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Journal : Transparansi Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Administrasi

Transparansi : Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Administrasi Vol 1, No 2: Desember 2018
Publisher : Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Manajemen STIAMI

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | DOI: 10.31334/trans.v1i2.302


Entering the era of milenimum to 3, each company including PT Nutrifood faced with the burden of a very tight competition, given the flourishing number of similar companies. To be able to still exist, developed and developing, and come out as winners in the era of global competition, every company is required to have comparative and competitive advantages are high. One of them is a strategy on how to keep your customer or customers remain loyal and faithful to the products they offer. Dynamic market conditions, manufacturers incentive to issue new products, and combined with the trend of people who like to try, then it creates loyalty is a very heavy task, because consumers like to try new things. PT Nutrifood feel this phenomenon and there are fears a time when consumers turn to similar products produced by other companies. Moreover, intense competition, often consumers switch to other products from other companies, either because of considerations selection of better quality, prices are relatively cheaper, the quality of the packaging is better, tastes better, and also just try switching curiosity or curious and want to try other products. This study uses quantitative methods.              The study population was a customer PT Nutrifood, Bogor municipality, which amounted to 77 people with acendential sampling method, the sampling is based on the fact that they happen to appear. Each respondent was given 10 questions to answer gradation using a Likert scale, while research conducted around the month of March 2018. From this research it is known that customer loyalty PT Nutrifood categorized as good, which is indicated by a score average achieved penapsiran figure of 3.89. With the results of these studies are expected to PT Nutrifood minimal customer loyalty can be maintained, even need to be improved better by improving customer satisfaction through improved quality of service.
Co-Authors Abdullah Abdullah Akbar, M. Fahrizal Alim Sukrisno ANDRA, YUSDI Asmuni Asmuni Aswitha Budiarso, Aswitha AUNU RAUF Cysca M. Lembong, Cysca M. Darwin Karyadi Dhoni Kristanto Eva Wijayanti, Imas Faried Bakry Fatma Amilia, Fatma Febriasari, Arifina Firman Firman Funny Soesanthy Furkan, Furkan Gusti Indriati Hamdi Hamdi Haris, Muhamad Hartantyo, Sugeng Dwi Hasfarinah, Amy Hasnah Soetedjo Hasnah Sutedjo Humaid, Hidayat Husaini Husaini I.G.N. Wila Wirya Ichsan, Ahmad Shofiyuddin Ig. Djokosusanto Ig. Joko Susanto Ignatius Djokosusanto Indah Langitasari, Indah Indriani, Ratih Irhamni Irhamni Jajah Husaini Jajah K. Husaini Khaeroni, Khaeroni Kusumah, Yayi Munara Loneli Costaner, Loneli Lukman Riyadi, Lukman M. Saidin masriah masriah, masriah Mila Triana Sari, Mila Triana Muazza Muazza MUHAMMAD ALI Muhammad Nurtanto, Muhammad Muslimin Muslimin Nina Herlina Lubis NINGSIH, NINGSIH Nurhayati Nurhayati Nurmala Mukhtar Primi Artiningrum, Primi PUTRA, IHSAN MAULANA Rachmad Rachmad Rahman, Hari Amirullah Rahman, K.A Ramadhan, Chairul Umam Rodani, Rodani Rubiyo Rubiyo S. Hasnah Soetedjo Soepardi Soedibjo Sudarso Sudarso Suharjono Suharjono Suharyan, Haris Sukati S. Sunoto Sunoto Supardi Sudibyo Supardi Supardi Suryati K. Sutedjo Sutedjo Teguh Santoso Ubaidillah Ubaidillah Ulung Pribadi, Ulung Usman Usman Uswatun Khasanah, Anis Wahyu Susihono Widiastuti Widiastuti WIJAYANTI, ARIE Wila Wirya Wiradihardja, Sudradjat Yayah Husaini Yogi Hernata, Yogi Yuanita, Tanty Yulita Yulita, Yulita Z. Sulaiman, Z. Zakaria, Mumuh Muhsin Zamzami, Muh. Rodhi Zusiana Elly Triantini