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The Risk of Disability Among Leprosy Patients in Pamekasan District, East Java province

The Indonesian Journal of Public Health Vol 8, No 3 (2012): The Indonesian Journal of Public Health
Publisher : The Indonesian Journal of Public Health

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Leprosy is still a major public health problem particularly in Indonesia. It caused not only medical, but also social, economical, cultural,and even political factors. Disability caused by leprosy may infl uence patient’s personality and reduce their self- confi dence. It will infl ictmedication or healing process, thus it can increase the risk of disability. The objectives of this study are to analyze the risk of disability amongleprosy patients in Pamekasan District, East Java province. This is a case control design. Data was collected using questionnaire and medicalrecord of Multiple Drug treatment (MDT). Twenty fi ve (25) leprosy patients with disabilities were taken as case group, while the unmatchedcontrol were 25 leprosy patients without disabilities. The independent variables consist of the type of leprosy, regularity of medication, age,sex, education level, knowledge, and family income, while the dependent variable was disability. Data was statistically analyzed by Chi-squaretest and multivariate logistic regression (α = 0.05). The results are that the most prevalent type of leprosy is Multi Basilar (94%). There isassociation between regular medication and disability (p = 0.005; O.R = 6.7). There is no effect of regular medication to disability (p = 0.150).No effect of sex (p = 0.069), age (p = 0.251), education level (p = 0.366), and family income (p = 1.00) to regularity of medication. There iseffect of knowledge to regularity of medication (p = 0.003; O.R = 0.2; B = 1.881). The conclusion is that the patient with low level of knowledgetends to take medicine irregularly which leads to disability.Key words: disability, type of leprosy, regularity of medication