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Journal : MANAJEMEN HUTAN TROPIKA Journal of Tropical Forest Management

Tropical Peat Swamp Management Options: A Case Study Using System Dynamic in Southern Aceh Aswandi, Aswandi; Sadono, Ronggo; Supriyo, Haryono; Hartono, Hartono
Jurnal Manajemen Hutan Tropika Vol 21, No 3 (2015)
Publisher : Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB University)

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Tropical peat forest ecosystems have multiple benefits as regulating hydrological system, carbon storage, timber and non-timber products, and protecting the biodiversity. Lack of understanding of these functions, short-term economic benefits is more preferable despite reducing its ecological benefits. This study proposed a system dynamics model of tropical peat forest ecosystem in determining its optimum management for extractive utilizations (timber and non-timber forest products), environmental services, and biodiversity. A dynamics model was used to describe changes in peatland and forest cover, biomass accumulation and carbon storage, and total economic value of tropical peat forest ecosystem in Trumon and Singkil, Southern Aceh. The projection showed that peat forest ecosystem benefits would decline in the long term if degradations continue at the same rate over last decade. Efforts to change the primary peat forest to plantation would reduce the total economic value of ecosystem and biodiversity values at level -19.63% and -26.28% from current conditions. Carbon emissions were increased at 117.32 tons CO2 eq ha-1 year-1, higher than average of carbon losses from peatland oxidation. Preserving 50% of forest vegetation on moderate depth and protection very deep peatlands would reduce emission -6.96% to -35.06%? and increase forest carbon storage at significant rate +15.06% to +63.32%, respectively. These mitigation schemes would improve the biodiversity and hydrological function. Forest rehabilitation with agroforestry practices will enhance carbon uptake, especially on degraded lands. ?
A Three Decades Assessment of Forest Cover Changes in The Mountainous Tropical Forest of Timor Island, Indonesia Pujiono, Eko; Sadono, Ronggo; Hartono, Hartono; Imron, Muhammad Ali
Jurnal Manajemen Hutan Tropika Vol 25, No 1 (2019)
Publisher : Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB University)

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The Mutis Timau Forest Complex (MTFC), a remained mountainous tropical forest area in Timor Island, located in Indonesia and Timor-Leste border region, tends to decrease gradually. Unfortunately, declined forest area and their rates are not explained by reliable spatial and quantitative information. This study attempts to assess the extent and rate of forest cover changes in the MTFC during the last 30 years. We used Landsat images on three different dates: 1987, 1999, and 2017. Then, we applied a hybrid classification approach that combines the application of Forest Canopy Density model-obtained from four biophysical indices and supervised classification-maximum likelihood classification to generate land cover maps. Finally, we detected forest cover change by comparing land cover map in different years. Results illustrated that the extent and annual rate of deforestation, forest degradation, forest regrowth, and afforestation during 1987?2017 were 2,232 ha (0.36%), 4,820 ha (1.10%), 1,475 ha (0.69%), and 1,252 ha (0.40%), respectively. Such results are important for the MTFC authority to establish appropriate plan and strategies in forest management activities and can be used to support some policies/programs for combating deforestation and forest degradation.
Social and Economic Vulnerability in The Sub-Watershed of Karang Mumus, East Kalimantan Province Endayani, Sri; Sadono, Ronggo; Kusumandari, Ambar; Hartono, Hartono
Jurnal Manajemen Hutan Tropika Vol 25, No 2 (2019)
Publisher : Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB University)

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Changes in land use influence the social and economic characteristics as well as the environmental problems in a sub-watershed. To support the management of a sub-watershed, land use scenarios (biophysics) must be prepared and community involvement level must be improved. So far, the factors used for monitoring and evaluating sub-watershed performance have not been used thoroughly. This research is aimed at finding out the social and economic vulnerabilities tied to the monitoring and evaluation of sub-watershed performance across the sub-districts. This research uses quantitative methods employed to process primary data (biotic: vegetation and settlement, and abiotic: land, climate, geomorphology, and geology), secondary data (community data sourced from the data of BPS; Central Bureau of Statistics) of East Kalimantan Province; in September 2017), and socio-economic data (direct interviews using questionnaires). The primary data were obtained after processing map interpretation and from observation. The results show that high socio-economic vulnerability occurs in areas of high land use vulnerability. Sub-watershed management will be successful if it is done through a "collaborative management" involving all stakeholders. The scenario simulations of this research can be used as reference materials for regional governments in planning, compiling, and implementing the Regional Spatial Plan policies.
Co-Authors A Mushawwir Taiyeb A. Rachman Ibrahim, A. Rachman A. Rusilowati Abdul Haris Nasution, Abdul Haris Abrar Ridwan Abul Walid Achmadi Priyatmojo Adhistia Amelia, Adhistia Adhitya Angga Wijaya, Adhitya Angga ADISAPUTRA, MIMIN K. Aditya Marianti Adityas Normalita, Adityas Afina Murtiningrum, Afina Agus Cahyono Ahmad Fudholi Al Irsyad, M. Indra Ali, Majid Khan Bin Majahar Alvianto, Wibi Ardi Ambar Kusumandari Amelia Hani Saputri, Amelia Hani Amsari, Uli Andreas Priyono Budi Prasetyo, Andreas Priyono Budi Ani Rusilowati Anita Madiana Dewi, Anita Madiana Anwar Efendi Any Wuryaningrum, Any Ardin Ardin, Ardin Ari Pani Desvina Ari Pani Desvina Ari Probandari Arif Hidayat Arif Wibowo Arif Widiyatmoko, Arif Arini, Affita Nur Arisyanto, Prasena Artensena, Trian Arum, Agnes Yustika Wulan Aryanti Indah Jaya Asadillah Hadi As’ari, Asadillah Hadi Ashar Ashar Astuti, Andi Arie Aswandi Aswandi, Aswandi Awan, Meiseti Azizah, Fatya Badrun Badrun Bahiyah, Lumiyatun Bambang Sugiantoro Bambang Sulistyo Barano SS Meteray, Barano SS Basri, Novysa Bhisma Murti Brilliansya, Wempy Budi Yulianto Cahyati, Ani Chandra Lesmana, Chandra Choiril Anwar, Choiril Danang Parikesit Daniel Sutopo Pamungkas, Daniel Sutopo Danoedoro Danoedoro Darmawi Bayin Daulay, Mushoddik Deny Dwi Hartomo, Deny Dwi Dewi Wulandari Dharmansyah, Eddy Dhimas Wiratmoko, Dhimas Diah Kartika Sari Dian Armanto Didik Purwadi Dilaga, Ahmad Prasetya Dimyati, Ratih Dewanti Dimyati, Ratih Dewanti Dita Primashanti Koesmadi Djuwita Amin Mahmud Dona Fitriawan Donal, Donal Dulbahri Dulbahri, Dulbahri Dwi Oktaviana, Dwi Dyah Pratamawati, Dyah Edi, Sukiswo Supeni Effendi Effendi Effendy, Suhardi Eka Fitriani Eka Rosanti Eko Haryono Eko Pujiono Eko Sugiharto Eko Wahyuni, Eko Endang Sri Markamah, Endang Sri Endang Wara Suprihatin Suprihatin, Endang Wara Suprihatin Erna Budhiarti Nababan F. EKA SAFITRI, F. EKA Fahrudin Indra Buana Falah, Syarifatul Farhana Mohd Razali, Nur Farzand Abdullatif Fatimah Azzahrah Fauzan Wibawa, Fauzan Fauzi, Muhamad Irfan Ferdian, Rizky Fitriani Fitriani Frananda, Hendry Fuad Abd. Rachman, Fuad Fuad Abd. Rachman, Fuad Abd. Fuad Abdurachman, Fuad Gandes Nurseto, Gandes Gunawan Nusanto, Gunawan Gunawan Pamudji Widodo Hadadi, Oki Hadian Hadiyah, Hadiyah Hakim Zulkarnain, Hakim Hardianti, Meliana Harini, Latifah Aulia Haryono Haryono Haryono Supriyo Haryono Umar Hasanuddin, H Hestiarini, Aprisa Rian Hidayah, Husnul Hidayat, Willy hidayat Hidayati Hidayati Himawati, Azizah Himayah, Shafira Hudaya, Yudi Fatwa Husna Arifah, Husna I.S, Rifdian Ian Yulianti, Ian Imam Barnadib Imam Sujadi Indah Setyowati, Indah Indrawati, Like Inmarlinianto Inmarlinianto, Inmarlinianto Inna Latifa Rahmawati, Inna Latifa Ipung Permadi Iqbal Iqbal Ira Alia Maerani Irchami Putriningtyas, Irchami Irham Irham Irianto, Rifdian Irsyad, M. Indra al Isa Akhlis Ishaq, Sunaryo Isis Rachmadi, Isis Ismail Sriyanto, Ismail Ismanto Ismanto Ismet Ismet, Ismet Isnain Dhartaredjasa Iwan Purnawan Jamilah Jamilah Janah, Anisa Furtakhul Jati Utomo Dwi H Jejem Mujamil, Jejem Joko Lianto Buliali Joko Santoso Joko Sutarto Junus, Nursyamsi Kamaruddin Kamaruddin Kartinaty, Tietyk Kastam Syamsi Khan Bin Majahar Ali, Majid Khumaedi Khumaedi, Khumaedi Kresno Kresno, Kresno Krismiyanti, lufia Kumala Andriani, Riski Widya Kurniawan Yudhi Nugroho, Kurniawan Yudhi Kus Prihantoso Krisnawan Kusmawaty, Dewi Kustiyo Kustiyo, Kustiyo Kuswadi, Kuswadi Langlang Handayani Lestari, Nartini Liliana Liliana Lilies Lilies Linda Dwi Setyowati, Linda Dwi Lukman Lukman M. Djahir Basir, M. Djahir Magita Novita Sari, Magita Novita Mahardhika, Hendy Maharsi, Endah Dwi Maliasih, Maliasih Maman Suryaman Mandini, Gity Wulang Mandoza, Defri Marhadi Saputro, Marhadi Martanto, Rochmat Masayu Nurhayati, Masayu Masluchah, Indah Matsun Matsun, Matsun Maulana Istu Pradika Metan, Yosefina Miftakhus Sholikhah, Miftakhus Mochammad Maksum Machfoedz, Mochammad Maksum Mohammad Hakimi Mokhamad Taufik, Mokhamad Muchtadi Muchtadi, Muchtadi Mudhofir, Faiz Muhammad Ali Imron Muhammad Askari Zakariah Muhammad Dimyati, Muhammad Muhammad Hakimi Muhammad Kamal Muhammad Masykuri Muhammad Merlis, Muhammad Muhammad Zainuddin Lubis Muhammad, Fan Naa Na Muliati Muliati, Muliati Mulyono, Tedjo Murbangun Nuswowati Murti BS, Sigit Heru Murti, Murti Musdalifah, Ana Musthafa, Mariyam Fazleena Nengah Suparta, Nengah Ni Komang Tri Paramityaningrum, Ni Komang Tri Nika Bellarinatasari Nikmah, Syafridatun Ninik Lukiana Nirbaya, Eryaya Nisaa, Arifatun Novi Susetyo Adi, Novi Susetyo Noviani, Yusida Nugraha, Erika Sulistya Nur Mohammad Farda Nuraini Dwi Astuti Nurdjanah Hamid, Nurdjanah Nurhadi, Imam Nurhalim Nurhalim, Nurhalim nurlailis saadah, nurlailis Nursida Arif Opim Salim Sitompul Ova Emilia P, Nurani Panjaitan, Sriwidya Hotmaria pargaulian siagian siagian, pargaulian siagian Perdani, Ambika Putri Phillips, David Prabang Setyono Prabowo, Anggun Pramaditya Wicaksono, Pramaditya Pramuharti, Marlita Pramuwardani, Ida Pratiwi Oktaviani, Pratiwi Prihatini, Luciana Intan Priyo Widodo, Priyo Projo Danoedoro Puji Rahayu Putra, Bhima Andhika Putut Marwoto Qadriathi Dg Bau Rachman, Fuad Abd Rahardjo, Pentardi Rahmadiah, Sari Rahmadini, Nafisa Syahida Rahmi Susanti Rakanita Dyah Ayu Kinesti, Rakanita Dyah Ayu Ramdhan, Herry Muhammad Ratih Dewanti Dimyati, Ratih Ratih Kumala Sari, Ratih Kumala Raymundus Parulian Sihotang Rendani, Feby Reni Wijayanti Restu Lanjari Restuningrum, Ayu Retnadi Heru Jatmiko Retno Winarni Ria Mardiana Yusuf Ridwan, Mohd. Rika Subarniati Rinawati, Sulis Rini Dorojati, Rini Riyadi Riyadi Rizka Maulina, Dhoriyah Vataty Rizki Annisa Rizky, Kurniawan ROEKMOWATI ROEKMOWATI, ROEKMOWATI Rohmaniyah, Rohmaniyah Rolly Intan Ronggo Sadono Ruata, Isabella Christy Ruseno Arjanggi Ryan Permana S., Rifdian I. Sadiman Sadiman Sagaf Faozata Adzkia, Sagaf Faozata Sakuri, Sakuri Sani M. Isa Sania Mariant Sari, Sania Mariant Sanjiwana Arjasakusuma, Sanjiwana Santika Santika Sapitri Sapitri, Sapitri Saputra, Gilang Surya Saputri, Aneng Dewi Saputri, Sucilia Sari, Yulvia Sartika Sartika Sehah Sehah Seno Darmanto Septi Andriani, Septi Serom, Serom Setiaji Setiaji, Setiaji Setyasih, Astin Dwi Sigit Heru Murti, Sigit Heru Siti Handayani Siti Mardliya, Siti Slamet Hariyadi Sobron Y Lubis, Sobron Sofianty, Sri Sofyan Djamil Sopaheluwakan, Ardhasena Sopian, Kamaruzzaman Sopian, Kamaruzzaman Sri Budiastuti Sri Endayani, Sri Sri Iswidayati Sri Mulyani Endang Susilowati, Sri Mulyani Endang Sri Rum Giyarsih Sri Sumarni Sri Yatmihatun St. Budi Waluya St. Y. Slamet Subawi, Handoko Sudarmin Sudarmin Sudjoko, Rifdian Sugito Sugito Suhadi Lili Sujarwata Sujarwata, Sujarwata Sukristiyanti Sukristiyanti, Sukristiyanti Sukwardjono, Sukwardjono Sulistyo, Bambang Sulistyowati, Elina Endang Sumardiyono Sumardiyono Sumendap, Priscillia Sunarno Sunarno Sunartini Sunartini, Sunartini Sunarto Sunarto Sunyoto Eko Nugroho, Sunyoto Eko Suparman Suparman Supartono Supartono Supriyadi Supriyadi Sutikno Sutikno Suwarta Suwarta Suyono Suyono syakir syakir Tatang Suhery, Tatang Taufik Hery Purwanto Thomas Thomas Tiarma Simanihuruk, Tiarma Tirtaningsih, Munaisra Tri Titisari, Anastasia Dewi Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Tjetjep Rohendi Totok Gunawan Totok Sumaryanto Florentinus, Totok Sumaryanto Totok Sumaryanto, Totok Tri Wahyuningtyas, Tri Triyanto Triyanto Tulus Tulus Udi Utomo Ukiman, Ukiman Umul Aiman Useng, Daniel Utantyo Utantyo, Utantyo Utari, Tria Utin Desy Susiaty, Utin Desy Utomo, Setio Utomo, Wasito Vidiastuti, Ririn Wadiyo Wadiyo, Wadiyo Wafrotur rohmah, Wafrotur Wahidah, Nazilatul Wahjoedi Wahjoedi Wahyu Lestari wahyuni wahyuni Wahyuningrum, Febryanti Wantoro Wantoro, Wantoro Wardani, Anestia Widya Wasida, Maria Rosadalima Waterman Sulistyana B, Waterman Sulistyana Wenang Anurogo, Wenang Wibowo, Eko Yulianto Widodo J. Pudjirahardjo Widodo, Agung Mulyo Wihantoro Wihantoro Wintolo, Marhento Wiyanto Wiyanto Wiyatmi Wiyatmi Yahya Yahya Yendra, Rado Yendra, Rado Yudianto Sujana Yunita Sari Zakariah, Muhammad Zarnzani Zarnzani, Zarnzani Zulaiha Zulaiha, Zulaiha Zulfahmi, Muhammad Nofan