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Performansi Parameter Motor Induksi Tiga Fasa Dengan Sumber Tegangan Dan Frekuensi Variabel Djatmiko, Istanto W; Kustono, -
Jurnal Edukasi@Elektro Vol 5, No 1
Publisher : Jurnal Edukasi@Elektro

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This research is aimed to know the parameters quality of induction motor that dominantly influenced to its performance due to several treatments, i.e. (1) the three phase variac and the bidirectional three phase ac regulator were supplied to variable input voltages, and (2) inverter (Altivar) was applied to variable input frequencies. This research was designed experimental research that applied directly to the induction motor that is used as research object. The observed induction motor parameters were input voltages, input currents, real powers, reactive powers, apparent powers, power factors, total harmonic distortion of voltages, total harmonic distortion of currents, motor speed, and torques. By controlling voltages of variac and load currents relatively constant could be found that the voltage harmonics decreased and the currents harmonics increased (5th harmonic only) along with increment of input voltages.  When similar treatments were applied by ac regulator to input voltages, the voltage harmonic factors (3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 15th respectively) and current harmonic factors (3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th respectively declined.  Furthermore, when inverter supplied to input voltages, voltage harmonics ascended and current harmonics descended (3rd harmonic only) along with increment of input frequencies. The optimal efficiency of induction motor that applied by variac, ac regulator, and inverter were repectively 87.4%, 66.5%, and 64.6%.