, with a minimum electrode spacing of two meters and maximum of ten meters. The measurement conducted for three tracks, namely LJ1, LJ2 and LJ3 with length of them self are 64 meters, 70 meters, and 40 meters, with relatively flat topography at an altitude of 110 meters above sea level. Data processing was done using RES2DINV 3.57.37 software that the result is a 2D-image of subsurface resistivity. The depth is obtained for each track is 5.37 meters. Interpretation of hydrogeology refers to local geological information. The result of interpretation is digitized using Arc-View GIS 3.3 in order to obtain final result that is hydro-geological images. The result of research show that at the LJ1 and LJ3 contain two layers of rock, there is sandy soil and clayey sand. At the LJ2 track there are three layers, sandy soil, clayey sand, and sand. The resistivity value of sandy soil is 79.4 – 193.0 Ωm, resistivity of clayey sand is 18.9 – 83.4 Ωm and resistivity of sand is 15.7 – 31.8 Ωm. The more downward tendency of resistivity value is more smaller, which indicates more water content. The results of research show that the layers of rock which is found in the land of teak is sandy soil, clayey sand and sand. According to the reference, the entire layer of rock is less than optimal to plant teak. Keywords: 2D-resistivity, land of teak plant, sub surface, Wenner configuration.

Optimasi Prototipe Turbin Angin Menggunakan Metode Conjugate Gradient

BERKALA FISIKA Vol 13, No 2 (2010): Berkala Fisika, Edisi Khusus

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One of the principal issue of energy conversion from wind energy to electrical energy is the optimization of its conversion process. Energy conversion is called optimum if the power lost is  minimum. The condition can be attained at the development stage of a wind turbine prototype.  This research will determine the optimum value the  variables of  various operation condition by using  multivariables Conjugate Gradient (CG) optimization algorithm. It is found that the optimum value is attained at  H = 1,0 m and D = 0,6 m, hence minimum power lost. The performance of turbine prototype design at laboratory, showed that the turbine can testing at low and high wind speed and   the irrespective of wind direction condition.    Keywords :  optimalization, prototype, wind turbin, conjugate gradient  


MEDIA STATISTIKA Vol 4, No 2 (2011): Media Statistika
Publisher : Jurusan Statistika FSM Undip

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In the queueing system, the processes usually come from a Poisson process. In this system should be obtained an arrival distribution and a service distribution. This paper studies about the form of the number of arrival distribution, the number of service distribution, the interarrival distribution and the service time distribution. Futhermore it talks about the relation of them to a Poisson distribution and  an exponential distribution.   Keywords: Poisson Process, Poisson Distribution, Eksponential Distribution


MEDIA STATISTIKA Vol 3, No 2 (2010): Media Statistika

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One of the methods which can be used in statistical inferences  is Bayesian inference. It is combine sample distribution and prior distribution, that can be resulted posterior distribution. In this article, sample distribution use univariate normal distribution. If prior distribution for variance with known mean is gamma inverse distribution, then posterior distribution is formed gamma inverse distribution. If Prior distribution use non-informative prior, then have the posterior distribution, by the  marginal distribution of mean and varian. Also posterior distribution formed by gamma inverse distribution.   Keywords: Gamma Inverse Distribution, Posterior Distribution, Non-Informatif Prior

Analisis pengaruh faktor kualitas air terhadap resiko penyakit white spot syndrome virus (wssv) pada udang vannamei (Litopenaeus vannamei) di Kecamatan Peudada Kabupaten Bireuen

DEPIK Jurnal Ilmu-Ilmu Perairan, Pesisir dan Perikanan Vol 5, No 1 (2016): APRIL 2016.
Publisher : Faculty of Marine and Fisheries, Syiah Kuala University

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Abstract. Research on water quality that influence the risk of White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) in vannamei (L vannamei) shrimps in Peudada Subdistrict of Bireuen District has been done. This research was conducted on October 16 until December 12, 2014 which aimed to study the effects of water quality on the risk of WSSV disease on vannamei shrimpsover 100 fishponds in Peudada Subdistricts. The results showed that 6 % of vannamei fishponds were infecetd by WSSV. Salinity and water resources were statistically significant on the WSSV ( P < 0.05) over infected fishponds. Penelitian tentang pengaruh kualitas air terhadap resiko penyakit White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) pada udang vannamei (Lvannamei) di Kecamatan Peudada Kabupaten Bireuen. Penelitian ini dilakukan pada 6 Oktober hingga 12 Desember 2014 dengan tujuan mengetahui pengaruh faktor kualitas air terhadap tingkat infeksi WSSV pada udang vannamei di tambak dalam kecamatan Peudada Kabupaten Bireuen. Sampel air dan tambak udang diambil dari 100 tambak udang vannamei di Kecamatan Peudada Kabupaten Bireuen. Sampel air dan udang diambil dari setiap tambak. Dari hasil kajian ditemukan bahwa sejumlah 6% tambak terinfeksi WSSV. Sementara itu dari hasil pemeriksaan kualitas air menunjukkan bahwa salinitas dan sumber air berpengaruh terhadap infeksi WSSV (P<0.05).Kata kunci: udang vannamei; WSSV; salinitas; infeksi; prevalensi


Jurnal Gaussian Vol 2, No 4 (2013): Wisuda Periode Oktober 2013
Publisher : Jurusan Statistika UNDIP

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Queue process is a process of the coming of a customer to a service facility, then waiting in line (queue) when the officers busy, and leaving the place after getting the service.  Patient’s line at RSUP DR. Kariadi is a lot enough then it will making the service from the hospital isn’t optimal as a result.  Hence, it needed a queue model to optimize the service to patient. From the result of the analysis in RSUP Dr. Kariadi it gives the best queue models is  in polyclinic area second floor, laboratory, and pharmacy.

Co-Authors A. Haris A. Rusgiyono Abdul Harris Abdul Hoyyi Abdullah Hamzah, Abdullah Abu Suud, Abu Afrio Arisman, Afrio Agum Prafindhani Putri, Agum Prafindhani Agus Rusgiyono Al Azhar Al Azhar, Al Azhar Al Kholif, Muhammad Al Kholif, Muhammad Alan Prahutama Alin Citra Suardi, Alin Citra Amalia Sutriana Aminuddin Aminuddin Amiruddin Amiruddin Amri, M. Chairul Anggit Ratnakusuma, Anggit Anggraini Susanti Kusumawardani Anisa Alfiani Rahayu Anjan Setyo Wahyudi, Anjan Setyo Anna Farida Anton Suhartono, Anton Apriansyah Apriansyah, Apriansyah Arief Rachman Hakim Arief Seno Nugroho Arif Widagdo Ariyo Kurniawan, Ariyo Arlita, Erna Musri Arman Sayuti Armansyah TR, T. Arnelli Arnelli Aryono Rahmad Hakim, Aryono Rahmad Asmoro, Pungut Avanti Vera Risti Pramudyani Ayu Nurdiana, Fitria Ayuti, Siti Rani Azhar Azhar Azhari Azhari B. Raharjo Betty Yulia Wulansari, Betty Yulia Bilalodin Bilalodin Budi Warsito Cakra Kurniawan Candra Silvia, Candra Caprityan, Revin Cut Nila Thasmi, Cut Nila D. Ispriyanti D. S. Widodo Darmawi Darmawi Darmayanti, Susi Dasrul Dasrul Dedi Nugraha Dewi Novitasari Di Asih I Maruddani Diah Safitri Dian Febriana Dian Masyitha Didik Setiyo Widodo Dita Rosita Sari, Dita Rosita Dita Ruliana, Dita Dwi Ispriyanti Dwi Rohmadiani, Linda Dwinna Aliza E. Setiawati Elsa Mariane Ramadani, Elsa Mariane Erdiansyah Rahmi Esti Pratiwi F. Ariyanto Fahra Pracendi Astrelita, Fahra Pracendi Fakhrurrazi Fakhrurrazi Farikhin Farikhin Fatkhan Arissetya Fatma Septy Deviana Febrianto, Niko Firda Shintia Dewi Friska Irnas Adiyani Gholib Gholib, Gholib Ginta Riady H. Sutanto Hamdan Hamdan Hamdani Budiman Hamny Hamny Harfinda, Hanum Hartono Hartono Haryanti Novitasari Hasbi Yasin Hayuk Permatasari Hera Rusmarilin Hermawanto, Ifan Hutabarat, Risbin W. I. Marhaendrajaya ihsan, ahmad Ilham Ilham Ilham Indra Bakti Al-Irsyad, Ilham Indra Bakti Indah Nurhayati Indra Permana Jati Indria Tsani Hazhiah Ipung Permadi Ira Susanti Irnani, Christina Ismail Ismail Issabella Marsasella Christy, Issabella Marsasella J. E. Suseno Kardin, Julia Kelik Isbiyantoro Khusnul Yeni Widiyanti Krismayasari, Damiyana Kusasti, Agung - Laily Nadhifah Lenti Agustina Lianasari Tambunan Linda Masniary Lubis Lubis, Nauval Gibran Lutfia Septiningrum, Lutfia M Hasan M Nur Salim, M Nur M. Hasan M. Isa M. Izzati M. Nur Made S, Desak Mahdi Abrar Manurung, Merry Marissa Fauzia Marlina, Amalia Dwi Marwiya, Arfatul Maryulia Dewi Masfuhurrizqi Iman Maulana, Denda Mastura Mekar Sekar Sari Melati Puspa Nur Fadlilah, Melati Puspa Nur Merlia Yustiti Merynda Indriyani Syafutri Mira Delima Mirzal, Juni Moch Abdul Mukid Moch. Abdul Mukid Moelviani, Kiky Muhammad fauzan Muhammad Hambal Muhammad Hanafiah Muhammad Nugroho Karim Amrulllah, Muhammad Nugroho Karim Muhammad Nur Mukhlis Mukhlis Mulia, Hattanul muliadi muliadi Mulyono, Nur Paramita Nira Murfi, Alkhalidri musadiq, angga Muslim Akmal Muslim Muslim Mustafa Sabri Mustafid Mustafid Muttaqien Muttaqien, Muttaqien N.A, Zuhrawati Nanda, Widya Naning Hertiana, Sofia Nasution, Borgo Mauly Natalia P P, Sylvi Nazaruddin Nazaruddin Nia Puspita Sari, Nia Puspita Niken Nindyaiswari, Niken Noveda Mulya Wibowo, Noveda Mulya Novia Rahmawati Nurdiniyah Nurdiniyah, Nurdiniyah NURLIANA NURLIANA Nursihan Nursihan, Nursihan Nuzul Asmilia Oesman, Nastiti Maharani Priyono Priyono Prizka Rismawati Arum Puji Rahayu Pujiono Pujiono Purina Pakurnia Artiguna Purwanto A T, Purwanto A Putra, Regi R. Hariyati R. Hastuti R. N. Selamet Rahayu, Eka Pamuji Rahmah Merdekawaty, Rahmah Rany Wahyuningtias Ratnawati, Rhenny Razali Daud Razali Razali Restu Dewi Kusumo Astuti Richy Priyambodo Rinelsa R. Husaen, Rinelsa R. Rinidar Rinidar, Rinidar Rinidar, Rinidar Riska, Raisa Mauliza Rita Rachmawati, Rita Rita Rahmawati Rizki Aulia Rohiman, Rohiman Roslizawaty Roslizawaty, Roslizawaty Rosmaidar Rosmaidar, Rosmaidar Rukun Santoso Rusli Rusli S, Susy Sriwahyuni S. Tana Salim, Muhammad Nur Samadi Samadi Sanitoria Nadeak, Sanitoria Sari, Pratiwi Purnama Sehah Sehah Siti Aisyah Siti Anisah Siti Azizah Siti Fadri, Siti Siti Komariyah Sri Maya Sari Damanik Sri Mulyani Endang Susilowati, Sri Mulyani Endang Sri Sumiyati Sri Wahyuni Sudarno Sudarno Suhartono Suhartono Sukiswo, Susy Sriwahyuni Sulasmi Sulasmi Sumanti M. Saleh, Sumanti M. Suparti Suparti Supartono Supartono Susilowati Susilowati Susy Sriwahyuni Sukiswo, Susy Sriwahyuni Swasnita Swasnita, Swasnita Switarto, Bambang Syafrizal Syafrizal Syafruddin Syafruddin Syaiful, Friska T. Armansyah T. Fadrial Karmil T. Windarti Tarno Tarno Tatik Widiharih Teuku Reza Ferasyi Teuku Zahrial Helmi Tika Nur Resa Utami, Tika Nur Resa Tongku Nizwan Siregar Triastuti Wuryandari Ummu Balqis Uswatun Hasanah Utama, Andry Dwira Vara Tassa Sutari, Vara Tassa Vita Dwi Rachmawati W. H. Rahmanto W. Rahmanto Wahyuni, Sigma Wati, Dewi Ayu Trisno Wayaning Apsari Wihantoro Wihantoro Wilis Ardiana Pradana, Wilis Ardiana Winaruddin Winaruddin Wrediningsih, Aselina Pratidina Yarmaliza, Yarmaliza - Yuciana Wilandari Yudha Fahrimal Yulia Agnis Sutarno Yulingga Nanda Hanief, Yulingga Nanda Yurliasni Yurliasni Yustina Tri Handayani Yusuf Arifka Rahman, Yusuf Arifka Z. Muhlisin Zainal A. Muchlisin Zainal A.Muchlisin, Zainal Zaroh Irayani Zuhrawati NA Zuhrawati Zuhrawati, Zuhrawati Zulkifli Zulkifli Zulpikar, Zulpikar Zuraidawati Zuraidawati, Zuraidawati Zurawati, Zuhrawati