Tati Latifah R. Mengko
Biomedical Engineering Research Group, School of Electrical Engineering and Informatic ITB

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Application of Mobile Telemedicine System to Support Public Health Service in Remote Areas Sutjiredjeki, Ediana; Soegijoko, Soegijardjo; Mengko, Tati Latifah R.; Tjondronegoro, Suhartono; Muhammad, Hary Utomo; Suherman, Suherman
Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association Vol. 59 No. 5 May 2009
Publisher : Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association

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This article discusses mobile telemedicine system, in order to support public health service in remote area which is held by Puskesmas. Mobile telemedicine system has been developed by Biomedical Engineering Research Group of STEI–ITB in collaboration with RSUDSyamsuddin SH Sukabumi. The system consist of a portable telemedicine unit as patient- bedside unit, and a physician- base unit. Communication and data transmission between both units can be carried out by GSM, CDMA, PSTN, VHF radio network, and/or Internet. Patient information consists of medical and demography data, a text, audio or picture. The system is able to be used for recording, reporting,  teleconsultation, telediagnosis, and teleeducation. Preliminary operational test was held at Sukabumi successfully. The result is very promising for applicating the device widely in Indonesia.Keywords: mobile telemedicine system, portable telemedicine unit, base unit health service.