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Fatmawati, Cintami
Program Studi Tasawuf dan Psikoterapi, Jurusan Ushuluddin IAIN KUDUS

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Konseling Sufistik Untuk Mengatasi Kecemasan Menghadapi Kematian pada Lansia Fatmawati, Cintami; Ula, Miftahul; Zaduqisti, Esti
ESOTERIK Vol 5, No 1 (2019): Esoterik: Jurnal Akhlak dan Tasawuf
Publisher : Program Studi Tasawuf dan Psikoterapi, Jurusan Ushuluddin IAIN KUDUS

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Old age is the last time of the human life cycle. Old age has the potential to have physical and mental health problems such as anxiety facing death. This study aims to determine how the application of sufic counseling in dealing with anxiety facing death in the elderly at the Community-Based Social Protection House (RPSBM) of Pekalongan City.This type of research is qualitative research with a comparative descriptive analysis case study approach to find out the flow of elderly problems and compare the condition of the elderly before and after sufistic counseling. The study subjects consisted of four elderly women and men. Data collection uses interviews, observation and documentation. Data analysis techniques include data checking, clarification, verification, analysis and conclusion making. The application of sufistic counseling consists of several steps, namely takhalli (self awareness), tahalli (self development), and self empowerment. The results showed that sufistic counseling can reduce anxiety facing death in the elderly with a change in emotional conditions better between before and after sufic counseling.