Geuis Puspita Dewi
Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana

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Representasi Grafik Multi-Level Berbasis SVG untuk Aplikasi Rich-Content Majalah Mobile Nugroho, Adi; Wellem, Theophilus Erman; Dewi, Geuis Puspita
Jurnal Sistem Informasi Vol 4, No 1 (2009)
Publisher : Universitas Kristen Maranatha

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The discovery and creation of a new variety of mobile content  is  in a huge demand, but  its  development  is  still  limited  due  to  the  limitations  of mobile  devices,  especially  in informational contents; most of them are still text-based, for example SMS-based news and RSS Feeds. This  is because handling graphical data  is still expensive regarding resources of the mobile device, which means the rendering and parsing process will suffer. This  study  investigates  how  Scalable  Vector  Graphics  (SVG),  an  open  standard XML-based  graphic  format,  can  be  used  for  representing  graphical  information hierarchically  in  a multi-level  representation  system. Based  on  this  system,  a  new  Javabased  mobile-magazine  content  service,  which  contains  richer  information  as  a  real magazine, is developed and tested for its performances. From  the experiments and  testing,  the application can pass  the Sun Microsystems’s Unified Testing Criteria for Java (TM) Technology-based Applications for Mobile Devices Version 2.1 at the level of 93.75% and shows a good performance of parsing and rendering of the graphical information and image.  Keywords :  mobile  computing,  multi-level  graphics  representation,  mobile magazines, mobile contents