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Kertha Negara Vol. 02, No. 02, Februari 2014
Publisher : Kertha Negara

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This writing shall be entitled as “Mechanism of Trade Dispute Settlementthrough World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) (Analysistowards Indonesia vs South Korea on Income Tarrif of Anti-dumping for Paper-relatedProduct Case)”. This writing shall apply normative legal research method combinedwith several approaches of regulatory, casuistic, and factual approach respectively.This writing shall illustrate the chronological order of dispute settlement sequences ofthe related case between Indonesia and South Korea. Conclusion drawn from thiswriting shall be illustrating the mechanism initiated by bilateral consultation whichshall be proceeded with the establishment of WTO DSB Panel which furtherrecommended that the South Korea to conduct a review regarding Anti-DumpingAgreement (ADA) provision of Indonesian paper-related product.
Journal of Indonesian History Vol 3 No 2 (2014): Journal of Indonesian History
Publisher : Journal of Indonesian History

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Sekaran is one village in the District Gunungpati Semarang, precisely located in the village have now itself. This district is the only village in the district Gunungpati which has the function of land to be used as a college. Unnes existence in the Village have now has affected the social life, economy, and culture of the surrounding community. The purpose of this study was to (1) determine the condition of the social life of village communities have now; (2) determine the cultural life of village communities have now years 1990-2002; (3) menegtahui economic life of village communities have now years 1990-2002 or after arrival Unnes. The method used in the form of historical method, which consists of four stages, namely; heuristics, criticism of sources, interpretation, and historiography. Results from this study show that the presence in the village Unnes have now made the region have now become a thriving region. In the social field there has been a increase in education, improving the social status as well as the population growth due to migration as well as the amount of land ownership by the growing immigrant communities. In the field of culture, the culture in such traditions have now begun to fade. Meanwhile, in the aspect of economic life, which have now become a village public welfare increases, the unemployment rate to be reduced.  
Jurnal Gizi dan Pangan Vol 12, No 1 (2017)
Publisher : Food and Nutrition Society of Indonesia

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The aim of this study was to analyze the risk factors of  Low Birth Weight (LBW) in agricultural area (Breses district) with high pesticide exposure. The research was an observational study with case control design. Study subject were post partum-productive age (20-35 years) women, consisting of 60 cases (LBW) and 60 controls (non-LBW). The independent variables were maternal weight gain during pregnancy, MUAC in early pregnancy, hemoglobin levels in the third trimester body mass index before pregancy and level of pesticides exposure. Nutrient intake data was obtained by semiquantitative food frequency questionnaires (FFQ), maternal and child health (KIA) book and data on level of pesticide exposure was obtained through a structured interview. Data were analyzed by calculating the Odds Ratio (OR) using logistic regression. There was no differences in  age between cases and controls. Median length, mother’s education level, BMI and MUAC among the cases was lower than the control group. Low protein adequacy level (OR= 8.9; 95%CI:1.6-227.7); less weight gain (OR=9.1; 95%CI:2.9-28,); High pesticides exposure (OR=7.4;  95%CI:1.3-40.9); low MUAC <23.5 cm (OR=4.6; 95%CI:1.3-15.5) were LBW risk factors in Brebes. Inadequacy of nutritients and high pesticides exposure during pregnancy was LBW risk factors. Women are advised to increase nutrients intake and avoid  pesticides exposure during pregnant.
OPTIMASI FORMULA SEDIAAN KRIM ANTI-AGING DARI EKSTRAK TERONG UNGU (Solanum melongena L.) DAN TOMAT (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Ratnasari, Diah; Puspitasari, Renny Novi
Jurnal Riset Kesehatan Vol 7, No 2 (2018): NOVEMBER 2018
Publisher : Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang

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Abstrak Faktor yang paling berpengaruh pada penuaan dini adalah radikal bebas. Penggunaan antioksidan dari terong ungu dan tomat merupakan salah satu cara melawan radikal bebas. Antioksidan tersebut dapat digunakan sebagai bahan aktif dalam produk kosmetik untuk memaksimalkan perawatan pencegahan penuaan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengoptimasi formula sediaan krim ekstrak terong ungu dan tomat dengan variasi nilai HLB kombinasi emulgator yaitu Span 60 dan Tween 80. Ekstrak diformulasikan ke dalam krim yang dibagi menjadi tiga formula yaitu formula 1, formula 2 dan formula 3 dengan nilai HLB berturut-turut 11,40; 9,34; dan 10,37. Penentuan stabilitas dan formula terbaik didapatkan dari evaluasi sediaan krim yang meliputi uji organoleptis, uji homogenitas fisik, uji pH, uji daya sebar, dan uji tipe emulsi. Analisis data penelitian ini menggunakan Uji ANOVA one way (p ≥ 0,05) untuk mengetahui adanya perbedaan daya sebar ketiga formula sediaan krim ekstrak terong ungu dan tomat. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa penggunaan emulgator kombinasi Span 60 dan Tween 80 dapat menghasilkan sediaan krim yang baik, tetapi formula 2 lebih menunjukkan konsistensi sediaan krim yang paling baik. Kesimpulan penelitian ini adalah krim dengan nilai HLB emulgator kombinasi Span 60 dan Tween 80 sebesar 9,34 lebih sesuai untuk formula sediaan krim dari ekstrak terong ungu dan tomat.Abstract [Optimization of Anti-aging Cream Preparation Formula from Extracts of Purple Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) and Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum L.)] The most influential factor in premature aging is free radicals. The use of antioxidants from purple eggplant and tomatoes is one way to fight free radicals. These antioxidants can be used as active ingredients in cosmetic products to maximize aging prevention treatments. This study aims to optimize the formula of purple eggplant and tomato extract cream with a variety of HLB values of emulgator combinations namely Span 60 and Tween 80. Extracts are formulated into creams which are divided into three formulas, formula 1, formula 2 and formula 3 with successive HLB values. 11.40; 9.34; and 10.37. Determination of the best stability and formula was obtained from evaluation of cream preparations which included organoleptic test, physical homogeneity test, pH test, dispersion test, and emulsion type test. Data analysis using ANOVA one way test (p ≥ 0,05) to determine the differences in the spread of the three formulas of purple eggplant and tomato extract cream preparations. The results showed that the use of Span 60 and Tween 80 combination emulgators could produce good cream preparations, but formula 2 showed the best consistency of cream preparations. The conclusion of this study is the cream with HLB value of combination Span 60 and Tween 80 emulgators of 9.34 is more suitable for cream preparation formulas from purple eggplant extract and tomatoes.
GAYA HIDUP SEHAT REMAJA PUTRI DI SMAN 2 BATU Ratnasari, Diah; Merawati, Desiana; Andiana, Olivia
Jurnal Sport Science Vol 8, No 2 (2018): desember
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Malang

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Abstract: Adolescent female want to have an ideal and attractive body shape. But often teenagers pay little attention to the factors that influence the ideal formation, such as eating patterns and physical activity that is not controlled. For example eating less than three times a day and lacking active physical activity. Adjusting diet and physical activity is done important to support the nutritional status of a person. Because the imbalance between nutrient intake and the number of nutritional adequacy will cause less or more nutritional problems, which will ultimately affect a person's body shape. This study aims to determine the healthy lifestyle of adolescent female in SMAN 2 Batu, which includes diet, youth activities and health. The research method used is quantitative descriptive with IMT research instruments and questionnaires. The population in this study were 330 students of class X and XI at SMAN 2 Batu, with a sample of 181 students. The sampling technique uses random cluster sampling technique with data analysis using the percentage of data. Based on the research results obtained data that the pattern of female adolescents who have a normal BMI better than girls who have BMI more or less, physical activity of normal female BMT is better than girls who have BMI more or less and the health of young women who have BMI normal is better than respondents who have more or less BMI. So it can be concluded that by maintaining good diet and physical activity, good health will also be obtained.Keywords: adolescent female, diet, physical activity, healthy    Abstrak: Para remaja putri berkeinginan memiliki bentuk tubuh yang ideal dan menarik. Namun seringkali remaja kurang memperhatikan faktor-faktor yang meempengaruhi dalam pembentukan ideal, seperti pola makan dan aktivitas fisik yang dilakukan tidak dikontrol. Misalnya makan kurang dari tiga kali sehari serta kurang melakukan aktivitas fisik aktif. Mengatur pola makan dan aktivitas fisik yang dilakukan penting dilakukan untuk menunjang status gizi seseorang. Karena ketidakseimbangan antara asupan gizi dengan angka kecukupan gizi akan menimbulkan masalah gizi kurang maupun lebih, yang pada akhirnya akan mempengaruhi bentuk tubuh seseorang. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui gaya hidup sehat remaja putri di SMAN 2 Batu, yang meliputi pola makan, aktivitas remaja dan kesehatan. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah deskriptif kuantitatif dengan instrumen penelitian IMT dan kuesioner. Populasi dalam penelitian ini adalah 330 siswi kelas X dan XI di SMAN 2 Batu, dengan jumlah sampel 181 siswi. Teknik pengambilan sampel menggunakan teknik random cluster sampling dengan analisis data menggunakan porsentase data. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian didapat data bahwa pola makan remaja putri yang memiliki IMT normal lebih baik dari remaja putri yang memiliki IMT lebih maupun kurang, aktivitas fisik remaja putri IMT normal lebih baik dari remaja putri yang memiliki IMT lebih maupun kurang dan kesehatan remaja putri yang memiliki IMT normal lebih baik daripada responden yang memiliki IMT lebih maupun kurang. Sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa dengan menjaga pola makan dan aktivitas fisik yang baik, akan didapat kesehatan yang baik pula.Kata kunci: remaja putri, pola makan, aktivitas fisik, kesehatan