Andes Ismayana
Departemen Teknologi Industri Pertanian, Institut Pertanian Bogor

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Journal : Jurnal Mikrobiologi Indonesia

Study on the Cultivation Technique and the Effect of Surface Area of Growth Media to the Production ofCellulose by Indigenous Isolates Suryani, Ani; Ismayana, Andes; Suatrina, Yenita
Jurnal Mikrobiologi Indonesia Vol 5, No 1 (2000): JURNAL MIKROBIOLOGI INDONESIA
Publisher : Jurnal Mikrobiologi Indonesia

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RBP-52 and P15 isolates were Isolated from Indonesian fruits samples that contains glucose. RBP-52 Isolate wasobtained from coconut water waste, collected from nata factory, and PDS Isolate was obtained from rotten coconut sample,collected from Pansng. They were identified as Acetobacter liquefaciens. RBP-52 and PD5 Isolate produced cellulose in staticand shaking cultivation. Production of cellulose by RBP 52 and P15 were optimized in static cultivation. Cellulose wasfound to be produced at the liquid surface In static cultivation. The rate of cellulose production depended proportionally onthe surface area or the culture medium. The maximum production rate of cellulose was 2.78 gIl per 7 days surface area77.60 cm3 in the static cultivation