Dan Hidayat
Faculty of Medicine Krida Wacana Christian University, Jakarta

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Journal : Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association

The Usage of Two Minutes Method (M2M) to Determine Mental Disorder Prevalence in Primary Care Hidayat, Dan; Ingkiriwang, Elly; Andri, Andri; Asnawi, Evalina; Widya, Ratna Surya; Susanto, Djap Hadi
Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association Vol. 60 No. 10 October 2010
Publisher : Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association

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Two Minutes Method (M2M) is prepared as a method to assist primary care phycisian in health care service (not just as mental health care service) and it is used to determine mental disorder prevalance compared to conventional psychiatric interview using PPDGJ-III by psychiatrist which is founded to be valid and reliable. The aim of the study was to compare the usage of M2M by primary care physician and the usage of conventional psychiatric interview by psychiatrist in determining mental disorder prevalence in Puskesmas Kecamatan Grogol Petamburan. From 1052 patients visited Puskesmas kecamatan Grogol Petamburan, Jakarta Barat, the mental disorder prevalence was 31.8% which was founded by the pshysician as well as by the psychiatrist. Using M2M, neurosis was founded to be the most common mental disorder (28.5%). Meanwhile, by using diagnotic guideline of PPDGJ-III performed by psychiatrist, Anxiety Disorders were 14%, followed by 12.5% Psychosomatic Disorder, Eating Disorder, Sleep Disorder and Sexual Dysfunction, and 2% Depressive Disorder (total 28.5%).Keywords: diagnostic tool, psychiatry, mental disorder, prevalence, Puskesmas