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Teachers’ Perception on the Use of Authentic Assessment of Curriculum 2013 at SMA 5 Darussalam Banda Aceh Indonesia

ELITE JOURNAL: Journal of English Linguistics, Literature, and Education ELITE JOURNAL, 1(2), 2018
Publisher : ELITE JOURNAL: Journal of English Linguistics, Literature, and Education

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The implementation of authentic assessment method in Curriculum 2013 is good because it encourages the integration of teaching, learning and assessing. Hence, most teachers believe that the students can practice higher-order thinking skills, and criticize tests.  However, it is assumed that in reality, many teachers are not ready to run this assessment yet because of several reasons that should be considered. The study aims to identify the perceptions, expectations, challenges and suggestions of the teachers at SMA Negeri 5 Darussalam regarding to the implementation of authentic assessment. Four research questions were designed, namely, what are teachers perceptions on the use of authentic assessment?, what are teachers’ expectations on the use of authentic assessment? , what are the challenges faced by the teachers on the use of authentic assessment? and what are the suggestions given by the teachers to improve the implementation of authentic assessment?  There was a semi-structured interview procedure employed to address these research questions.  It was conducted in the school. The schedules were the convenient time for the informants. After conducting the interview, a theme-based approach was used to analyse the interview findings. These were achieved by transcribing and tabulating the audio recorded files of the interview sessions according to each interview set. Afterwards, the related main ideas from each interview sets were arranged to yield a common themes. At the end, it is observed that there are three main themes identified. Namely, perceptions and its reality of expectations, awareness of challenges in implementing authentic assessment, willingness and intention to solve the problem to develop the authentic assessment.

Diagnosis Kecemasan Statistik Pendidikan Pada Mahasiswa Non-Matematika FTIK IAIN Langsa

Jurnal Dedikasi Pendidikan Vol 3, No 1 (2019): Jurnal Dedikasi Pendidikan (Januari 2019)
Publisher : Universitas Abulyatama

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Educational Statistics is considered as one of the most difficult subjects, where most of students try to avoid or postpone to take it. This condition has increased the anxiety among non – mathematics’ students. SPSS is one of statistics software that assists students in analyzing data. This paper examined the non mathematics students’ anxiety after using SPSS and the SPSS’s contribution in reducing non mathematics students’ anxiety in studying statistics. The questioner and test are given to 25 non mathematics students, who are selected randomly from teacher training faculty. The finding revealed that SPSS is effective enough to help reducing the non mathematics students’ anxiety. The positive contribution of SPPS was showed on finding result, which are 23% for lower level of anxiety, 60% for the middle level of anxiety and 79% for panic level.