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Victor Silaen
Program Studi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional, Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik – UPH Tangerang, Banten E-mail: victorsilaen@gmail.com
Pembangunan Berbasis Identitas Budaya Nasional

PAX HUMANA Vol 2, No 1 Jan (2015): Aktualisasi Kepemimpinan Kristen dalam Perubahan Kepemimpinan Nasional
Publisher : Yayasan Bina Darma

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Develops the nation is mean develop it human being. Develops human being  is mean improves its culture. Because that basic, so the progress of a nation  basically is re;lection of super power of it culture. So, how far the progress of  economic, political, and all of progress that received a nation is depend on  cultural value that preservation by its nation. For it, in the future, Indonesia  must be create a cultural developing as most vital agenda and urgent  agenda. It is mean all of policy of the government must be oriented to make  good education and enlighten society over the education sector or other  sector. Education is not just formal kind (school/higher education) but also  non formal education (out of school or higher education). Because, through  the education logic and potential of human being can be improved. And, if  both of it improving can cause human being be creative and innovative. This  is the big and important capital in development. In other side, Indonesian  nationalism also must be stabilizing, and must be based on democracy that  facilited the same participation space to every person in society and honour  the human right and law. Keywords: Culture, the values of culture, religion, national culture,  evelopment.