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Journal : Jurnal Ilmiah Poli Rekayasa

Effect Of Filler Concentration On The Value Of Variation Characteristics Of Hot Mix Asphalt Aggregate (AC-WC) With Test Marshall Misbah, Misbah
POLI REKAYASA Vol 6, No 2 (2011)

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Road transport is a crucial tool in improving an general welfare of society and economic activities in particular. The amount of construction and maintenance costs, would be better if the road construction put emphasis on improving the quality of roads, both in terms of costs, methods of implementation and maintenance so that the obtained result in terms of maximum and lasting way. Often found damaged pavement before the design life is reached. Causes of the damage including: maintenance of roads that have not been optimal, excessive vehicle loads and the influence factor of bitumen and aggregate gradation factor. Implementation of pavement that do not meet the  requirement of the Department of Infrastructure specifiation is one cause. For that, need a method that can find the deviation of implementation that has met the requirements specification Kimpraswil Department, one is the method of analysis of the influence of filler content of the value characteristics of mixed-Wearing Course Asphalt Concrete (AC-WC). Pavement layer lemur-Wearing Course Asphalt Concrete (AC-WC) is a pavement layer is used as a surface layr or layer of wear, it is necessary for the dendity (density) that meet the standards. The results showed that by decreasing the filler content up to 50% of normal conditions (100%), resulting in the Flow, and VIM VFA decreased by 10.56% to 67.23%. resulting in the characteristic blend Marshall mix does not meet specifications.