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Kesawa Sudarsih
1 Program Studi Magister Ilmu Fisika, Universitas Diponegoro Semarang 2 Lab. Program Studi DIII Teknik Rontgen Stikes Widya Husada Semarang
Analisis Keseragaman Citra pada Pesawat Ultrasonografi (USG)

BERKALA FISIKA 2014: Berkala Fisika Vol. 17 No. 1 Tahun 2014

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The computer base system to determine uniformity of ultrasonography image quality has been developed at various attenuation(dB) and Time Gain Compensator (TGC).The equipment used in this study was 2-dimensional ultrasonic apparatus and multi-purpose multi-tissue phantom models 040GSE. Data collection was performed by scanning the phantom using a linear transducer with a frequency of 8 MHz. The mean and standard deviation of image density of it ROI calculated used computer base system then analyzed with trendline if the image density value in the range between mean and sd  it means image uniform. The result shows that the uniformity of the image is influenced the value of attenuation and TGC. This value increase proportional with increasing attenuation. For greater value of the TGC the uniformity tends downward. At 45-60 dB  obtained distribution image uniformity sd value is 0.20 and 0.28, and at minimum up to maximum TGC  obtained distribution image uniformity sd value is 0.33 and 0.48. This value can be used for quality assurance reference of USG equipment. Keyword : USG Equipment, Uniformity, Region of Interest, Digital Image Processing

Collimator Testing On Siemens X-Ray Mobile Unit At Radiology Installations K.R.M.T Wongsonegoro Semarang General Hospital

Journal of Health Vol 5 No 2 (2018): Journal of Health - July 2018
Publisher : LPPM STIKES Guna Bangsa

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The quality control program includes several tests, including collimator testing. According to Kepmenkes No.1250 Year 2009, collimator testing is done once a month or after repair. Radiology Installation RSUD K.R.M.T Wongsonegoro Semarang, when examined baby gram and thoraks using aircraft X-ray mobile unit with wide field settings according to object size, the result of the resulting radiograph cut off. This X-ray plane was used in 2006. During the use, no collimator testing has been performed. This study aims to determine the results of the suitability of light beam collimator. His type of research is quantitative research with observational approach. This research uses Collimator Test Tool tool with variation of FFD 100 cm and 150 cm, the field of irradiation is set 14x18 cm. The test results were tabulated, then analyzed based on Kepmenkes No.1250 in 2009. Limit tolerance value of shift ≤ 2% of FFD used. The result of collimator test shows that in FFD 100 cm we get the average X axis = 1.38%, Y axis = 1.5%. FFD 150 cm obtained average X axis = 1.73%, Y axis = 1.42%. The value of the shift that occurs is still within the limits of tolerance. We recommend that you do a periodical test once a month to ensure the quality of radiography.