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Nur Farida Kusumawati
Airlangga University

Jurnal Promkes Vol 1, No 2 (2013): Jurnal Promkes
Publisher : Jurnal Promkes

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Abstract: Youth House Model was a form of stakeholder collaboration in providing coaching youth in reproductive health. Youth House into a pilot project to develop cooperation and empowerment of adolescents. Since the beginning in early 2011 prior to the youth programs in Tanah Kalikedinding. Where stakeholders have provided support and guidance to local youth. The development effort was done because during this coaching given to adolescents never an adolescent program sustainable so easily lost. This study aims analysis Teen Home Land Kalikedinding implementation and the role of government, NGOs, and University in the process of coaching teens towards empowerment of adolescents in adolescent reproductive health. Research in this study is descriptive qualitative and performed with the deductive approach. Data collection was carried out from June until July 2011. With data collection by conducting interviews and existing literature cites as the basis of a good research library of books, articles, and websites on the internet from the official memo, archival material and documentation of youth House. The results showed that implementation of youth house in Tanah Kalikedinding very precise . Through coaching by Puskesmas Tanah Kalikedinding, Rotarians and Health Promotion and Behaviour sciences department. The programs for adolescent reproductive health services was only done by institution, but all of institutions chose to cooperate and collaborate as programs that exist now many appear and disappear . Therefore, to complement the shortcomings of each of these agencies to collaborate with each other . These three agencies choose to conduct peer education approach or peers. The advantage of this approach is peer educators can directly blend with the theme . Keywords: Model, Empowerment and Youth House