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Pengaruh Berbagai Bahan Litter Terhadap Konsentrasi Ammonia Udara Ambient kandang dan Performan Ayam Broiler

Jurnal Agripet Vol 12, No 1 (2012): Volume 12, No. 1, April 2012
Publisher : Agricultural Faculty

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The effect of different litter materials on ammonia concentration of the air ambient stall and broiler performanceABSTRACT. The study was conducted to observe the effect of ammonia concentration of broiler chicken coop air to the treatment various types of litter. High ammonia concentrations would interfere with performance of broiler chickens and become a problem for the environment. A good litter quality is expected to address the problem of ammonia that occur in the broiler chicken coop. This study uses a completely randomized, with 5 litter treatments. T0 without treatment repose only black plastic as litter, litter composition T1 100% bran, 50% T2 litter composition husks and Charcoal Shell 50%, T3 50% 50% husk litter composition and zeolite 50%, T4 25% husks litter composition, 25% charcoal, 25% zeolite and 25% of the land. Each treatment was repeated 3 times, each test consisted of eight chickens. Parameters observed in the form of ammonia concentration of air cages at week four, weekly feed intake, weight gain per week, the final weight, feed conversion, and mortality. The results indicate different types of litter treatment was very real influence of ammonia concentration of air enclosure. T4 treatment with a 1:1 blend of each component of the litter that is used successfully absorb such a large aerial ammonia, which indicates the ammonia content of the air is the smallest compared with other treatment 4. While the treatment without litter showed a very large aerial ammonia compared with the treatment. Feed consumption results also showed that the treatment that produces a small value causes ammonia to be markedly higher consumption. Values for weight gain, final weight, feed conversion, and mortality are not significantly affected by various types of litter treatment.

Performance of Mojosari Alabio Males Ducks Fed Complete Ration Silage

ANIMAL PRODUCTION Vol 16, No 3 (2014): September
Publisher : Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, Faculty of Animal Science, Purwokerto-Indonesia

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Abstract. The experiment was conducted to determine the effect of complete diet silage on feed consumption, body weight gain, feed conversion, water consumption and mortality. The materials used were 75 Mojosari Alabio male ducks, commercial diet plus rice bran (16.50% CP, 2900 kkal GE/kg), silage with 30-60% water content. Data were subject to Completely Randomized Design with five treatments and three replications. The treatments were S0 (commercial feed), S1 (silage with 30% water content), S2 (silage with 40% water content), S3 (silage with 50% water content) and S4 (silage with 60% water content). Data were subject to analysis of variance followed by orthogonal contrast test. The result showed that silage with 50% water content has significantly increased body weight gain and decreased water consumption, but there were no  effect in feed conversion. Complete diet silage was safe for Mojosari Alabio male duck. Key words : complete ration silage , duck, performance Abstrak. Penelitian ini untuk mengetahui pengaruh pemberian silase ransum komplit terhadap konsumsi pakan, pertambahan bobot badan, konversi pakan, konsumsi air dan persentase kematian. Bahan yang  digunakan adalah 75 ekor itik Mojosari Alabio jantan, ransum komersial ditambah dedak padi (16,50% CP, 2900 kkal GE/kg), silase dengan kadar air 30-60%. Percobaan ini menggunakan Rancangan Acak Lengkap dengan lima perlakuan dan tiga ulangan. Perlakuan S0 (pakan komersial), S1 (silase dengan kadar air 30%), S2 (silase dengan kadar air 40%), S3 (silase dengan kadar air 50%) dan S4 (silase dengan kadar air 60%). Data dianalisis menggunakan analisis ragam dan dilanjutkan dengan uji kontras orthogonal. Hasilnya menunjukkan bahwa silase dengan kadar air 50% memiliki peningkatan berat badan dan penurunan konsumsi air yang signifikan, tetapi tidak mempengaruhi konversi pakan. Silase ransum komplit pakan aman untuk itik Mojosari Alabio jantan. Kata kunci : silase ransum komplit, itik, performans


Buletin Peternakan Vol 41, No 2 (2017): BULETIN PETERNAKAN VOL. 41 (2) MEI 2017
Publisher : Faculty of Animal Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada

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This study was conducted to determine how the fermented feed effect against blood profile, digestive organ and fecal ammonia of laying ducks. Feed materials were prepared according to laying ducks need as 21% crude protein, then mixed rations already given water until 45% the water content, then anaerobic fermented for 7 days. This study used a completely randomized design with 4 treatments of feed, such as: dry feed, wet feed, wet fermentation feed, and commercial dry feed. Each treatment was repeated 5 times, and each replication was consisted of four laying ducks. Laying duck were 80 heads Indramayu duck at 5 month of old. Blood observations were taken 3 times at 5 months, 6.5 months and 8 months old. Parameters measured were red blood cell (RBC), packed cell volume (PCV) = volume percentage of erythrocytes in the blood, hemoglobin (Hb), white blood cell (WBC), heterophile cell (H), lymphocytes (L), monosit (M) and the ratio of HL. Blood was taken from vena pectoralis vein under duck wings. Observation of digestive organs and fecal ammonia content was at 8 months old of duck. The results showed in pre treatment of the 5 months ducks significantly influenced the PCV and the WBC, but at 6.5 months and 8 months of treatment did not significantly affect blood profile of laying ducks. Digestive organs of liver in fermentation treatment showed  significantly  lower  than  in  controls. The  content  of  fecal ammonia were not significantly different.

Kualitas Silase Ransum Komplit Berbahan Baku Pakan Lokal

Jurnal Agripet Vol 11, No 2 (2011): Volume 11, No. 2, Oktober 2011
Publisher : Agricultural Faculty

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The quality of complete ration silage use traditional local feed materialsABSTRACT. The research was conducted to assess the complete ration silage products use traditional local feed materials of high water levels are currently still problematic in storage. The technology used is in a state of anaerobic fermentation technology. This study uses a random group, with 4 levels of water treatment (30, 40, 50, and 60%) and 4 groups of storage time (1, 2, 3, and 4 weeks) at room temperature, each unit of treatment was repeated 3 times. Silage made in a glass bottle filled with 200-300 g of feed a complete and total BAL plus Lactobacillus plantarum 105 cfu per gram of silage. Physically and chemically, products made from raw silage rations complete local feed has characteristics that are not much different from the silage forage. Water content and storage time is very significant (P <0.01) lower pH and increased total acids.

Daya Serap Air dan Kualitas Wadah Semai Ramah Lingkungan Berbahan Limbah Kertas Koran dan Bahan Organik

Rona Teknik Pertanian Vol 11, No 1 (2018): Volume 11, No. 1, April 2018
Publisher : Program Studi Teknik Pertanian, Fakultas Pertanian, Universitas Syiah Kuala

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Abstrak. Wadah semai ramah lingkungan merupakan produk yang dibuat dari bahan organik. Bahan organik yang digunakan dapat berupa limbah, sehingga dapat membantu mengatasi permasalahan lingkungan dalam menangani limbah. Di sisi lain penggunaan wadah semai ramah lingkungan mempunyai keuntungan yang lebih besar dibandingkan dengan polybag berbahan plastik. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui daya serap air dan kualitas Wadah Semai Ramah Lingkungan (WSRL) berbahan limbah kertas koran dan bahan organik lainnya. Rancangan yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah Rancangan Acak Lengkap (RAL) dengan 2 faktor. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa daya serap air berkisar 171. 04 %-223.69%, dengan nilai tertinggi terdapat pada perlakuan Ab (Koran 100% + 8% perekat) dan terendah terdapat pada perlakuan Ac (Koran 100% + 12% perekat). Penggunaan koran 100% menunjukkan WSRL yang lebih kuat dibandingkan dengan perlakuan lainnya. Water Absorption and Quality of Eco-Friendly Container Waste from Newsprint and Organic Materials Abstract. Organic seedling containers was produced from organic materials. Organic materials used can be waste, so it can help overcome environmental problems in handling waste. On the other hand, the use of organic seeding containers makes the containers more friendly and has greater advantages compared to polybags made from plastic. This study aimed to determine the water absorption and durability of Environmentally Friendly Semi-containers (EFSC) in greenhouses and fields. The design used in this research was complete randomized design with 2 factors. The results showed that water absorption was 171.04% -223.69%, with the highest value found in Ab (100% pulp + 8% glue) treatment and the lowest was in Ac treatment (100% pulp + 12% glue). Using 100% newspapers showed a stronger WSRL compared to other treatments.