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Desain Konseptual Personalisasi Pencarian Pada Perpustakaan Online: Kasus Perpustakaan Pusat IPB Ardiansyah, Firman; Seminar, Kudang Boro; Mustafa, B
Jurnal Pustakawan Indonesia Vol 6, No 1 (2006): Jurnal Pustakawan Indonesia
Publisher : Perpustakaan IPB

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Current IPB Center Library search engine has been developed to serve all users, independent of the special needs of any individual user. Personalized search is to carry out retrieval for each user incorporating his/her interest. This research propose a novel technique to learn user profile from user lending history to represent long-term interest and user search history to represent short-term interest. The user profiles are then used to improve retrieval effectiveness in online search. A general profile are learned from a category hierarchy. These two profiles are combined to map a user query into a set of categories which represent the user’s search intention and serve as context to disambiguate the words in the user’s query. Online search is conducted based on both the user query and the set of categories. Several profile learning and category mapping algorithms and a merging algorithm are evaluated. Experimental results indicate that this technique to personalize search is effective.
Jurnal Pustakawan Indonesia Vol 10, No 2 (2010): Jurnal Pustakawan Indonesia
Publisher : Perpustakaan IPB

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Grey literature is one of library material types which can be accessed restrictedly by the patrons.The paradox is that grey literature contains very important information to support research andstudy. Therefore by building a digital library it is assumed both security and accessibility of users tothe grey literature content will be accomodated. Designing a digital library as an institutionalrepository for UPH by using the Zachman Framework will take a very important role in definingthe technical and normative features of an ideal digital library. In addition to, the exploration andmodification of DSpace by using Software Evolution method will also define the technical andnormative features of DSpace performance. The result of these will be compared to one another byusing a simple relevancy test procedure. The result are 90,625 % of relevancy degree on technicalfeatures and 95,7 % of relevancy degree on normative features. According to the result, it can beclaimed that a high relevancy degree is found between the pre-made architectural system of digitallibrary and the post-modification of DSpace program.Keywords: digital library, DSpace, grey literature, institutional repository, Zachman Framework.
Visualisasi Keterhubungan Antar Istilah Subjek pada Metadata Tesis IPB Menggunakan Peluang Bersyarat Risky, Reza; Ardiansyah, Firman
Jurnal Pustakawan Indonesia Vol 10, No 1 (2010): Jurnal Pustakawan Indonesia
Publisher : Perpustakaan IPB

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Bogor Agricultural University library has metadata for its collection. The metadata is used for searching andbrowsing. The activity of searching and browsing can be based on metadata fields, such as title, author, subject, etc.Searching on the subject or topic is an effective way if someone want to search document that fulfill his/her topic.When someone search on a subject, the result is only documents that has the subject. So, someone needs to pick anappropriate query to find the desirable result. The decision for picking a query is based on how good the knowledge ofsomeone about the collection. It will be hard if someone does not know about the collection. In that case, we need anapplication that shows the relationship between the subject, so the related terms can be used as query suggestion forsomeone to decide his/her query. In order to make the view of relationship more interesting, understandable, andinteractive, the relationship is visualized. The result of this research is an implementation of a Java desktopapplication that searches document based on subject and visualize subject terms relationship. The documents are fromIPB thesis metadata. From 7445 documents, 7416 documents has subject field. Obtained 4496 unique terms fromthe 7416 document. From test result, the process to show document result and visualization is fast enough. Theaverage time to show document result and visualization is one second.
Analisis Usability Homepage Situs Web Perpustakaan Nasional RI Menggunakan Metode Think-Aloud Astuti, Indra; Kusuma, Wisnu Ananta; Ardiansyah, Firman
Jurnal Pustakawan Indonesia Vol 15, No 1-2 (2016): Jurnal Pustakawan Indonesia
Publisher : Perpustakaan IPB

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The study aims to usability analysis the National Library of Indonesia home page based the results of Paramjeet and Gupta research. The method used was think-aloud. In this method, one user was observed when doing the assignment and asked to express choices, feelings, or thoughts when testing the website.  There are seven phases in this method, i.e 1) literature study of  usability, usability testing and think- aloud, 2) self-evaluation of the home page of National Library of Indonesia website, conducted by comparing the results of Paramjeet and Gupta study, 3) determination of assessment parameters, 4) determination of the number and criteria of the respondents, 5) analysis of home page usability by the respondents, 6) analysis of  the results, conducted based on the respondent transcripts, and 7) recommendations. There were ten respondents, with medium internet literacy skill. They expressed their thoughts and feelings when testing the home page. There were criteria used in the assessment :1) the main features consist of logo and name of organization, about us, contact us, and archive and archiving; 2)URL (Uniform Resources Locator); 3) window title; 4) date and time; 5) writing content; 6) navigation; 7) search; 8) graphic and animation.Based on the analysis, it shows that home page of the National Library of Indonesia website needs to be improved. The improvements needed are: the addition of about us feature on the main menu; contact us becomes part of about us in the main menu; the results of the archive and archiving is in the form of title, in order to facilitate the information retrieval; the moving boxes in the navigation are replaced with fixed boxes using different colors with the color news; the search is equipped with advanced search, and graphics and animation should also be improved not only as a home page ornament.Keywords :National Library of Indonesia, think-aloud, usability.