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Media Sosial Sebagai Strategi Komunikasi Corporate Communication PT. XL AXIALTA, Tbk. Central Region Bandung Isnaini, Aina Maryama; Hafiar, Hanny; Komariah, Kokom
Student e-Journal Vol 1, No 1 (2012): Wisuda Agustus 2012
Publisher : Student e-Journal

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Aina Maryama Isnaini 210110080330. Majoring Public Relations Of Communication Science Faculty of Padjadjaran University. The research entitled “The Utilization   of   Social   Media   Twitter   as   Communication   Strategy   in Corporate Communication  PT.  XL  Axiata,  Tbk.  Central  Region”  This  research was under the tutor of Dr. Hj.   Hanny Hafiar, M.Si.. as the firt mentor and Kokom Komariah, Dra., M.Si. as the second mentor .The research was aimed to understand about the reason, the process and the impact by utilizing of Social Media Twitter as Communication Strategy in Corporate Communication PT. XL Axiata, Tbk. Central Region. The method used in this  research  was  the  descriptive  method  with  a  qualitative  data  by  positivism perspective. Data collection method used was deep interviews, observation and bibliography.The result of this research indicates that, Corporate Communication PT. XL Axiata, Tbk. Central Region utilizing a Twitter as one of communication strategy activity with their public,because nowadays the reality of technological communication and  information  was  growing.  Process  utilization  of  Twitter  as  a  communication strategy through the stages of Fact finding, implementation, and evaluating. The impact of the utilization of Twitter as a communication strategy is a positive public response, brand Awareness,  and  a positive corporate image  to the public.The  conclusions  of this  research  was  the  used  of  social  media  Twitter  by Corporate Communications Central  Region  that  has  been  implemented,  it  was seen from the utilization of a Central Region Corporate Communications made through this stages, such as : fact finding,  planning,  implementation,  and  evaluation   conducted   by   properly   and routinely.  The  selection  of  Twitter  as  a social   media   communications   strategy Corporate  Communications  Central Region also appropriate, in accordance with the focus of this XL is "Be Number One in Data", so the selection of social media Twitter are appropriate to make XL as the telecommunications services company focused on serving the data.       Keyword: Social Media, Communication, Corporate