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EKSAKTA Vol 1 (2012)
Publisher : FMIPA UNP

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The elasticity parameters analysis is based on earthquake data West Sumatera in 1995 till 2005 at SPS-3 BMG Padang panjang through Wadati method. In the Wadati diagram is used the plot of arrival time earthquake wave (P-S) versus absolute time of P arrivals of station. (Vp/Vs =1.66), Poison ratio (σ = 0.19), Modulus bulk (К = 4.89 10­­10 Pa), Rigiditas (µ = 3.52 1010 Pa). From analysis data result is estimated that the dominan rock as earth crust layer in West Sumatera are Granit and Basalt. Keywords: Elasticity, rock, earthquake, wadati
Upaya Menumbuhkan Karakter Peduli Lingkungan Melalui Kajian Konsep Fisika Pada Arsitektur Kearifan Lokal Budaya Sumatera Barat Afrizon, Renol; Dwiridal, Letmi
JURNAL EKSAKTA PENDIDIKAN (JEP) Vol 1 No 2 (2017): JEP : Jurnal Eksakta Pendidikan
Publisher : Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

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The utilization of local wisdom in presentation of physics material of high school grade XI  by physics education students is still not optimal. This indicates that the students who careless by sense of environmental. Physics learning resources in daily activities such as local wisdom needed to provide. The purpose of this study is to explore the application of physics concepts to local wisdom of West Sumatra culture as an effort to improve the character of environmental care. The type of research is qualitative research with survey method. Data collected by questionnaires, interviews, document analysis, field notes and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). Analyzed techniques of data which be used qualitative data techniques with steps are data reduction, presentation, conclusion and verification as data analyzed techniques. Result of the research is physics concepts of Rumah Gadang. First, although the Rumah Gadang roof was made of palm fiber but it still survive from leakage problems and wind exposure. The functions of the roofing of the Rumah Gadang are: (1) to increase the speed of the rain falling into the roof, (2) minimize the momentum on the roof, (3) projecting the force of the wind in all directions so that the wind is not trapped on the roof of the Rumah Gadang, 4) made of adhesive between kitchen ash with a good palm fiber (deep layer of palm fiber ), and 5) water deposition on the bad side of palm fiber (outer layer of palm fiber) so that it will be rise to back the surface of the roof through the capillarity mechanism. Second, the wall with a hollow layer can reduce the heat from outside the walls during the day so the air in the room is not as hot as the outside and the heat that has flowing in the room will be trapped by the wall so that air is not too cold at the night. Third, old pole serves as a reference to determine the equalibrium of Rumah Gadang and the poles are made with a slope which opposite direction on two sides (left and right house). This can be create a stable of equalibrium Rumah Gadang. Fourth, a stone of fondation that has a diameter greater than the diameter of the milestone can serve to minimize the fictive forces generated by the soil due to the occurrence of the earthquake. Fifth, the staircase made with a certain slope provides a distinct mechanical advantage for the visitor where the where the produced work made becomes as easier. The conclusions of this research indicates this study provide one of the efforts to improve the character of environmental care in physics learning.
Inovasi Pendidikan Vol 6, No 1 (2019): Vol 6, No.1, Maret 2019
Publisher : FKIP UMSB

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Permendikbud 20 Tahun 2018 tentang Penguatan Pendidikan Karakter pada satuan pendidikan formal dan Permenristekdikti nomor 44 tahun 2015 tentang Standar Nasional untuk Pendidikan Tinggi, hingga sikap "taat kepada Tuhan yang maha kuasa dan harus bisa bersikap religius".Berlatarbelakang masalah refleksi awal bahwa belum optimal sikap religius mahasiswa yang terkait dengan pemahaman fisika. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk penguatan sikap religius melalui analisa fisika gravitasi dengan pembuatan Mind Map bernuasa hikmah pada perkuliahan mekanika. Metode penelitian tindakan kelas menggunakan model Kemmis & Taggart. Tahapan penelitian : perencanaan, implementasi, observasi dan refleksi. Materi mekanika partikel dan sistem partikel dengan konsep utama "gravitasi".Instrumen berupa penilaian aktivitas pembuatan lembar Mind Map gravitasi dan penguatan sikap religius.Populasi adalah mahasiswa yang telah mengikuti kuliah mekanika tahun akademik 2017/2018. Teknik pengambilan sampel termasuk cluster Random sampling.Data bersifat kualitatif.Teknik analisis data dengan persentase, dihitung sesuai jumlah indikator pada instrumen penelitian. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Mind Map gravitasi bernuansa hikmah dapat menumbuhkan penguatan sikap religius pada perkuliahan mekanika. Kategori sikap religius "Sangat Dimiliki" mengalami kenaikan rata-rata yang signifikan dari siklus I ke siklus II sebesar 34.56 %, dimana 36.67 % di siklus I naik menjadi 71.23 % di siklus II. Peningkatan ini dapat diartikan bahwa telah terjadi penguatan sikap religius mahasiswa setelah mempelajari mekanika gravitasi. Kata kunci: mekanika, gravitasi, sikap religius
Design of Biogas Reactor as a Sustainable Energy Source in Pauh Sub-District Padang, West Sumatra Ramli, Ramli; Dwiridal, Letmi
Pelita Eksakta Vol 1 No 02 (2018): Pengabdian Masyarakat
Publisher : Fakultas MIPA Universitas Negeri Padang

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Cow dung waste in Pauh sub-district is widely available. Only partly used as a traditional fertilizer.  In fact, the utilization of cow dung is one of the alternative sources of renewable energy. Although biogas technology is not something new in Indonesia, the obstacles faced by farmers are their lack of knowledge about processing cow dung into biogas and making of biogas reactors. Community service has been undertaken to provide knowledge through guidance and counseling methods to farmers about biogas, biogas reactor manufacturing and technology, and the advantages of biogas reactors, both in terms of economic and environmental values. Stages of the implementation of the  activities;  1). Provide guidance and counseling to farmers about biogas and how to manufacture biogas reactor, 2).  Provide guidance and counseling about the safety of biogas reactors, 3). Conduct periodic monitoring of farmer groups that are partners to the continuity and continuity of activities.  The result of the activity is the availability of biogas reactor in farmer group in Pauh sub-district. The fermentation process to produce biogas in the reactor is approximately 3 weeks. Biogas reactors are built easy to make and cheap.