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Journal : International Journal on Information and Communication Technology (IJoICT)

Sliced Coordinate List Implementation Analysis on Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication Using Compute Unified Device Architecture fitriyani, fitriyani
International Journal on Information and Communication Technology (IJoICT) Vol 2, No 1 (2016): June 2016
Publisher : School of Computing, Telkom University

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Matrices are one of the most used data representation form from real-world problems. Lot of matrix was formed very big but sparse, hence information inside the matrix is relatively small compared to its size. This caused into heavy computational resources needed to process those matrices within short time. One of the solutions to do an efficient process to the sparse matrix is to form it into a specialized form of sparse matrix, such as Sliced Coordinate List (SCOO). SCOO format for sparse matrix has been developed and combined within an implementation using Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA). In this research, performance of SCOO implementation using GPU – CUDA will be compared to the other sparse matrix format named Coordinate List (COO) based on its memory usage and execution time. Results obtained from this research show that although SCOO implementation for sparse matrix use memory 1.000529 larger than COO format, its serial performance is 3.18 faster than serial COO, besides that, if SCOO implementation is conducted parallel using GPU – CUDA then its performance can be achieved around 123.8 faster than parallel COO or 77 times faster than parallel COO using one of the available library for CUDA, named CUSP.