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Pusat Aplikasi Teknologi Isotop dan Radiasi – BATAN Jl. Lebak Bulus Raya No. 49, Jakarta-Selatan

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Journal : Jurnal Sains Materi Indonesia


Jurnal Sains Materi Indonesia Vol 11, No 3 (2010): Juni 2010
Publisher : BATAN

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Research on irradiated natural rubber latex-styrene copolymer to prepare electrical glove have been done. Vulcanization of natural rubber latex (NRL) was done by mixing 2 phr (per hundred of rubber) of normal butyl acrylate (n-BA) emulsion then irradiated with ã-ray 60Co at the dose of 30 kGy producing irradiated natural rubber latex (INRL). Natural rubber latex-styrene copolymers (SC) were prepared by mixing NRL and styrene monomer at styrene concentrations of 50 phr, 75 phr, 100 phr, 500 phr and irradiated at the doses of 15 kGy, 30 kGy and 45 kGy, then characterized their latex and film properties to obtain optimum SC of SC50. This optimum SC, SC50 then mixed with IRNL at the weight ratio of 0/100, 30/70, 50/50, 70/30 and 100/0, to produce irradiated natural rubber latex-styrene copolymer. The properties of copolymer rubber films made by dipping process i.e., % conversion, total solid content, latex viscosity, tensile strength, modulus 300%, elongation at break, electrical resistance and dielectric constant were then characterized. Characterization result showed that (INRL-SC50) with 50/50 ratio irradiated at the dose of 30 kGy, have % conversion of 80.93%, electrical resistivity of 1.73 x 1014 Ohm cm and dielectric constant of 2.76 which fulfill the requirement as material for electrical gloves.Keywords: Natural rubber latex, Styrene, Irradiation, Copolymer, Electrical gloves.