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Reproduksi Hemiptarsenus varicornis (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) : pengaruh ketinggian tempat, suhu dan tanaman inang terhadap keperidian

Jurnal Entomologi Indonesia Vol 4, No 1 (2007): April
Publisher : Perhimpunan Entomologi Indonesia

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H. varicornis is a larval parasitoid of leafminer distributing and associating with several host plants in highland vegetables planting. Three experiments were conducted to study effects of elevations, temperatures and host plants on female reproduction fitness. The first experiment, we compared fitness traits of female originated from different elevation areas i.e Pandai Sikek (900-1000 m above sea level ), Alahan Panjang(1200-1300m) and Kayu Aro (1400-1500m) whilst two other experiments were treatment of temperatures level (18, 23, 280C), and host plants (red bean, bean and cucumber) to investigate longevity, egg layed, survivorship. Parasitoids originated from Kayu Aro showed the highest longevity and number of eggs. The best fitness also was performed when adult female maintained at 230C. Parasitism, superparasitism and paralization of the parasitoid have been discussed in this paper.


Publisher : Prodi Agribisnis Jurusan Sosial Ekonomi Pertanian Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Bengkulu

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This study aims to identify the problems and develop rice agribusiness in Mentawai Islands from upstream to downstream and formulate appropriate policy recommendations to be implemented. The research location determined by purposive namely in the village Makalo and Malakopa District of South Pagai, Sikakap subdistrict Taikako Village, Village Saumanganya District of North Pagai, Bosua Village and Village Beriulou District of South Sipora, Village Rogdog and Madobag District of South Siberut. Respondents in this study were 30 farmers. Respondents farmers selected by simple random sampling method. The results showed that the majority of rice paddies new openings in six districts consist of peatlands with a depth varying from 0.4- > 2.0 meter, fields new openings that have been implemented in the Mentawai Islands in general can not be expected to result in maximum productivity due to problems of land suitability diverse. Farmers also do not take action appropriate technical culture starting from land preparation, seed selection, weeding, fertilizing and water management. Behaviorally agriculture, farmers in Mentawai Islands is not a society that blends with the culture of rice fields, it is because basically their agricultural base is dry land agriculture with farming patterns. This will certainly give a great challenge and not easy for the cultivation of rice in the Mentawai Islands.Keywords:challenge,rice agribusiness, cultivation of rice