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Jurnal Rekayasa Mesin Vol 9, No 1 (2009): Journal of Mechanical Engineering
Publisher : Sriwijaya University

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Lenght of fluidity is one of important factor that give influence on thin wall casting. The increasing lenght of fluidity will increase feeding ability molten metal. At the thin wall mould, the cooling rate temperature move rapidly  and then increasing solidification rate cast metal. The aim of the research is studiying optimal mould temperature on Mg-44%Al casting process. Gravity methode is used as  this casting. The  mould was made by machining process. Molten metal was pouring on 650oC, 700 oC and 750 oC into difference mould temperature (650oC, 700oC and 750 oC). the mould has difference  thickness 0,5 mm; 1mm; 1,5 mm; 2 mm; 2,5 mm; 3 mm; 3,5 mm;dan 4 mm. The maximum length of fluidity at mould temperature 200oC on pouring temperature 700oC. Each of mould temperature,  Increasing lenght of fluidity untill mould temprature 650oC and 700oC but decreasing lenght of fluidity after pouring temperatur 750oC, at all difference mould temperatures.

Study of Bio-Coal Briquette as Solid Fuel for Aluminum Smelter

Sriwijaya Journal of Environment Vol 2, No 3 (2017): Low Land
Publisher : Program Pascasarjana Universitas Sriwijaya

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Research on alternative energy today based on issues of global warming and greenhouse effects. The use of coal briquettes from low-calorie coal derived from mines in the province of South Sumatera originally destined for the food industry is less desirable because it emits black and smelly smoke, is difficult to turn on, and it is difficult to shut down quickly. So the thought arises to use this coal briquettes for the manufacturing industry and metal casting. In a previous study, the manufacture of mixed briquettes between low calorie coal (lignite) and biomass was more environmentally friendly due to low sulfur content. Therefore, in this study, a study was conducted to find the best biomass species to be mixed with lignite to bio-coal with the highest carbon content criteria and lowest sulfur content. The results showed that the mixture type between coconut shell and lignite reached the optimum condition with carbon content of 57.923% and the lowest sulfur was 0.259% in the mixture ratio of 9 : 1. The combustion temperature reaches 1500 K at furnace efficiency of 48%.Keywords: bio-coal briquettes; lignite. coconut shell; enthalpy difference; carbon and sulfur content; flame temperature;


FLYWHEEL : Jurnal Teknik Mesin Untirta Volume III Nomor 1, April 2017
Publisher : FLYWHEEL : Jurnal Teknik Mesin Untirta

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Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisa pengaruh perubahan parameter proses terhadap kekerasan, tarik, impak dan struktur mikro alumunium dengan komposisi 12% fly ash dan 8% alumina setelah melalui proses perubahan temperatur, perubahan waktu dan kecepatan stir. Perlakuan perubahan waktu yang dilakukan terbagi menjadi 3 bagian yaitu 180 detik, 300 detik, 480 detik. Temperatur pengadukan juga terbagi menjadi 3 bagian yaitu 700°C, 750°C dan 800°C serta Kecepatan stir  300, 350 dan 400 rpm. Setelah melalui proses pengujian maka didapatkan nilai kekerasan tertinggi pada Waktu 480 detik yaitu 53,051 BHN, nilai impak 11,398 joule, dan nilai teganggan yaitu 11,861 kgf/mm2. Nilai uji kekerasan untuk Temperatur terbaik yaitu 700°C sebesar 52,287 BHN, untuk impak yaitu 11,396 joule, dan nilai teganggan yaitu 10,550 kgf/mm2. Dan untuk Kecepatan stir nilai kekerasan tertinggi di dapat pada kecepatan 350 rpm yaitu 54,645 BHN, nilai impak sebesar 12,262 joule dan untuk uji tarik nilai tegangan sebesar 12,782 kgf/mm2. Dari perubahan nilai kekerasan, impak dan tarik tersebut membuktikan bahwa terdapat pengaruh parameter proses perubahan temperatur,  waktu dan kecepatan stir pada saat pengecoran menggunakan metode stir casting.