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The Pattern and Sociodemographic Determinant of Traffic Injury in Indonesia Riyadina, Woro; Suhardi, Suhardi; Permana, Made
Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association Vol. 59 No. 10 October 2009
Publisher : Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association

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Traffic accident is the cause of most injuries occurred in the world. Traffic injury is a major cause of death and disability, especially in developing countries. This article aimed to describe the pattern and sociodemographic determinant of traffic injury in Indonesia. A public health data from 2007 basic health survey (Riskesdas) with 928 317 respondents from 33 provinces in Indonesia was analyzed. The dependent variable was traffic accident injury. Independent variables included sosiodemographic characteristics (age, sex, relationships with family household, education, employment, economic status) and regions (provinces, urban or rural). Data was analyzed using complex samples and weighted. Crude odd ratio (OR) and adjusted OR were calculated. Results showed that the proportion of traffic accident injury was 27% of all injuries. The pattern of the body affected by injury are feet (63.8%), hands (47.8%), head (19.6%) and trunk (10.2%); with superficial injuries (65.9%), hematome (49.0%), wound (26.7%), sprained (21.0%) and fracture or amputation (approximately 9.1%). Determinants of the traffic injury included age 15-59 years (OR 3.31, 95% CI 2.97-3.69), male gender (OR 1.55, 95% CI 1.45- 1.66), middle education level (OR 1.50, 95% CI 1.41-1.60), employment (OR 1.54, 95% CI 1.36- 1.74), urban area (OR 1.12, 95% CI 1.05 -1.19) and high economic status (OR 1.50, 95% CI 1.36-1.65). In conclusion, the proportion and severity of traffic accident injury in Indonesia is rather high and therefore, it has to be considered as a national issue and the government should prioritize its control measures.Keywords: determinant, sociodemographic, traffic injury