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Soy Germed Protein Plus Zn as an Inducer Insulin Secretion on Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus

HAYATI Journal of Biosciences Vol 17, No 3 (2010): September 2010
Publisher : Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

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Hyperglicemic induces pancreatic cells to produce inadequate insulin. However, previous studies revealed that soy protein induce pancreatic cells to secrete insulin. Hence, this study was aimed to investigate effect of soy germed protein on the insulin and blood glucose level of type-2 diabetes mellitus with Zn enrichment. The research involved twenty four women that characterized with having more blood glucose level than normal, body mass index more than twenty three kg/m2, and age more than fourty years old. They were divided into three groups randomly, eight woman for each group. The first, second and third group were treated respectively with milk containing soy germed protein plus Zn, this product without Zn, and placebo, all for two months. Blood samples were taken at baseline, one and two months after observation. Results showed that two months after observation the insulin level increased from 194.79 to 519.82 pmol/ml (P = 0.033) in group consuming milk containing soy germed protein with or without Zn, supported by significantly reduced blood glucose level. This result might be correlated with the potency of isoflavones in soy germ protein to protect pancreatic beta cellsmembrane from free radicals attack. Therefore, this maintain the cells integrity and to secrete optimal insulin.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Enriched with Zn as Immunostimulator for Vaginal Candidiasis Patient

HAYATI Journal of Biosciences Vol 15, No 4 (2008): December 2008
Publisher : Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

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Disturbance on the immune system and deficiency of Zn is two factors which often trigger vaginal candidiasis patient. The aim of the research was to study the effect of virgin coconut oil (VCO) enriched with Zn to the amount of neutrophil and lymphocyte subset cells, and the level of IL-2 and IgG in vaginal candidiasis patient. Thirty women were grouped into three (ten women in each group): A, B and C, and intervened for two months. Women in A group were intervened with two tablespoon/day; those in B group were intervened with one tablespoon/day; while those in C group served as control (placebo). Blood was sampled at baseline time, one and two months after intervention. Hematological test by Micros-OT was done on a part of blood, and the plasma was used for IL-2 and IgG level tests using ELISA. The virgin coconut oil enriched with Zn maintained the number of neutrophil and NK cells, but increased Tc cells from 521 to 649 cells/mm3, increased Th cells from 1.090 to 1.380 cells/mm3. The enriched VCO also increase level of IL-2 from 0.25313 to 0.27337 pg/ml, while the IgG level changed from equivocal to negative. The recommended dosage was one tablespoon each day. Key words: IL-2, IgG, neutrophil, NK, Th and Tc-cells, VCO, Zn


JURNAL AKUNTANSI DAN AUDITING Volume 8, Nomor 1, Tahun 2011

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This study aims to analyze the affect of industry type, company size, and profitability on thecorporate social responsibility in annual reports. Collecting data using a purposive samplingmethod to non-financial companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2009. There are 92companies are used as research samples. Hypothesis testing is done with multiple regressionanalysis. This study used independent variable like: industry type, company size, profitability;and so the dependent variable used is corporate social responsibility. The results ofregression models indicate industry type and firm size affect to corporate socialresponsibility. However, company profitability doesn’t affect to corporate socialresponsibility. By the way, that profitability doesn’t have association with the corporatesocial responsibility disclosure.Keywords:corporate social responsibility, industry type, company size, profitability.


JURNAL AKUNTANSI DAN AUDITING Volume 7, Nomor 1, Tahun 2010

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Managements report the graphical information disclosure toward multi user to decision making.The graphical information disclosure is consist of: sale, revenue, income, equity, asset, liabitity,cash, and expense. This research gets 56 firm that have financial reporting with graphicalinformation disclosure index 49,5%. The research gets result that all of the firm characteristicsdon’t have effect of graphical information disclosure index. Graphical information disclosuretowards understand of financial reporting better and effective.


JURNAL AKUNTANSI DAN AUDITING Volume 7, Nomor 2, Tahun 2011

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Asymmetry of information between agency and principal, make the management have opportunityto create earnings management. Earnings management has a disadvantage to investors. Auditorshave a risk that investor can make a assertion to auditor is called litigation risk. The purposeof this research is to examine the influence of Litigation Risk to Earnings Management and theinfluence Audit Quality as the moderating variable in relations between Litigation Risk andEarnings Management. The proxy for earnings management is discretionary accruals by JonesModel (performance-matched discretionary accruals). Audit Quality in this research use auditorsize. This study uses secondary data from financial statement of manufacturing companies whichlisted on Bursa Efek Indonesia in 2008-2010. This research uses purposive sampling method. Themethod analysis of this research used multiple regression analysis.The results of this research show that litigation risk had no influence on earnings management.The result of the test to moderating variable shows that audit quality had negative influence onthe relations between Litigation Risk and Earnings Management.


Jurnal Akuatika Vol 2, No 1 (2011): Jurnal Akuatika
Publisher : Fakultas Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan

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Penelitian ini telah dilakukan di Laboratorium Bioteknologi Perikanan, Fakultas Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan Universitas Padjadjaran. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui efektifitas dalam memperoleh konsentrasi dan kemurnian DNA serta efisiensi waktu pengerjaan dari metode isolasi DNA dengan membandingkan beberapa metode isolasi DNA diantaranya ektraksi DNA dengan Kit (Promega), CTAB dengan phenol, modifikasi CTAB, dan ekstraksi DNA dengan thermal lysis. Parameter yang digunakan adalah nilai kemurnian dan kualitas DNA hasil isolasi yang diperoleh dari analisis spektrofotometri dan analisis elektroforesis serta efisiensi waktu pengerjaan. Sampel yang digunakan adalah jaringan insang dan sirip ikan mas. Konsentrasi DNA dan kemurniannya diukur dengan metode spektrofotometri, sedangkan untuk visualisasi DNA hasil isolasi menggunakan metode elektroforesis serta pengujian keberadaan KHV dideteksi dengan bantuan PCR dengan menggunakan Primer pendeteksi KHV. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode survei dengan analisis deskriptif kualitatif. Hasil penelitian secara umum menunjukkan bahwa metode modifikasi CTAB memberikan hasil isolasi DNA dengan konsentrasi yang tertinggi yaitu 70,10 μg/ml dengan nilai kemurnian berkisar antara 1,9-2,0. Namun waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk pengerjaannya cukup lama. Metode ekstraksi DNA dengan thermal lysis memiliki waktu pengerjaan yang singkat. Namun konsentrasi DNA yang diperoleh cukup rendah yaitu 9,25 μg/ml dengan nilai kemurnian berkisar antara 1,6-1,8.


Jurnal Teknologi Dan Industri Pangan Vol 21, No 1 (2010): Jurnal Teknologi dan Industri Pangan
Publisher : Departemen Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan, IPB Indonesia bekerjasama dengan PATPI

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EFEK SUPLEMENTASI EKSTRAK PROTEIN KECAMBAH KEDELAI TERHADAP KADAR IL-1BETA PENDERITA DIABETES TIPE-2 [The Effect of Soy Germ Protein Extract Supplementation on the Level of IL-1 Beta of Type-2 Diabetic Woman] Hery Winarsi1)* dan Agus Purwanto2) 1) Fakultas Biologi, Universitas Soedirman Purwokerto  2) RSUD Margono Soekarjo Purwokerto   Diterima  5 April  2009 / Disetujui  30  Desember 2009 ABSTRACT   The research was conducted to determine the effect of soy germ protein extract supplementation on the IL-1beta level of type-2 diabetic women. Research subjects were 32 type-2 diabetic women, outpatients of Diabetic Clinics of Margono Soekarjo General Hospital-Purwokerto. These women had blood glucose level above  normal, BMI > 23 kg/m2, over 40 years old, lived in Purwokerto, and signed the informed consent. Group A (n=8) was given milk containing soy germ protein extract plus Zinc, Group B (n=8) was given milk containing soy germ protein extract without Zinc, Group C (n=8) was given placebo, and Group D (n=8) was given glibenclamide for 8 weeks. Blood samples ware taken 3 times: 0, 4 and 8 weeks after intervention. The plasma IL-1beta level was analyzed using Elisa. After 8 weeks, the IL-1beta level decreased from 6.01 pg/mL to 2.63 pg/mL (p=0.022) in group A.  However, the IL-1beta level in Group A was not different from the Group B (p=0.51). Soy germ protein extract  decreased cytokine inflammatory production of type-2 dibetic. Soy germ protein extract with or without Zn had similar effects to glibenclamide in reducing the IL-1beta level (p=0.76).   Key words: IL-1beta, soy germ protein, Zn, type-2 diabetic.

The Importance of Magnetic Reflection Condition and Polarization Factor: Case Study of MnF2

Atom Indonesia Vol 36, No 2 (2010): : AUGUST 2010
Publisher : PPIN-BATAN

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Neutron diffraction has been widely accepted as a versatile tool to investigate magnetic structure of crystalline materials, which contribute significantly to the scientific and technological advances. Starting from a general formulation of the magnetic structure factor, one can often simplify the formulation depending on the crystallographic structure and the magnetic wave propagation vector of the sample. The simplification allows magnetic moment coupling and polarization deduction without the need of the refinement process. This paper elaborates such simplification for MnF2 to provide the determination of the magnetic moment coupling and polarization direction simply based on the reflection condition and polarization factor. The determination of the magnetic structure excluding its magnitude by the reflection condition and polarization factor is much more conclusive than by any magnetic structure refinement. Furthermore, MnF2 illustrates a rare compound that has antiferromagnetic structure with zero magnetic wave propagation vector, i.e.; it has the same antiferromagnetic and crystallographic unit cell.

A Supplement Based on Zn-Enriched Virgin Coconut Oil as an Antifungal agent for Vaginal Candidiasis Patients

Microbiology Indonesia Vol 2, No 2 (2008): August 2008
Publisher : Indonesian Society for microbiology

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This research was conducted to investigate the amount of Candida albicans in vaginal secretion of Vaginal Candidiasis patients administered with Zn-enriched virgin coconut oil. Thirty respondents were selected based on several criteria as follows: the number of C. albicans colonies in the vaginal secretion was more than 105 cfu.ml-1, voluntary, healthy, willing to sign the informed consent and resided in Purwokerto. In Group A, 10 women were administered 2 tablespoons per day of Zn-enriched virgin coconut oil. In Group B, 10 women were administered 1 tablespoon per day of Zn-enriched virgin coconut oil; and in Group C, 10 women served as control group. Vaginal secretions were taken 3 times, before intervention (at baseline time), at 1 month and 2 months after intervention. Samples were taken by collecting vaginal secretions from the vaginal proximal region using a sterile cotton bud, which was then put into a tube containing sterile carrier media. The vaginal secretions were tested for the number of total C. albicans using Pour Plate Method. Two months after treatment, the number of colonies decreased from 4.4x106 to 2.5x106 cfu ml-1 (p=0.03) in Group A. There was no significant difference in the number of colonies between Group A and Group B, the number of C. albicans colonies was still above the normal range. Therefore, the recommended dosage of intervention with Zn-enriched virgin coconut oil is one tablespoon a day.


Diponegoro Journal of Accounting Volume 1, Nomor 1, Tahun 2012
Publisher : Diponegoro Journal of Accounting

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The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence between profitability ratio, leverage ratio, public ownership, institutional ownership, managerial ownership, the corporate status and the disclosure of the financial statements in manufacturing companies. The population on this research were 148 manufacturing companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange within period 2009-2010. The sample size was determined by purposive sampling method which based on certain criteria, consisted of 98 companies for 2-years study (2009-2010). So the collected data were (n) = 2 x 98 = 196. The results showed that there were no significant influence between profitability, leverage, corporate status and the index Wallace partially. Other findings showed that there ware a significant influence between the public ownership, institutional ownership, managerial ownership and the index Wallace partially.

Co-Authors - Isdiyarto . HERNAYANTI . HERY WINARSI Abdurohman Muslim Abdurrahman, Naufal Adhy Karyo Nugroho Adi Putra Setianto Adila Ashari Partono, Adila Ashari Adimas Wahyu Saputro Agung Budiarto, Agung Agustikasa, Dyah Kurniawati Akhmad Aminuddin Bama, Akhmad Aminuddin Alice Yuniati Alqodri, Achmad Fatih Andika Fajar Andreani Hanjani Anggun Nugroho, Anggun Anif Jamaluddin Anindita Putri Nurmalita Sari Anisa Agni Putri Aris Mukimin Arkhan Subari Artawan, I Nengah Arum Purwandari Bagus, Asep Bhagas Adhitya Ardia Pratama Bintoro Anang Subagyo, Bintoro Anang Budhy Kurniawan Budiwati Budiwati Budiyono Budiyono Chintya Fadila Laksmitaningrum Dadan Rosana Darmadi, Eko Agus Decy Lukitasari DEDDY MUCHTADI Dewitasari, Dinny Islamiah Dhanindra Prabowo, Dhanindra Dina Dina, Dina Dwi Harjanto, Ganang Dwi Ratmono Eddy Santoso Endang Kwartiningsih Endang Mastuti Eny Sri Widyastuti Erika Rani Eva Oktavia Ningrum, Eva Oktavia Febryanita, Renna Firdaus, Muhammad Sai FRANSISKA RUNGKAT ZAKARIA Gde Sastrawangsa, Gde Hanny Vistanty, Hanny Hatmoko, Bayu Dwi Hendri Widiyandari Heny Kusumayanti HERNAYANTI HERNAYANTI Heru Sukamto, Heru HERY WINARSI I Kadek Ariana, I Kadek Ida Hayu Dwimawanti Ihyaul Ulum Imam Ghozali Indah Nuraeni Intan Fatimah Hizbullah, Intan Fatimah Irfan Hafid Irnaning Handayani, Novarina Ischiadica Elharomy Isni Nurruhwati Jidanah Darmiyati Jumari, Arif Kuncoro Diharjo Kusumadewi, RR Karlina Aprilia Lila Yuwana Lilik Eka Radiati M. Refai Muslih Mety Nuraini Miratul Atiqah Mugihardjo, Herry Muhammad Baru Herman, Muhammad Baru Muhammad Setio Priambodo, Muhammad Mulyadi, Eka Octaviyatna Mulyoto ,, Mulyoto Nilawati Nilawati Nugraheni, Anggiyani Ratnaningtyas Eka Nur Cahyonowati Nur Kadarisman Nur Zen, Nur Nurkholis Nurkholis Nurtjahjo Dwi Sasongko Nur’aini, Anafi Oktita Earning Hanifah Paryanto Prasetiyo, Agus Eko Purwaningrum, Fajar Adhi Rafika Rahmawati Rahma Ayu Maharani Rame Rame, Rame Rame, Rame Ratnawati Ratnawati Reny Yesiana, Reny Richardus Eko Indrajit Risha Aristiani N, Risha Rosita, Galuh Chynintya Rosita Ruliaty, Lisa Sari, Septi Shofwan Hanief, Shofwan Silvy Djayanti, Silvy Siwi P. M. Wijayanti Siwi P.M. Wijayanti SIWI PRAMATAMA MARS WIJAYANTI Stephani Novitasari Christianingsih Kaluti Suharno Suharno Suharto, Toni Suharto, Toni Sumarna Sumarna Sumarna, . Sumarno Sumarno Suratsih Suratsih Taufiq Bagus Prasojo Wicaksono, Kukuh Aryo Wisnu Ari Adi Yohanes Dwi Saputra, Yohanes Dwi Yuniar Mulyani Yuvita Avrie Diany