Cytotoxicity Assay From Fractions of Hedyotis corymbosa Extract Against Breast Cancer Cell Line T47D

Indonesian Journal of Cancer Chemoprevention Vol 2, No 1 (2011)
Publisher : Indonesian Research Gateway

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Drug discovery for cancer medication is the most important effort that researcher do  at  this time. Indonesia bio diversities  have  possibility  as  a cancer medicine  sources. Finding a herbal medicine for cancer treatment is a first step to find a right cancer medicine in the future.This research has already completed for the earlier another research.Some fractions of Hedyotis corymbosa extract has been analyzed using Sulforhodamine B method with  UV wavelength  515 nm against T47D cell line, a human breast cancer. There are Hexane extract, Methylene chloride extract and Ethyl acetate extract,and give inhibitory concentration 50 (IC50) of 33.45 1g/ml, 54.59 1g/ml and 52.58 1g/ml, respectively. Ethanolic extract,  itself  has  IC50 of 61.57 1g/ml, whereas IC50 value of  Cisplatinum is 9.63 1g/ml. There is a difference between the ethanolic extracts with the other fraction.