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Journal : E-Journal of Tourism

The Image of Bali Tourism in Social Networking Media Dewi Paramita Arisandi, Ni Gusti Ayu; Wirawan, I Gede Putu; Linawati, Linawati
E-Journal of Tourism Volume 1 Number 2 (September 2014)
Publisher : Doctoral Program in Tourism Udayana University

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Tourism is growing very rapidly with the development of technology, especially information technology .Through information technology people can easily get access to information about various destinations and tourist attractions as well as hotel by online media communication. Therefore, this study was trying to use social media such as facebook and twitter, where both social media were widely used by companies engaged in tourism in the world as well as in Bali. Internet consists of several websites, but the most effective one to conduct the research on tourism such as webseries 2.0 or commonly called as social networking media. Social medias - Facebook and Twitter - both were wildly used by the companies running in the sector of tourism in Bali, such as Hotels, Villas, Restaurants, Spas, Travel Agents, Airlines, and Tourist Attraction Managements, to advertised their products and services in their respective field. Through those social media, tourists will be able to access the comments or reviews about the companies. The problem raised in this research is how Bali’s tourism data in social networking media were used and considered, and how was the image of Bali’s tourism in their point of viewbased on the research. The method used here was descriptive qualitative method which describes this phenomenon descriptively by analyzing the obtained comments on social networking media such as facebook and twitter, and then classified in the form of comments positive, negative, and unidentified comment. Afterwards comments were re-analyzed through 4A Approach which consist of Attraction, amenities, Ancillary, and Accessibility. Data which has been obtained re-analyzed via the data obtained from the homepage of (TripAdvisor and In addition, to strengthen the research data obtained from the homepage of TripAdvisor and , then it has been elaborated on the point rating system which indicatedthat the company were registered in both of those social networking media such as Hotel, Villa, SPA, restaurants, travel agents, airlines, media, tourist attraction management has a good rating result, and it has represented that the image of Bali tourism has a good rank in the eyes of local and international tourists. This data was also strengthened by the existence of empirical studies where there were the data from a hundred tourists came to Bali both locally and internationally has filled out the questionnaire about Bali in order to obtain maximum results on the image of Bali tourism. The results showed that, social networking media were effectively used in this study. Many companies in Bali used facebook and twitter. In addition, Bali Tourism image placed in positive rank on both of social networking sites, and it was gained by the results of questionnaires spread towards the visitor.
Co-Authors Abd Hamid Agus Sukerta, Agus Andy Kurniawan, Andy andyka, made Annisa Annisa Ardiansiah, Ardiansiah Ariana, Anak Agung Gede Bagus Aryawan, Made Badrus Zaman Bakri Bakri Bayu Dibawan, I Made Dasa Ismaimuza Devi, Ayu Sri Puspita Evie Awuy Fitrianti Fitrianti, Fitrianti Gde Sukadarmika Gede Sukadarmika Gerson Feoh, Gerson Giriantari, I.A.Dwi Giriantari, Ida Ayu Gunawan, Arby Virto Hairiyah, Hairiyah Hermawati Hermawati, Hermawati I G.A.K. Warmayana, I G.A.K. I G.M.W. Meindra Sidemen, I G.M.W. Meindra I Gede Putu Wirawan I Gusti Made Arya Sasmita, I Gusti Made I K A Riki Gunawan, I K A Riki I K. A. Riki Gunawan, I K. A. Riki I ketut Gede Darma Putra I Made Oka Widyantara I Made Suartika I Nyoman Murdiana I.A.D Giriantari, I.A.D I.M.O, Widyantara IGP agus Aries Pratama IGP. Agus Aries Pratama, IGP. Agus IM. O. Widyantara, IM. O. Jaeng, Maxinus Junivan, Junivan Kartono, Rano Kumbara, Cokis Ratih Kurnianti, Sri Kurniawanti, Indah Dwi Laksmidewi, Aniek Lestari, Sayu Ketut Febri Made Sudarma Marinus B. Tandiayuk Marinus Barra Tandiayuk Matoneng, Rosdiana Meindra Sidemen Melati, IGA Sri Mertasana, P.A. Muh. Rizal Musdalifa Musdalifa MUSTAMIN IDRIS N Paramaita, N N.M.A.E.D. WIRASTUTI, N.M.A.E.D. Nahdataeni S, Inti Ngurah Indra ER Ngurah Indra Erawan Ni Gusti Ayu Dewi Paramita Arisandi, Ni Gusti Ayu Ni Made Ary Esta Dewi Wirastuti NMAE Dewi Wirastuti NMAED Wirastuti Nurlita, Nurlita Nurul Huda Nyoman Gunantara Nyoman Putra Sastra Nyoman Wendy Saputra Oka Widyantara, I Made Pathuddin, Pathuddin Pradnyana Jaya, Putu Agus Pranandito, Dimas Pratama, I Putu Arie Pratama, Pratama Puji Astuti Putra Adi Wibowo Qitra Sandi Rahardian, Rifky Lana Rantelino, Yuliyanti Riawanto Tambun, Riawanto Ridho Yurham Riski, Riska Rizal, Muh Rizal, Muh Rukmi Sari Hartati Rusdiana, Komang Ery Ruslan, Haryati Saputra, Komang Oka SB, Sigit Wisnu Sedana, Pande Mastra Siahaan, Edita Revine Solikah, Mar’atus Solikah, Mar’atus Sondi, Dwiyanto Suarimbawa, I Made Rai Subrata, Komang Kompyang Agus Sudarman Sudarman Sudarman, Asa Arya Suhardi Suhardi Sukayasa Sukayasa Suryani, Luh Ika Dhivtyasari Suryani, Putu Sri Merta Toangi, Dina Fitriana Ulfiani, Ulfiani Usman H.B, Usman H.B Utama Yasa, I Gusti Made Meri Warina, Elda Wenas, Irene Christina Widiawati, Hestin Sri Widyadi Setiawan Widyantara, I.M.O. Wiharta, D.M. Winaya, Alit Wirastutia, N.M.A.E.D. Wisnu, Sigit Yoga Divayana, Yoga Yulendasari, Rika Zulkifli N Zulkifli N, Zulkifli N