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Efek Pemberian Buah Jambu Biji Merah terhadap Produksi Scfa dan Kolesterol dalam Caecum Tikus Hiperkolesterolemia Maryanto, Sugeng; Fatimah, Siti; Sugiri, Sugiri; Marsono, Yustinus
Agritech Vol 33, No 3 (2013)
Publisher : Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Red guava fruit has high soluble fiber (pectin) and vitamin C content. Soluble fiber has a hypocholesterolemic effect. The aim of the study was to analyze the effect of red guava fuits supplementation on the SCFA (short chain fatty acid) production and cholesterol content in caecum, to explain the mechanism of red guava on the blood cholesterol reduction. The study was a randomized pre test-post test control group design on the hypercholesterolemic Sprague Dawley rats given a high-cholesterol feed. Rats were divided into 4 groups, receiving normal feed, hypercholesterol feed only, hypercholesterol feed + 0,72 g of red guava flour and hypercholesterol feed + 0,26 g pectin equal to that in red guava flour. Caecum digestion products beeing examined were SCFA (short chain fatty acids) analysed by gas chromatography and cholesterol by Liebermann-Burchard method using a spectrophotometer. Data were analysed with 95% of level confidence one way Anova. The high SCFA and cholesterol concentrations in the rats caecum were found on the red guava supplementation groups and was significantly different from pectin suplemented group. The concentrations of acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid, and caecum cholesterol were 18.9 mg/g, 7.8 mg/g, 2.4 mg/g, and 0.54 mg/g, compared to with pectin were 19.3 %M, 21.4 %M, 19.7 %M and 0.46 mg/g, respectively. The propionic acid caecum production and cholesterol excretion shown that to lower serum cholesterol. Red guava supplementation produced propionic acid and high cholesterol excretion as found in the caecum.ABSTRAKBuah jambu biji merah memiliki kandungan serat khususnya serat larut air (pektin) yang tinggi. Serat larut air di dalam tubuh bersifat hipokolesterolemik. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui efek pemberian buah jambu biji merah terhadap produksi SCFA (short chain fatty acid) dan kolesterol digesta caecum serta mengkaji mekanisme penurunan kolesterol akibat pemberian buah jambu biji merah pada tikus hiperkolesterolemia. Penelitian ini merupakan eksperimental murni dengan rancangan randomized pre test-post test control group design terhadap tikus Sprague Dawley yang dibuat hiperkolesterolemia. Tikus dibagi dalam 4 kelompok, kelompok 1 diberi pakan standar, kelompok 2,3 dan 4 semua diberi pakan tinggi kolesterol. Kelompok 3 dan 4 masing-masing ditambah tepung buah jambu biji merah 0,72 g dan pektin 0,26 g setara dengan yang terkandung tepung buah jambu biji. Pemeriksaan digesta caecum meliputi kadar SCFA (short chain fatty acid) menggunakan kromatografi gas, serta kadar kolesterol dengan metode Liebermann-Burchard menggunakan spektrofotometer. Analisis data menggunakan Anova dengan tingkat kepercayaan 95%. Pemberian buah jambu biji merah pada tikus hiperkolesterolemia terbukti secara bermakna menghasilkan SCFA asam asetat 42,9 %M; asam propionat 36,5 %M dan asam butirat 43,8 %M serta kolesterol caecum 0,54 mg/g. Hasil ini lebih tinggi dibandingankan dengan pektin yaitu asetat 19,3 %M; asam propionat 21,4 %M dan asam butirat 19,7%M serta kolesterol caecum 0,46 mg/g, dan berbeda secara bermakna antara kelompok jambu biji dan pektin. Produksi asam propionat dan ekskresi kolesterol caecum dapat mengakibatkan penurunan kolesterol serum. Pemberian buah jambu biji merah terbukti menghasilkan asam propionat dan meningkatkan ekskresi kolesterol dalam caecum.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Science and Health No 2 (2017)
Publisher : Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Science and Health

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Background: Low back pain is one of the inconveniences in pregnant women which normally will increase along with the increasing of gestational age because this pain is caused by the shift of the center of gravity in a woman and her posture. The good body mechanic is needed to establish the safe and comfortable daily activities during pregnancy and to prevent and reduce back pain. Aims: This study aimed to analyze the correct body mechanic principle with low back pain complaints in the third trimester pregnant women at the work region of Kambangan health center Sub-district Lebaksiu Tegal Regency. Method: This study used cross-sectional design. The population used in this research is pregnant women of the third trimester in the working area of Kambangan health center,Lebaksiu Sub District Tegal, population in this study as much 36 third trimester pregnant women and 24 respondents as sample. Result: There were 58.3% of the respondents who had good body mechanic, while 45.8% of the respondents experienced back pain. The bivariate analysis indicated that there was a correlation between body mechanic and back pain in the third trimester pregnant women with the p-value of 0.011. Conclusion: The results of this study indicate that the correct body mechanic principle can prevent low back pain in the third trimester pregnant women at Kambangan Health Center Lebaksiu Sub-district Tegal Regency and to reduce low back pain in pregnant women, midwives need to provide health education about the correct body mechanic during pregnancy to prevent low back pain.