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Development Of Decision Related Engine Using Integration Of Genetic Algorithm And Text Mining Putri, Eviana Tjatur; Mardalena, .; Asmah, .
International Conference on Engineering and Technology Development (ICETD) 2012: 1st ICETD 2012
Publisher : Bandar Lampung University (UBL)

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Text Miningas a popular method used to perform text-based information retrieval can not be denied its use. At the beginning of the text mining method is based on the purpose of seeking to represent a collection of words from a document. Tokenizing, filtering, Stemming, Tagging and Analyzing are the critical process sequence in the methods of Text Mining, which ultimately yield important information of the most dominant in a document  that analyzed.Applying Genetic Algorithms on Text Mining methodaims to create a Related Decision Engine, a machine capable of making decisions that relate among one another and the results of analysis carried out. Analysis carried out in this study is the analysis applied to digital libraries, the information starting from the synopsis, preface and the title of the book, which will be processed the information by the methods of Text Mining. Users often only presented the information in accordance with what books you are looking for, without giving a few other books that likely her relationship with the books to be searched. Though likely will also be of interest to the user associated with the book that will be sought. In this case, the users who will find the documents were also given another information that her relationship with books that may also be an option in the users search.This application created a web-based, using the Apache Web Server and MySQL database to support the completeness of applications built on digital libraries.
Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran Vol 4, No 8 (2015): AGUSTUS 2015
Publisher : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran

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Abstrak: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan hasil belajar siswa melalui model pembelajaran kooperatif Numbered Heads Together pada materi sistem pencernaan. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian tindakan kelas dengan subjek penelitian siswa kelas VIII A berjumlah 23 orang. Penelitian ini dilakukan dalam 2 siklus. Masing-masing siklus terdiri dari 4 tahap yaitu, perencanaan, pelaksanaan, observasi, dan refleksi. Instrumen penelitian berupa lembar observasi dan soal pilihan ganda yang berjumlah 15 soal untuk masing-masing siklus. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa pembelajaran dengan menggunakan model pembelajaran Numbered Heads Together terlaksana 100% pada siklus I dan siklus II. Hasil belajar siswa pada siklus I diperoleh nilai rata-rata 71,30 dengan ketuntasan belajar siswa sebesar 60,87%, dan meningkat pada siklus II dengan nilai ratarata 82,61 dan ketuntasan belajar siswa sebesar 95,65% (KKM ≥ 70). Dapat disimpulkan bahwa melalui model pembelajaran kooperatif Numbered Heads Together dapat meningkatkan hasil belajar siswa pada materi sistem pencernaan.  Kata kunci : Hasil Belajar, Numbered Heads Together, Sistem Pencernaan  Abstrack: This research aimed to improve the students’ learning outcome by applied Numbered Heads Together model on digestive system material. This was a classroom action research. The subject of this research were 23 students of VIII grade. Each cycle consists of four stages, that were planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. The instrument on this research were sheets of observation and multiple choice tests with 15 questions on each cycle. The results showed that the Numbered Heads Together model applied on the teaching and learning process was implemented 100% in both cycles. Based on the result, the average of the students’ outcome was 71.30 with 60,87% students pass the test in the first cycle. The students’ outcome increased to  82,61 with 95.65% students pass the test in the second cycle. It can be concluded that Numbered Heads Together model could improves students’ learning outcome on digestive system material.  Keywords: Learning outcome, Numbered Heads Together, Digestive System