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Optimasi Produksi Inulinase isolat P 12 pada Tepung Umbi Dahlia ( Dahlia variabilis Wild ) dengan Variasi Konsentrasi Nitrogen Organik dan Waktu Inkubasi

Bioma Vol. 12, No. 1, Tahun 2010
Publisher : Bioma

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Efforts to address health problems mainly related to the digestive tract is by consuming one prebiotic, egfruktooligosakarida (FOS). FOS is a prebiotic that one species can be produced from the hydrolysis of inulin usinginulinase enzyme. Isolate P12 is an isolate that has been proven to have high inulinase activity on standard mediuminulin production. Inulinase production increase can be done by adding a source of organic nitrogen in the form ofyeast extract in medium. The results indicate that the best on the concentration of nitrogen concentration P2 (Yeastextract 0.25%) with the activity of 0.7983 IU, while the best 12-hour incubation time with the activity of 0.7899 IU.Likewise for the best interaction P2 T2 treatment with inulinase activity of 0.9025 IU.