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Studi Kesesuaian Wisata dan Mutu Air Laut untuk Ekowisata Rekreasi Pantai di Pantai Maron Kota Semarang

Journal of Marine Research Vol 2, No 4 (2013) : Journal of Marine Research
Publisher : Journal of Marine Research

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Semarang as nautical city has tourism recreation of them is Maron beach. The recent problem is, Maron beach has great potential in nautical tourism, while management have not done optimally. The developing of tourism in Semarang need to be implemented by developing design which is more emphasizes of quality than quantity to be based on the potential and growing problem. The purposes of the study are to determine assess the suitability of Land and Water Quality for Marine Ecotourism in Coastal Recreation Maron Semarang. Research conducted in April 2012-January 2013. The objective method used in this research is a case study conducted explorative. Analyzing data is used index conformity Tourism and Water Quality Standard Marine for Marine Tourism in appropriate with the Policy of the Minister of Environment Number 51 of 2004 as soon as Index Environmental Water Quality. The results show that the calculation of index suitability travel beach recreation activities is 66%. This indicates that the coastal Maron Beach Semarang classified in the category Match (S2). While the value of Index Environmental Water Quality as much as 31.1 for category as bad category.

Mangrove Ecosystem Management Strategy in Maron Beach Semarang

ILMU KELAUTAN: Indonesian Journal of Marine Sciences Vol 23, No 4 (2018): Ilmu Kelautan
Publisher : Marine Science Department Diponegoro University

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Management of mangrove ecosystem is an important agenda in conserving tourism spots in coastal area. This research aimed at examining the recreation activities done in mangrove ecosystem area and mangrove forest strategy in Maron Beach, Tambakharjo, Semarang Municipality. This research employed a survey approach using direct interviews and field observations. The repondent included the entire population in the research area. Samples of this study were selected using cluster random sampling technique. Data were collected by observations, interviews and document study, followed by SWOT analysis. The results showed that the opening of Maron Beach recreation area has given some negative impacts to the post-rehabilitation of mangrove ecosystems, reducing the function mangrove in protecting the shore from coastal abrasion, reducing ability of wind abrasion protection, weakening the environmental conditions, decreasing the number of visitors and decreasing the production of fish. Mangrove forest management should be progressive, which means that research should be done in poor and unsteady conditions which result allow the market to continuously expand, enlarge the market growth and maximize the progress. Through the implementation of a non-overlapping effort, this condition can be improved.