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Relationship between Life Style and Pre Eclampsia

The Indonesian Journal of Public Health Vol 8, No 3 (2012): The Indonesian Journal of Public Health
Publisher : The Indonesian Journal of Public Health

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Pre eclampsia is one of the three biggest causation to maternal mortality in Indonesia. Three primary signs of pre eclampsia arehypertension, proteinuria and edema. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to fi nd out association between life style and pre eclampsia.This was an observasional and analytical study using case control study design. The sample size were 56 persons, consist of 28 pre eclampsiacases and 28 control group. Independent variables were age, dietary and physical activity. Bivariate analysis by chi square test, calculatedOR value with 95% CI value and multivariate analysis by logistic regression. Based on bivariate analysis by chi square test, the variablesassociated signifi cantly with pre eclampsia were age (p = 0.000, OR = 11.50, 95% CI = 3.24 < OR < 40.8 = 0.418, OR = 1.80, 95% CI =0.62 < OR < 5.25). Multivariate analysis by logistic regression, revealed that age (p = 0.000, OR = 11.21) and dietary (p = 0.028,OR = 4.71) were signifi cantly affect pre eclampsia. Finally, it is necessary to plan pregnancy at 20–35 years old in order to prevent preeclampsia and make sure pregnant women get adequate dietary intake.