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Journal : JURNAL R

Pemanfaatan Katup Penunda Waktu Untuk Merangkai Kontrol Pneumatik Pada Penutup dan Pembukaan Pintu Geser

JURNAL R & B Vol 2, No 1 (2002)
Publisher : JURNAL R & B

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Pneumatics has a reat role in modern industries. Actually, this branch of knowlesge can be applied not only in industrial sectors. This control systen can be used in many aspects which apply the mobilicing and controlling activities, such as the electric control system and hydrolic control system. Based on this phenomena. The pneumatics can be used to open and to close the shifting door. For that necessary to achieve basic knowledge about is science which includes several aspects, for example, jource of motor, symbol and function of pneumatic components, air flow diagram, designing diagram of control series as well as its mechanisin. In order to avoid that door closes directly while its opening process is reaching maximal point, it is very useful in delaying t;lhe closing process of that door for several periods. That components is well known as the delaying valves. Opening and closing systems of a shifting door can be controlled from two controlling sides : from inside and outside of that door.