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The Information System Of Name Card Sales Based On Digital Marketing To Improve Creativepreneur On College E-Commerce Website

Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT) Vol 1 No 1 (2019): ATT (Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship)
Publisher : Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT)

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Advances in technology and information have abundant benefits, especially in the business of business card services by utilizing e-commerce. When buying a business card, the buyer can order a business card by contacting the seller directly, then the order is processed to completion and finally reaches the buyer. However, this method is not in line with current technological advancements because it still uses conventional transaction processes. Therefore, to overcome this problem an e-commerce website is used that can process transactions accurately and quickly. In this study, there are 3 (three) problems that will be overcome with 2 (two) methods, and 3 (three) solutions are produced. The advantage of e-commerce website is that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere, so it is concluded that the use of e-commerce websites is able to overcome the problems found in business cards, business services and develop creativepreneur in Raharja Higher Education.

The Generic Science Skill Profile of Fourth Grade Students on Acid And Base Topic in Guided Inquiry Learning Model

International Journal of Active Learning Vol 3, No 2 (2018): October 2018
Publisher : International Journal of Active Learning

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This research aims to find and identify the 4th level students science generic skill using guided inquiry learning in SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun. This research method is descriptive qualitative method that explains the generic science skills indicators that have been studied through the Data taken from the research then Analyzed and summarized as research results. Profile of generic science skills valuation indicates that the indicator of student observation on acid and base material is high with the average of 81. Science Generic skills of symbolic language are classified with average of 73, while logical consistency and inference indicator are classified as high with average of 67 and 85 respectively. Overall, 4th Generic science skills of SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainin on acid and base material in guided inquiry learning is high enough with the average of 76.5. The analysis of students' cognitive learning outcomes guided inquiry learning was obtained in average of 73 and it indicated a high level of achievement. Furthermore, this result also indicated resources in the student's response to the guided inquiry learning that positively influences the students science generic skills.

Saintific Approach in 21st Century Learning in Indonesian Language Learning Vocational School of Pharmacy

International Journal of Active Learning Vol 4, No 2 (2019): October 2019 Article in press
Publisher : International Journal of Active Learning

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The current learning process has reached the 21st century where information is widely spread and technology is developing. The characteristics of the 21st century are marked by the interrelation of the world of science so that it synergizes faster (BNSP, 2010). The 21st century is also marked by the number of (1) information that is available anywhere and can be accessed at any time; (2) faster computing; (3) automation that replaces routine jobs; (4) communication that can be done from anywhere and anywhere (Litbang Kemendikbud, 2013). The things above are also in line with learning in Vocational High Schools (SMK). Muhadjir Effendy (Mendikbud) conveyed that the Vocational curriculum is in accordance with the needs of the business and industrial world (DUDI) and the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI). These things are also applied in learning Indonesian. Learning Indonesian based on a scientific approach aims to increase intellectual ability to think high-level students (Lutfiyah, 2015: 3). Indonesian subjects in the 2013 curriculum use a text-based approach (Lutfiyah, 2015: 4).

Socio-Cultural Aspects of Teaching Foreign Languages in The Faculty of Languages and Arts, State University of Jakarta

International Journal of Active Learning Vol 3, No 1 (2018): April 2018
Publisher : International Journal of Active Learning

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This study aims to identify the social and cultural aspects in the French and German textbooks. It stands to reason that learning a foreign language inevitably involves socio-cultural aspects as language does not stand alone but must be related to the context. When teachers teach foreign language at the same time they also introduce its socio-cultural aspects. In consequence, textbooks should contain all the socio-cultural aspects of the language to be learnt. CECRL, a theory derived from Didier, is employed to determine the socio-cultural aspects in the French and German textbooks. There are seven aspects of socio-cultural by Didier but the writers will only use six aspects, they are: La vie quotidienne, Les conditions de vie, les relations interpersonnelles, valeurs, croyences, et comportements, savoir-vivre, comportements rituels. The analysis of two textbooks show that the textbooks contain six aspects of socio- cultural having daily lives as the most dominant.


Agritech: Jurnal Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto Vol 17, No 2 (2015): AGRITECH
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto

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The objective of the study is to determine the potence of natural agent, a mmushroom of Gliocladium sp. and bacterium Peudomonas fluorencens in resisting against the withering disease (Fusarium Oxysporum f.sp. Cubense) and their effect to the growth of the in-vitrocultured banana plant (Musa paradisiaca L). Thiswas conducted in the experimental farm of Agriculture Faculty, University of Muhammadiyah Purwokerto, in the period of June to December 2013.This research is a single experiment using Randomized Completely Block Design. The treatment was the administration of Gliocladium sp. In three different doses of 10 g/polybag (G1),20 g/ polybag (G2), 30 g/ polybag (G3), and the giving of Pseudomonas fluorencens inthree different dosage of10 ml/l water/ polybag (PF1),20 ml/l water/polybag (PF2) and 30 ml/l water/polybag(PF3) and one control group of no treatment (K0).Based on the result of data analysis, it is proved that the treatment of natural agents of Gliocladiumsp and Pseudomonas fluorencenshas induced the plants resistance against the withering disease of FusariumOxysporumf.sp. Cubense in the banana, as it is indicated bythe increase of phenol compounds, i.e. glychoseda, saponin, and thanin. However, the treatment has no significant effect on the plant growth either on their leaves or their stalk diameter.

Mode and Dimension of Facilitation in Student-Centred Learning Approach: A Comparison of Teaching Experience

International Journal of Active Learning Vol 4, No 1 (2019): April 2019
Publisher : International Journal of Active Learning

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This study is based on the Heron Facilitation Model, to evaluate the dimension and mode of facilitation of facilitators who are using Student-Centred Learning (SCL) as an approach in delivering theoretical knowledge. A survey study was conducted, involving 177 facilitators from multiple backgrounds. The findings show that the six dimensions of facilitation were rated at a high level and cooperative mode was most often applied in the SCL approach. There is no difference in mode and dimension applied by young and senior facilitators. Thus, experience and field of education discipline do not generally predict an effective facilitation measure for theoretical delivery.


Agritech: Jurnal Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto Vol 20, No 2 (2018): AGRITECH
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto

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Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menginvestigasi kinerja ekspor komoditas SIR 20 pada tahun 2010 hingga 2015 di pasar internasional dengan data triwulanan. Metode analisis trend digunakan untuk mengestimasi kinerja tersebut. Hasil menunjukkan bahwa perkembangan nilai ekspor SIR 20 cenderung mengalami penurunan dalam kurun tahun 2010 hingga 2015. Secara statistik nilai ekspor komoditas SIR 20 setiap triwulan cenderung mengalami trend yang menurun sebesar 67.418 ribu USD selama tahun 2010 hingga 2015.


Journal of Applied Geology Vol 2, No 3 (2010)
Publisher : Geological Engineering Department Universitas Gadjah Mada

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A total of 4200 landslides have been identified in the Three Gorges Reservoir area. It is planned that a total of 3200 landslides (i.e., 75% of the total number of landslides) will be monitored. Since 2003, the authors have carried out a geo-hazard real-time monitoring and early warning project at relocated Wushan town (Wushan new town) in the Three Gorges Reservoir area. Its purpose is to establish monitoring and early warning demonstration station. The station has three main functions: (1) Internet-based, (2) Comprehensive monitoring, and (3) Early warning. Based on the landslide monitoring experience at the Three Gorges Reservoir area, the early warning critical value at Wushan new town is established and presented in this paper. The critical situation is divided into four levels: I level early warning (indicated as blue), II level early warning (indicated as yellow), III level early warning (indicated as orange), and IV level early warning (indicated as red). Judging from the Yuhuangge landslide monitoring data in this area since 2004, the Wushan new town is at the blue early warning level. However, monitoring data of displacement at deep borehole showed that the displacement increased 5 mm in five months with an average velocity 1.0 mm/month. The velocity is 10 times higher than that at the early deformation stage. For this reason, the early warning level is changed from blue to yellow, which means an accelerated deformation period and emphasizes the need for denser monitoring. Keywords: Landslide, Three Gorges Reservoir, real-time monitoring, early warning


Agritech: Jurnal Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto Vol 18, No 1 (2016): AGRITECH
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto

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Penelitian ini bertujuan mengetahui perkembangan dan teknologi agroindustri gula kelapa, proses pembentukan hubungan kemitraan agroindustri gula kelapa, dan pola kemitraan agroindustri gula kelapa di Desa Bantar, Kecamatan Wanareja, KabupatenCilacap. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah studi kasus. Penelitian dilakukan di Desa Bantar, Kecamatan Wanareja, Kabupaten Cilacap selama lima bulan. Metode pengambilan sampel yang digunakan adalah purposive sampling dan diperoleh 25 orangpengrajin gula kelapa. Hasil penelitian menyebutkan bahwa terjadi hubungan pola kemitraan antara pengrajin dengan pemilik pohon kelapa yaitu dengan adanya sistem sewa pohon kelapa yang dilakukan antara kedua belah pihak yang dilakukan dengan sistem kepercayaan dankekeluargaan. Pola kemitraan antar sesama pengrajin gula kelapa kaitannya dalam hal penyediaan bahan baku, informasi harga jual dan beli ditingkat pedagang pengepul dan perkembangan teknologi. Pola kemitraan antara pengrajin dengan pedagang pengepulkaitannya dalam hal jual beli hasil produksi dan peminjaman modal. Pola kemitraan yang terjadi antar sesama pedagang pengepul biasanya hanya sebatas tukar informasi harga beli dan jual produk gula kelapa dan informasi pengrajin gula kelapa.

Model of Monitoring and Evaluation of Character Education at Universitas PGRI Semarang

International Journal of Active Learning Vol 2, No 2 (2017): October 2017
Publisher : International Journal of Active Learning

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Universitas PGRI Semarang has integrated character education into the fabric of its academic and non-academic activities. It has consciously set about creating a moral climate within universitys fourth pillar of Catur Dharma/ Modeling. Dynamic monitoring and evaluation system for character education is impetus in order to adequately meet the demands of recommended core values: personal and social awareness, self-management, and social skill.Though its slogan and core values are in the domain of character education, its monitoring, evaluation, and assessment have not integrated one and another yet.Thus, it is pertinent to conduct a research for desiging an effective model of monitoring and evaluation of character education.The study used three stages of R & D research method: desiging, revising,and field testing. Expert validation scores had gained 83.35 % while professional validation was 84.5%. It means the model both theoretically and practically is appropriate for evaluation of characters education. The results indicated that to be fully effective and ongoing of the program, integrated monitoring, measuring, and assessing system should be in conjunction with monitoring evaluation design, its implementation as well as its instruments. The study recommends the university and other institutions have to transfer this conceptual model into an implementation model in which character education functions harmonically and in a coordinated manner to provide effective and efficient results.

Co-Authors - Prayitno, - - Sumadi - Suwardi -, Darmaji -, Jufrida . Farida ., Ernawaty ., Farida ., Kardiman ., Munandar ., Qomaruddin ., Rachimi ., Rusniati A Sumarudin, A A. Marjuni A. Muri Yusuf AA Subijanto AAM GUNAWAN Aan Royhan Aan Zainul Anwar, Aan Zainul Abd Malik Abdillah, Muhammad Nur Abdul Basit ABDUL GAFUR Abdul Hakim Abdul Hamid Abdul Kadir Abdul Rachman ABDUL RAHMI Abdul Rofik, Abdul Abdul Salam Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Salam, Abdullah Abdullah, Nurlaila Abdullah, Thamrin Abdurahim, Abdurahim ABDUS SAMAD Abid, Syaiful Abidin, A. Z. Abu Bakar Sambah, Abu Bakar Aceng Rahmat, Aceng Achmad Basuki Achmad Jaelani Achmad Munir Achmad Ridwan, Achmad ACHMAD RIFAI Achmad Rizal Achmad Wibolo Achmad Wildan Kurniawan, Achmad Wildan Achmadi Priyatmojo Achyani Achyani, Achyani Adamy, Yulfrita Ade Hermawan Adelina Simamora Adeltrudis Adelsa Danimayostu, Adeltrudis Adelsa Adhes Gamayel, Adhes Adhitya Wardhono Adi Indrayanto Adi Rastono, Adi Adi Sucipto, Adi Adi Winarta, Adi Adi, Pramono Hari Adit Kurniawan Aditya Andika, Aditya Adjat Sudradjat Adrian Adrian Afdal Afdal, Afdal Afijal Afijal afijal m.kom Afridah, Wiwik Afrinaldi Afrinaldi Afriva Khaidir Afrizal Afrizal Afrizal Sano Aftina Nurul Husna Agung Kumoro, Agung Agung Nugroho Agung Prasetyo Agung Purwanto Agung Suprojo, Agung Agung Waluyo Agung Zainal Muttakin Raden, Agung Zainal Muttakin Agus Cahyono Agus Dudung Agus Dwi Nugroho, Agus Dwi Agus Hari Wahyudi Agus Heru Purnomo, Agus Heru Agus Irawan Agus Kurniawan Agus Mulyadi Purnawanto Agus Prasetyo Agus Putrayasa, I Made Agus R, Abu Hasan AGUS ROHYADI Agus Setiawan Agus Setiya Budi, Agus Setiya Agus Sujarwanta, Agus Agus Sulaeman Agus Supriyadi Agus Supriyo, Agus Agus Suroso Agus Suryono Agus Sutanto Agus Triyono Agus Virgono agus wibowo Agus Yulianto Agusri Boestari Agustina Sari, Dessy Agustina, Lya Agustina, Nur Wulan Ah Yusuf, Ah Ahmad Ahid Mudayana Ahmad Ahmad Ahmad Herison Ahmad Kusnaeni Ahmad Muhtadi Ahmad Nawawi Ahmad Saifudin, Ahmad Ahmad Sarwadi, Ahmad Ahmad Toni, Ahmad Ahmad Yulianto Ahmad Yunus, Ahmad Ahmad, M. Ahmad, Umar Ali Aisyah Nur Sayidatun Nisa, Aisyah Nur Sayidatun Aisyah, Noor Aiyi Asnawi Aji, Galih Mustiko Akbar, M. Yudi Ali Akbar, Ma’ruf Akhmad Afandi Akhmad Hidayatno Akmal Djamaan Akmal, M Al Chaidar Alfiasari Alfiasari Alfret Luasunaung Ali Mardius, Ali Ali Muhammad Ali Zaenal Abidin Ali, Anees Janee Ali, Saifullah Alia Rahmi Alifariki, La Ode Alis Mukhlis, Alis Alit Kurniasari, Alit Alizamar, Alizamar Almahdy Almahdy Alvanov Zpalanzani Alvira, Nur Alwan Abdurahman Amalia, Rizqi Maulida Aman Suyadi Ambar Pujiyatno Ami Tjitraresmi, Ami Amigo, Thomas Aquino Erjinyuare Amin, Al Amin, Muliaty Amiruddin Amiruddin Amra, Nizmawaty Amrizal Amrizal Amrullah Amrullah An-Nisa Apriani Ana Hardiana, Ana Anafrin Yugistyowati, Anafrin Anantadjaya, Samuel PD Anastasia Pudjitriherwanti, Anastasia Andayani, Dwi Herry Andi Emelda, Andi Andi Noor Asikin, Andi Noor Andi Sunyoto Andie, Andie Andik Atmaja, Andik Andika Andika Andika, Rully Andri Andri Andrianto Andrianto Andy Fefta Wijaya Andy Fefta Wijaya Anggraeni, Ade Irma Anggraini, Recha Abriana Anhar Firdaus, Anhar Ani Anggriani, Ani Anik Setyo Wahyuningsih Aninditya Sri Nugraheni Anis Shofiyani ANISYAH ACHMAD Anita Ratna Faoziyah, Anita Ratna Anita, Tri Annif Munjidah, Annif Anto, Puji Antonius Antonius Anugrahini, Hepta Nur Anwar Anwar Anwar Hamdani Anwar Sani, Anwar Anwar, Miftahulkhairah Anwaristiawan, Duwanda Anzharni Fajrina Apoina Kartini Apriani, Evy Aprilia, Citra Ayu Aprilia, Ira Aprillia Elly Kusumastuti Aran Handoko Ardhany, Syahrida Dian Ardiana Priharwanti ardina, rinny Ardito Atmaka Aji Ardiyaningrum, Martalia Ardiyanti, Yusi Ari Pemayun, I Dewa Gede Ari Saptono, Ari Ari Susanti Ari Suwondo Ari Yanuar Ridwan, Ari Yanuar Ari yuniastuti Arief Abdurrakhman, Arief Arief Andriyanto, Arief Arief Rahman Hakim Arief Setyanto Aries Prasetyo, Aries Ariesty Fujiastuti, Ariesty Arif Budiarto ARIF NUROHMAN Arif Purnomo Arif Rahman Arif, Taufan Aris Munandar Aristo, Nabila Cynthia Ariyani, Herda Ariyanto Nugroho Armadyah Amborowati Armand Omar Moeis Armita, Pipin Armoni, Ni Luh Eka Aron Meko Mbete Ary Setijadi Prihatmanto Ary Setyawan Aryati Aryati Aryzki, Saftia Asaad Maidin Asep Agus Handaka Suryana Asep Hidayat Asep Purnama, Asep Asih Kuswardinah Asih Setiarini Asmaul Husna Asmidir Ilyas Asmiyenti Djaliasrin Djalil Asni Asni Asra, Ridho Astari, Lia Astawa, I Ketut Asti Herliana, Asti Asti Nuraeni Astuti Setiyani, Astuti Astuti, Ari Yuni Astuti, Resti Athanasia Budi Astuti Atmari Atmari Augustina Asih Rumanti Aulia Rahmawati, Aulia Aulifa, Diah Lia Auzal Halim Awaluddin Tjalla Awan Santosa Ayi Yustiati Ayu Adhita Damayanti Ayu Fitriani Ayu Nurdiyan Ayuningtyas, Fitria Azizah, Zikra Azlim, Azlim Azmin, Gres Grasia Azwar Ananda Badarudin Badarudin, Badarudin Badi'ah, Atik Badrujaman, Aip Badruzzaman Badruzzaman Bagus Susetyo Bahariawan, Amal Baharuddin Baharuddin Baiq Hilda Astriana, Baiq Hilda Bakhtra, Dwi Dinni Aulia Bakri, Abi Bambang Budi Raharjo Bambang Hendro sunarminto Bambang Heriyanto Bambang Hidayat Bambang Nugroho Bambang Pujiasmanto Bambang Santosa Bambang Santoso Haryono Bambang Sarwono BAMBANG SETIA NUGROHO, BAMBANG SETIA Bambang Setiawan Bambang Sidharta Bambang Soedijono, Bambang Bambang Sudarmanta, Bambang Bambang Sugeng Bambang Supriyanto Banani, Ade Barokatuminalloh Barokatuminalloh, Barokatuminalloh Basiroen, Vera Jenny Basuki Basuki Basuki Rahmat Bayu Lesmana, Bayu Bedjo Sujanto, Bedjo Benno Rahardyan Benny Irawan Berta Dian Theodora, Berta Dian Bertha Maya Sopha Besse Hardianti, Besse Bethaningtyas, Hertiana Bhisma Murti Bintang Hanggoro Putra Bisono, Yoseph Gustommy Bisri, Mohammad hasan Bondan Hary Setiawan Boy, Elman Brady Rikumahu, Brady Budhi Irawan Budi Hariono Budi Istiyanto, Budi Budi Laksono Budi Muhammad Taftazani, Budi Muhammad Budi Santoso Budi Setiawan Budi Susanto Budi Susetyo Budi Utomo Budi Yulianto Budianto Budianto Budiarti, Tri Budiarto Budiarto Budiman . Bukhari Bukhari Bukhari, Eri Bukit, Evi Karota Bulan, Semlinda Juszandri Burhan, Imron Burhanuddin Burhanuddin Burhanudin Milama Busra Busra, Busra Bustan, Radhiya Busyro, Busyro Cahyadi Setiawan Cahyawulan, Wening Cahyono Ikhsan Cahyono Tri Wibowo Cahyono, Intim Canggih, Clarashinta Carmia Diahloka, Carmia Caryono, Suhas Cece Sobarna, Cece Chandra Bagus Ropyanto Chatarina Rusmiyati, Chatarina Choirul Saleh Christina Tri Setyorini Christina Yuliastuti, Christina Christyaningsih, Juliana Chusna, Nurul Chusnul Chotimah Ciksadan, Ciksadan Cintia Pratiwi, Cintia Cut Nizma Dachriyanus Dachriyanus Dadih Supriadi, Dadih Dafri Agussalim Daharnis Daharnis Dahlia Permatasari, Dahlia Dali, Arniah Damanik, Dian Maharani Damayanti Wardyaningrum Damayanti, Ria Damayanti, Santi Damis, Damis Dana Ardika, I Wayan Dana Sulistiyo Kusumo, Dana Sulistiyo Darhim Darhim Darma Bakti Darmawan Hidayat, Darmawan Darmawati, Irma Daru Purnomo Darwanis Darwanis Daryono Daryono, Daryono Dasril Daud, Dasril Dauyah, Ema David Kaluge Dayat Hidayat Deasy Arisanty, Deasy Decky Irianti Dede Ruslan Deden Indra Dinata, Deden Indra dedi irawan Dedi Irwandi Dedi Supriadi Dedy Armiady Defri Yona, Defri Demes Nurmayanti, Demes Dene Herwanto, Dene Deni Elfiati Deni Sunaryo, Deni Denny Kurnia, Denny Deny Puriyani Azhary Deri Saputra, Deri Derisma Derisma, Derisma Desi Indriani, Desi Desi Lestari, Desi Desi Wulandari, Desi Desti Setiyowati, Desti Destria Indah Sari, Destria Indah Desy Komalasari Devanny Gumulya, Devanny Devi Pratami Devita Elsanti Dewanti Dewanti Dewi Fitriana Dewi Fitriyani Dewi Handayani Dewi Kartika Sari Dewi Kurnia Dewi Nurhayati Dewi Puspasari Dewi Retno Sari Dewi Setyaningsih Dewi Susilowati Dewi Tristantini Dewi, Nurmila Dewi, Siti Rahma Dewi, Tri Isyani Tungga Dhamayanthi, Wenny Dhamayanti, Dhamayanti Dhanang Puspita, Dhanang Dhani Aryanto, Dhani Dharma Setyawan Dhina Widayati, Dhina Dhuha, Nur Syamsi Dian Apriliani, Dian Dian Ayu Juwita Dian Handayani Dian Kusumaningtyas, Dian DIAN LESTARI Dian Maulita, Dian Dian Widiyanti diana kartika, diana Diana Sofia Hanafiah Dibyo Pramono Didik Indradewa Diding HP Dikpride Despa Dillak, Vaya Juliana Dina Fadiyah, Dina Dina Mariana Dina Rahmawanty Dina Zakiyyatul Fuadah, Dina Zakiyyatul Dinar Primasti, Dinar Dini Rachmawati, Dini Dini Ririn Andrias Diniwati Mukhtar Dinnullah, Riski Nur Istiqomah Dinny Devi Triana Dita Megasari Djafar, Hamsiah Djaswadi Dasuki Djawa, Rahayu Djaya, Muhammad Syarif Djazuly Chalidyanto Djoko Murdono Djoko Poernomo Djoko Sarwono Djuhartono, Tjipto Djumari Djumari Djunaedi Djunaedi Doddy Friestya Asharsinyo, Doddy Friestya Dody Prayitno Dody Setyawan DONI PURNAMA ALAMSYAH, DONI PURNAMA Dumasari Dumasari, Dumasari Dusra, Epi Dwi Arini Dwi Atmaji, Fransiskus Tatas Dwi Budi Prastiani Dwi Ernawati Dwi Handarini, Dwi Dwi Kurniawati, Dwi Dwi Novrianda Dwi Purbayanti, Dwi Dwi Setiyawati Dwi Setyorini Dwinta Mulyanti, Dwinta Dwiyanti, Linda Dyah Mahendrasari Sukendra Dyah Rini Indriyanti Dyah Rini Indriyanti E Janrosl, Viola Syukrina Edi Mulyana, Edi Edi Susilo Ediana Sutjiredjeki Edison Purba Edwin Noor Fikri Edy Djauhari Purwakusumah Edy Haryanto Edy Meiyanto Edy Purwanto Efta Triastuti, Efta Eka Kumalasari eka rahmawati Eka Wahyuni Ekastini Ekastini Ekawati Ekawati Eko Apriliyanto Eko Budi Santoso Eko Dewantoro, Eko Eko Mugiyanto, Eko Eko Nugroho Eko Pramono Eko Prasetio, Eko Eko Priyo Purnomo Eko Raharjo Eko Saputro, Eko Eko Suhartono Eko Widodo Ekowati, Sri Harini Eksandy, Arry Eliana Sari, Eliana Elis Hartati Elisa Elisa Elisa Issusilaningtyas Elisma Elisma Elistyawati, Ida Ayu Elizabeth Hole Ellin Febrina, Ellin Ellya Nurfarida, Ellya Ellyawati, Ellyawati Ellyta Ellyta Elrifadah Elrifadah, Elrifadah Elsera, Chori Elvina Elvina Ema Pristi Yunita, Ema Pristi EMA SUSANTI Ema Utami Emma Emawati, Emma Emy Wuryani, Emy Emzir Emzir, Emzir Encep Saepudin, Encep Endah Safitri Endang Dwiyanti Endang Purwaningsih Endang Rismunarsi, Endang Endang Setiyowati Endang Setyowati Endang Suciati Endang Sulistyowati Endaryono, Bakti Toni Endramawan, Tito Eny Hikmawati, Eny Eny Kusrini Eny Kusumastuti Eram Tunggul Pawenang Erdawati Erdawati, Erdawati eri purwanti Erik Saut H Hutahaean, Erik Saut H Erizal Zaini Erlina Erlina Erlina, Siti Erma Fitria Rini Erna Budhiarti Nababan ERNA SURYANI Erna Triastuti, Erna Ernani Hadiyati Ernawati Ernawati Ernawati, Atie Erni H Purwaningsih, Erni H Ernita Maulida Erwin Susanto Ester Krisnawati, Ester Esther Kembauw, Esther Esti Mumpuni, Esti Esti Yunitasari, Esti Eswanto, Eswanto Esyuananik, Esyuananik Eti Rohaeti Euis Eti Rohaeti Eunike Raffy Rustiana Eva S. Simaremare Evi Sapinatul Bahriah Evi Yulianti Evi Yunita Nugrahini, Evi Yunita Fahmi Akbar, Fahmi Fahmi, Royan Nur Fahri Fahrudin, Fahri Fahrur Rozi Fahrurrozi Fahrurrozi Faidil Tanjung, Faidil Faisal Rahman, Faisal Faizal Amin FAJAR SETIAWAN Fajar Tri Waluyanti Fajri, Riyadhul Fakhrizal Fakhrizal, Fakhrizal Faradillah, Faradillah Faria Ruhana Farid Wajdi Farida Farida Farida Hayati Farida, Any Farit Mochamad Afendi Fariz Setyawan, Fariz Farliana, Nina Fatimah Eliana, Fatimah Fatimah, Farissa Fatma Hetami Fatmawati Fatmawati Fatmawaty Badaruddin Fatsyahrina Fitriastuti Fatwa Tentama Favian Dewanta, Favian Fazlur Rachman, Fazlur Febrilia, Ika Febriyanti, Chatarina Fera Sartika, Fera Ferdi Fathurohman, Ferdi Feri Wahyudi Ferlina Sugata Ferry Sugara, Ferry Ferry Wahyu Wibowo Fine Reffiane Firahmi, Nordiansyah Firda Herlina Firdaus Firdaus Firdaus, Imam Firgiyanto, Refa Firman Firman Firman Wirakusumah, Firman Firmansyah Firmansyah Fithriani Armin Fitrah Yuliawati, Fitrah Fitrawaty Fitrawaty, Fitrawaty Fitri Aulia Fitri Wijayanti Fitria, Nila Fitriana, Lala Budi Fitriani Fitriani Fitriani, Radifa Rahma Fitrianingsih Fitrianingsih Fitrianingsih, Sri Peni Fitriansyah, Sani Nurlaela Fitriyani Fitriyani Fitriyani, Hilma Fitriyanti Fitriyanti Flora Rumiati Fransiska Novita Eleanora Fredy Hermanto, Fredy Gadeng, Ramli Galing Yudana, Galing Gama Wisnu Fajarianto, Gama Wisnu Gao, Y. Gatot Eko Susilo Gatut Susanto, Gatut Gayuh Prasetyo Budi Gede Ginaya Gelar Budiman, Gelar Genatrika, Erza Gendro Wiyono, Gendro Ghitarina Ghitarina, Ghitarina Ghozali, Mukhtar Ghulam R, Mirza Gigih Forda Nama, Gigih Forda Gita Indah Hapsari, Gita Indah Gracia Victoria Souisa, Gracia Victoria Gual, Yoseph Andreas Guna, Stanislaus Gunarhadi Gunarhadi, Gunarhadi Gunawan Gunawan Gunawan, Cakti Indra Gunawan, Elsye Guspri Devi Artanti Habib Ratu Perwira Negara, Habib Ratu Perwira Habibah Habibah Hadi Pranoto Hadi Purnama, Hadi Hadiani, Rr. Rintis Hadiansyah, Andri Haeria Haeria Hajati, Kartika Hakiim, Azafilmi Hakim, Muhammad Fahmi Hamama, Syarifah Farissi Hamami Alfasani Dewanto Hamdani Hamdani Hamid, Fahmi Abdul Hamidah Hamidah Hamidi, Eki Ahmad Zaki Hamim, Sumi Amariena Hamzah Hamzah Hanang Soejoedi Handayani, Nanik Handayani, Rezqi Handayani, Tinuk Esti Handini Audita Handoko Santoso, Handoko Hanif Al Fatta, Hanif Hanny Hafiar Happy Karlina Marjo Haq, Endi Sailul Haq, Hilman Syahrial HARDIANTO - Hardini, Marviola Harfandi, Harfandi Hargo Yuwono, Pujo Semedi Hari Prasetijo Hari Yuliarso, Hari Harianto Notopuro Harjanto, Totok Harjono Harjono Harjono, Yanti Harris, Soepardi Harrizul Rivai Harsoyo Harsoyo, Harsoyo HARTINI HARTINI Hartono Hartono HARTUTI, PURNI MUNAH Haryadi haryadi HARYADI, DIDIT Haryanto Haryanto Haryanto, Imam Haryo Kuncoro Hasan Baharun, Hasan Hasan Boesri Hasan Mahfud Hasanah Hasanah, Hasanah Hashim, Norashidah Binti Hasimun, Patonah Haslinda Haslinda, Haslinda Hasnah Hasnah Hastiadi Hasan, Hastiadi Hatmanti, Nety Mawarda Hayati, Fatihatul Helfi Helfi, Helfi Helmanda, Cut Mawar Helmi Arifin Helwiyah Ropi Hemi Fitriani, Hemi Hempri Suyatna Henderi Henderi Hendra Gunawan Hendra, Faisal Hendri Hendri Hendri Yanto, Hendri Hendry Yanto Hendy Hertiasa Heng, L. Y. Heni Febriani, Heni Heni Pujiastuti Henry Setiawan, Henry Herdi Herdi Herdi Sahrasad HERDIANA, HERDIANA Heri Dwi Putranto Heri Kurniawan, Heri Herien Puspitawati Herlina Herlina Herlina, Tutiek Herman Nirwana Herman Yuliandoko, Herman Hermansyah Andi Wibowo, Hermansyah Andi Hermansyah Hermansyah Hermanto Hermanto Hermanto, Koko Hernanik, Nova Dwi Hernawan Hernawan Heroe Wijanto Herri Setiawan Heru Sulistijono Hery Dian Septama Hery Sawiji Heryadi, Yaya Heryati, Agustina Hesty Wahyuningsih, Hesty Hidayat, Dede Rahmat Hidayat, Muhammad Ilmi Hidayati, Nurin Hikmah Hikmah Hilda Susanti Hilmi Hilmi hilmiyatun hilmiyatun, hilmiyatun Himanshu Sharma Hindayati Mustafidah Hitapriya Suprayitno, Hitapriya Hoga Saragih Homan, Devi Kurniawati Hong Chen Horas Djulius Humairah, Humairah Huraerah, Abu Hurip Jayadi Husein, Sri Gustini Husmiati Husmiati Husnaini, Husnaini Husnawati Husnawati Hussin, Husnayati Hutwan Syarifuddin I Gede Nyoman Suta Waisnawa, I Gede Nyoman Suta I Ketut Adnyana I Ketut Ngawit, I Ketut I Ketut Santra I Ketut Suarta I Ketut Sudiana I Made Aryana, I Made I Made Budiasa I Made Putrawan I Made Sudana I Nyoman Kanca I Nyoman Rajin Aryana, I Nyoman Rajin I Nyoman Sutarna, I Nyoman I Putu Budiarta I Wayan Jendra I Wayan Nurjaya I Wayan Simpen I Wayan Sutresna Ibnu Hadi Ibnu Hasan, Ibnu Ibnu Sina Chandranegara, Ibnu Sina Ida Bagus Nyoman Mantra, Ida Bagus Nyoman Ida Bagus Swaputra Ida Lisni, Ida Ida Musfiroh, Ida Idar, Idar Ide Lia Marzuki, Ide Lia Idhawati Hestiningsih Ifdil Ifdil Ignatius Adiwidjaja, Ignatius IGNB. Catrawedarma Iin Suryaningsih Iis Zilfah Adnan, Iis Zilfah Ika Maryani Ikawati, Ikawati Ilamsyah Ilamsyah, Ilamsyah Imam Firmansyah Imam Hanafi Imam Muhtarom, Imam Imam Santoso Imam Soewono Imam Supardi Imam Thohari Inawaty Sidabalok, Inawaty Indah Mindarti, Lely Indah Sukmawati Indarto Indarto Indra Kurniawan Indra Setiawan Indrati Kusumaningrum, Indrati Indrawati, Putri Indri Murniawaty, Indri Indriastusti, Kristantina Indriati Amarini Indriati Paskarini Indriyanto, Indriyanto Indro Moerdisuroso, Indro Innel Lindra, Innel Intan Zainafree, Intan Intansari Nurjannah, Intansari Iqbal Iqbal Ira Irawati Irawan Irawan IRDIKA MANSUR IRENE ROSALINA Irfan Irfan Irianto Irianto Irine Christiany, Irine IRMA HERAWATI SUPARTO Irma Safitri, Irma Irma Salamah Irma Yuliawati, Irma Irmanida Batubara Irmayani Irmayani Irta Fitriana Irwan Noor Irwansyah - Irwansyah . Irwansyah Irwansyah Isah Cahyani, Isah Isfajar Ardinugroho, Isfajar Ishak Ishak Iskandar, Doddy Aditya Iskandar, Ifan Iskandar, Rina Iskandarsyah Madjid, Iskandarsyah Isma Widiaty Ismatul Hakim Ismawati . Issy Yuliasri Isti Andini Istiana Hermawati Istiani, Nurul Istianna Nurhidayati, Istianna Istiqlaliyah Muflikhati Iswahyudi Hidayat, Iswahyudi Ita Nuryana Itsar Bolo Rangka, Itsar Bolo Ivo Noviana, Ivo Iwan Hermawan Iwan Setyawan Iwit Prihatin, Iwit Jajuk Herawati Jamal Roudaki Jaswandi, Jaswandi Jati Untari Jeffri, Jeffri Jessica Hanafi Johariyah, Johariyah Joko Wiyoso Joni Ariansyah, Joni Joni Haryanto Jos Istiyanto, Jos Joshian N.W. Schaduw Juanita, Farida Jubahar, Junuarty Judi Alhilman, Judi Jumari Jumari, Jumari Jun Sun Junaedi Harmiansyah, Junaedi Junartho Halomoan Junengsih, Junengsih Justitia, Dewi JUWAIDIN, JUWAIDIN K. Ghazali, K. K. Kasim K. Tarigan Kadek Cahya Dewi Kamaluddin, Muhammad Totong Kamaludin Kamaludin Kanah Kanah, Kanah KANIA SAWITRI, KANIA Kaoru Nishiyama Kardiman, Kardiman Karima, Karima Kariyam Kariyam KARNATI, NETI Karno . Karsid Karsid, Karsid Karsih, Karsih Kartika Sari Kartika, Irma Ratna KARTINI ERIANI Kartini, Ika Ariani Kartiyani, Titin Karwono, Karwono Kasiani, Kasiani Kasiyan Kasiyan Kasmad Kasmad Kasmawati Kasmawati Kasron, Kasron Kastalani, Kastalani Khairani Khairani Khairiyah Khairiyah Khairul Asri Khairunnisa Khairunnisa Khalil ., Khalil Khamida, Khamida Khoirul Anwar Khumaedi Khumaedi, Khumaedi Khusna, Asmaul khusnul khotimah Kiki Aryaningrum Kimsen, Kimsen Kinasih, Angkit Kissumi Diyanayati, Kissumi Kisworo, Yulius Kokom Komariah Komalasari, Gantina Komang Dian Puspita Candra, Komang Dian Puspita Komarudin Komarudin Koosdaryani Koosdaryani Koredianto Usman Kosala, Raymond KOSASIH KOSASIH, KOSASIH Kotta, Raismin Kris Herawan Timotius Krisyanella Krisyanella Kumar, Aneel Kuntjara, Hagung Kurniadewi, Fera Kurnianto, Arik Kurniasari, Maria Dyah Kurniati ., Kurniati Kusliansjah, Yohanes Karyadi kusnandar kusnandar Kusno Adi Sambowo Kusrini Kusrini Kustiasari, Tanti Kustriyani, Menik Kusuma, Bayu Kusumahati, Eva Kusumaningdyah Nurul Handayani, Kusumaningdyah Nurul Kusumastuti Kusumastuti Kusumawati, Dhiah Dwi Kusumowardhani, Pratiwi Kuswandewi Mutyara, Kuswandewi Kuswanto Nurhadi, Kuswanto La Ode Ismail Ahmad, La Ode Ismail Laelatul Badriah, Laelatul Laila Fajri Laili, Anis Nur Laily Hidayati LAKSMITASARI, RITA Lambelanova, Rossy Laras Cempaka Larasati, Dewi Citra Lastri Widya Astuti, Lastri Widya latifah K Darusman LATIFAH KOSIM DARUSMAN Latifah Latifah Lely Lusmilasari, Lely Leo Agung, Leo Lesmono, Ibnu Dwi Lestari Ujianto, Lestari Lestari, Aprilia Lestari, Tuti Puji Lestari, Yogi Andhi lia kamelia LIANTI, LIANTI Lien Darlina, Lien Liina, As Syaffa Al Liliana, Anita Lilik Sudiajeng Lilis Maghfuroh, Lilis Lina Anggraeni Lina Handayani Linda Kurnia Supraptiningsih, Linda Kurnia Linda Rosita Linda Wati Listya, Ariefika Listyana, Nurul Husniyati Listyaning Sumardiyani LITA LIDYAWATI Liu Xia Livana Ph, Livana Lobodally, Altobeli Lollie Agustina P. Putri Luciana Andrawina Luki Yunita Lukita Devy Lukito, Hendra Lukman Lukman Lukman Nul Hakim Luluk Sulistiyo Budi Luqman Hakim Lustiyati, Elisabeth Deta Lynda Susana Widya Ayu Fatmawaty M Arifin M. Hasbi M. Ihsan Dacholfany M. RUDYANTO ARIEF Madarina Julia Made Sudana, I Magdalena, Rita Maghfirah Maghfirah Magria, Vera Mahalul Azam Mahardhika, Satrya Mahardika Prasetya Aji, Mahardika Prasetya Mahdalena Mahdalena Mahdani Ibrahim, Mahdani Mahdi Salehi, Mahdi Mahdiannoor Mahdiannoor Mahdiyah Mahdiyah, Mahdiyah Mahmudah Mahmudah Mahyuddin Mahyuddin Majid Wajdi Makhfudli Makhfudli Maksum, Khanif Malarsih Malarsih, Malarsih Mamah Halimah, Mamah Mamat Supriyono Mamesah, Michiko Mamika Ujianita Romdhini, Mamika Ujianita Mamok Soeprapto Mamok Suprapto Mampouw, Helti Lygia Manoppo, Inggerid Agnes Maolana, Imam Mardhiani, Yanni Dhiani Mardi Mardi Mardiana Mardiana Mardiati, Nurul Mardiyono ., Mardiyono Mardiyono Mardiyono Marheni Marheni Maria Anityasari Maria Dona Octavia Maria Erviana Kusuma Maria Rio Rita Maria Ulfa Mariani Mariani Marianis, Marianis Marita Ahdiyana Marjohan Marjohan Marliani, Lia Marlida, Rini Marlina, Avi Marlinawati, Utari Marmi Sudarmi Marni Marni, Marni Marsa Arsana, I Made Marselina Lorensia, Marselina Marsiana, Deva Marsidin, Sufyarma Martinus, Martinus Martunis Martunis Maruf Akbar, Maruf Maryami, Ami Maryani Cyccu Tobing Maryanti, Dwi MARYATI, HENI Marzuki Marzuki Mas'ud, Ali Masmira Kurniawati, Masmira Maspiyanti, Febri Masra, Ferizal Mataram, I Gusti Agung Bagus Matin, Matin Maulana, Khoironni Devi Maulida, Maulida Maya Melati Maya, Siska Mayang Sari Mayangky, Nissa Almira Mayangsari, Ira Dwi Mega Silvia Mega Ulfah, Mega Megawati Megawati Meika, Ika Meilana Siswanto Meirejeki, I Nyoman Meizano Ardhi Muhammad, Meizano Ardhi Melina Sari MERITA BERNIK, MERITA Metty, Metty Mia Fitriana, Mia Miarsyah, Mieke Micha Snoverson Ratu Rihi Miftahul Ulum Mirasanti Wahyuni, Mirasanti Misbach Fuady, Misbach Misfadhila, Sestry Mitayani Purwoko, Mitayani Mochamad Makmur, Mochamad Mochammad Chaerul, Mochammad Mochammad Hasan, Mochammad Mochammad Hatta Moh. Hasan Bisri Mohamad Rafi Mohammad Nurhilal Mohammad Suyanto MR. Khairul Muluk Muchlis R. Luddin, Muchlis R. Muchsin Maulana, Muchsin MUDAIM MUDAIM, MUDAIM Muderana, I Ketut Mudhina, Made Mudji Rahardjo Mudjiran Mudjiran, Mudjiran Muflih, Muflih Mufti Afif Muhadjir M Darwin, Muhadjir M Muhamad Ali Muhamad Amin Muhammad Agung Permadi, Muhammad Agung Muhammad Arifai Muhammad Azinar Muhammad Fajar Shodiq, Muhammad Fajar Muhammad Firman Muhammad Idris Muhammad Ihsan Muhammad Iqbal Muhammad Junaidi Muhammad Kharis Muhammad Marzuki Muhammad Mufti Azis, Muhammad Mufti Muhammad Muhajir, Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad Nasir Muhammad Nasrun Muhammad Riadh Uluputty, Muhammad Riadh Muhammad Ripli, Muhammad MUHAMMAD RIZAL Muhammad Rusdi Muhammad Sani Roychansyah Muhammad Sarjan Muhammad Sulhan Muhammad Syafii Muhammad Taufan Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Muhammad Yani, Muhammad Muhammad Zaenuddin, Muhammad Muhammad, Rusny Muharni , Muharni Muharni Muhfahroyin Muhfahroyin, Muhfahroyin Muhsinin Muhsinin, Muhsinin Muhtar Muhtar Muhtarom Muhtarom, Muhtarom Muji Lestari Mukhlis Mukhlis Mukhlisah Mukhlisah, Mukhlisah Mukhtar, Mukhneri Mukti Hamjah Harahap, Mukti Hamjah Mulyadi Mulyadi Mulyani, Tuty Mulyanti Mulyanti Mulyati Mulyati Munajad, Rifai Munar Munar MUNIF GHULAMAHDI Murdhiono, Wahyu Rochdiat Murdiyanto, Murdiyanto Murhandini, Sri Murni Dwi Astuti, Murni Dwi Murningsih ., Murningsih Murtadho, Fathiaty Murtanti Jani Rahayu Murtiningsih Murtiningsih Musriandi, Riki Mustafa Kamal Mustaji Mustaji, Mustaji Mustakim Mustakim Mustika Dewi Mustika Hadijati, Mustika Musyarofah Musyarofah, Musyarofah Musyawaroh Musyawaroh, Musyawaroh Musyawir, Musyawir Mutia Galuh, Mutia Muttaqien, Adi Yusuf Muttaqin, Fauzan Zein Muzani, Muzani Mu’afiro, Adin Nachwan Mufti Adriansyah Nadirsyah Nadirsyah Nadiya Hijriana, Nadiya NADYA INDAH DEWANTI, NADYA INDAH Nana Usnawati, Nana Nanang Bagus Srihardjono, Nanang Bagus Nanang Ismail, Nanang Nanang Qosim, Nanang Nanda Amalia Nanda Diniarti, Nanda NANDANG TARYANA Nani Darmayanti, Nani Nani Nurhaeni Nanik Wijayati Narwati . Nasir, M. Abd. NASRUN HARIYANTO Naubnome, Viktor Nawangwulan, Irma M Naziruddin Abdullah Nazori Suhandi Nenden Rani Rinekasari, Nenden Rani Neneng Tita Rosita, Neneng Tita Neni Rohaeni Neni Susilaningsih Netty Suharti Nevi Danila Neviyarni, Neviyarni Ni Gst Nym Suci Murni Ni Ketut Mendri Ni Ketut Suciani Nia Kurniawaty, Nia Nihayati, Hanik Endang Niken Silmi Surjandari Niken Subekti Niken Sukesi Nilda Tri Putri, Nilda Tri Nina Dwiastuty, Nina Ninin Herlina Nining, Nining Ninuk Lustyantie, Ninuk Ninuk Purnaningsih Nirmalasari Nirmalasari Nirwana, Nirwana Nirwanto Nirwanto, Nirwanto Nita Rosita, Nita Noer, Bustanul Arifin Noermanzah, Noermanzah Nofiyanto, Muhamat Nofrans Eka Saputra, Nofrans Eka Noni Marlianingsih, Noni Noni Paisah, Noni NOOR AIDAWATI Noor Cahaya Noor Hasyim Noor Jannah, Noor Noor, Aris Setia Noornia, Anton Novi Puspitasari Noviani Achmad Putri Novita Novita Novita Sari Nufus, Khairun Nugraha, Asep Erik nugraha, firman Nugrahani, Tri Siwi Nugroho J. Setiadi Nugroho Susanto Nugroho, Ahmad Adi Nugroho, Sigit Sapto Nugroho, Wasis Nukman Nukman Nulhakim, Ade Lukman Nunik Cokrowati Nunung Rodliyah Nunung Runiawati, Nunung Nur Ainiyah Nur Fauziah nur hafizah Nur Handayani Nur Hasanah Nur Hidayat Nur Hizbullah, Nur Nur Ida Nur Kafid NUR KHOLIFAH Nur Rini, Nur Nur Riska Nur Syamsiah, Nur Nur, M. Irsyad Nuraeni Nuraeni Nurbaiti Nurbaiti Nurbaity, Nurbaity Nurdiansyah, Dian Hakip Nurdin Widodo, Nurdin Nurdin, Yonrizal Nurfadilah Nurfadilah Nurhadi, Ahmad Nurhaeni, Tuti Nurhafizah Nurhafizah, Nurhafizah Nurhasanah . Nurhasanah Nurhasanah nurhayani lubis, nurhayani Nurhayani nurhayani Nurhidayat Nurhidayat Nuriana, Wahidin Nuriyanti, Widya Nurjanah . Nurjanah Nurjanah Nurlaila Abdullah Mashabi, Nurlaila Abdullah Nurlaila Nurlaila Nurlatifah Nurlatifah, Nurlatifah Nurlela, Ella Nurliah Buhari, Nurliah Nurliah, Nurliah Nurliana Cipta Apsari, Nurliana Cipta Nurmiyati Nurmiyati Nursalam Nursalam Nursamsiar Nursamsiar, Nursamsiar Nursida, Nursida Nuruddin Nuruddin Nurul Asiah Nurul Atieka Nurul Badriyatul Muthoharoh, Nurul Badriyatul Nurul Fadhilah Nurul Fadilah, Nurul Nurul Fitriyani Nurul Istiqomah Nurul Mukminah, Nurul Nurul Qamariah, Nurul Nurul Wahdah, Nurul Nurulfatmi Amzy, Nurulfatmi Nurvi Oktiani, Nurvi Nuryadi Nuryadi Nuryani . Nuryati . Nuzul Inas Nabila, Nuzul Inas Nyi Mekar Saptarini Ocktilia, Helly Ode Sofyan Hardi Oentoro, Kristian Oetami Dwi Hajoeningtijas Ofita Purwani, Ofita Oktavia, Sri Oktaviani oktaviani Oktavianto, Eka OKTI PURWANINGSIH Oktia Woro Kasmini H Oktia Woro Kasmini Handayani Oktia Woro Kasmini Handayani Okviyoandra Akhyar Osfar Sjofjan Osira, Yessilia Pa, Noraini Che Palgunadi Palgunadi Palupi, Dian Pambuko, Zulfikar Bagus Pamerdi Giri Wiloso, Pamerdi Giri Pamudji, Gunawan Pamujo Pamujo, Pamujo Paramita Ayuningtyas Parisa, Nita Partini Partini, Partini Parwanto Parwanto, Parwanto Pascalian Hadi Pradana, Pascalian Hadi Pasek, I Ketut Patihul Husni Patria Asda, Patria Patrisia, Dina Pemayun, I Dewa Gede Ari Permana, Adhi Pertamawati Pertamawati Pipitcahyani, Tatarini Ika Pitri Ratna Asih Posma Sariguna Johnson Kennedy, Posma Sariguna Johnson Prabowo Prabowo Pradana Suwondo Pranowo Pranowo Praptapa, Agung Prapto Yudono Prasetyani, Dewi Prasetyo, Sigit Eko Pratama, Fika Widya Pratomo, Guntur Satrio Prayudias Margawati Pribadi, Muhammad Rizky Prihandoko Prihandoko Priharyanti Wulandari, Priharyanti Prima, Sylvia Rizky Puasa, Rony Pudji Muljono Puji Astuti Pujiati Utami Pujiharto Pujiharto Purba, Jenni Marlindawani Purnamawati . Purnamawati, Siti Nuraini Purnomowati Purnomowati, Purnomowati Purwaningsih Purwaningsih Purwanto Purwanto Purwati Yuni Rahayu Purwatiningsih, Annisa Puspitawati, Theresia Putri Dini Meutia Putri Dwi Cahyani, Putri Dwi Putri, Cheetah Savana Putri, Melati Ayuning Putria Carolina, Putria Putu Indah Ciptayani Putu Wijaya Sunu Qeis, Muhammad Iqbal Queen Khoirun Nisa Mairo, Queen Khoirun Nisa Qurratul Aini R. Poppy Yaniawati R. Wahjoe Witjaksono, R. Wahjoe Rachma Hasibuan rachma indrarini, rachma Rachman, Indriyani Rachmat Wiradimadja Raden Harya Dananjaya, Raden Harya Radiono, Sunardi Rafiqah Amanda Lubis, Rafiqah Amanda Rahajeng Cahyaning Putri Cipto, Rahajeng Cahyaning Rahardi, Kunjana Rahardjo, Setiamurti Rahardjo, Sutio Raharjo, Eka Indah Rahayu, Priskila Christine Rahayu, Putri RAHBINI RAHBINI, RAHBINI RAHIMAH, RAHIMAH Rahmad Abdillah Rahman, Hamidah Rahman, Havizur Rahmat Efendi Rahmat Hidayat Rahmat Mulyana Rahmat Santoso, Rahmat Rahmat Setiawan Rahmatullah Rahmatullah Rahmatullah Rizieq Rahmawati Rahmawati Rahmi Hayati Putri, Rahmi Hayati Rahmida Rahmida, Rahmida Rai Jaya Widanta, I Made Rai Sukmawati, Ni Made Raihan Raihan, Raihan Rajendra, I Made Ramadhan, Mustafa Ramadhani, Ahmad Ramatryana, I Nyoman Apraz Ramdani, Rijal Randi Saputra Rangga Firmansyah, Rangga Rangki, La Rani Kurniasari, Rani Rasim, Rasim Ratieh Widhiastuti Ratna Dewanti Ratna Indrawati, Ratna Ratna Purwaningsih Ratnawati, Mamik Ratno Purnomo Ra’is, Dekki Umamur Redi Panuju, Redi Rendra Gustriansyah Rendy Munadi Reni Nuraeni, Reni Reni Untarti, Reni Renny Anggraini, Renny Restu Lanjari Retno Dwiyanti Retno Handajani Retno Purwanti Retno Widowati Revy Safitri, Revy Reza Aldiansyah Reza Faizal, Reza Reza Setiawan, Reza Rezi, Muhamad Ria Asih Aryani Soemitro Ria Fajar Nurhastuti, Ria Fajar Ria Indriani ria puji astuti Rian Andriani, Rian Rian Rahmanda Putra Riana Riana, Riana Ribkha Itha Idhayanti, Ribkha Itha Ricco Andreas, Ricco Richard G Mayopu, Richard G Ridha, Mursyid Rieke Azhar Rifai Hartanto Rifqi, Mirza Ghulam Rika Fitriana Rika Yuliwulandari, Rika Rina Mardiati, Rina Rina Nur Hidayati, Rina Nur Rina Wahyuni Rina, Nofha Rini Damayanti Rini Handayani Rini Pratiwi RINI RINI Rini Susanti Wulandari Rini Widianingsih, Rini Rintis Hadiani, Rintis Rio Aurachman, Rio Ririn Setyorini, Ririn Riska Ahmad Riskiana Djamin Risma Nugrahani Risma Yuniarlina, Risma Risnaningsih ., Risnaningsih Rita Sari Rita Wiryasaputra Rivda Yetti Riyadi Purwanto Riza Alfian Rizal Rizal Rizal, - Rizka Puspitasari, Rizka Rizki Ananda Rizky Erwanto, Rizky Rizqi Elmuna Hidayah Robby Zidny Robert M.Z Lawang, Robert M.Z Rodziah Atan, Rodziah Rofan Aziz, Rofan Rofi'i, Muhamad Rofily Putriyandari, Rofily Rofiqotul Azizah, Rofiqotul rohayati rohayati Rohita Rohita Rohman Rohman Rohman, Abd. Rokhmat Hidayat, Rokhmat Roni, Asep Rorim Panday, Rorim Rosa Imani Khan, Rosa Imani rosalia rosalia Rosalina Kumalawati Rosana Agus Rosita Rosita Roslinda Rasyid Rosnia, Rosnia Rosyidi, Mohamad Ikhwan ROUDLOTUL JANNAH Rr Sri Kartikowati Rudatin Windraswara Rudi Hartono Rudi Heryanto Rufia Andisetyana Putri RUGAIYAH RUGAIYAH Ruki, Made Rukiah Rukiah Rukmini Kusmarwiyah Rukmono Budi Utomo, Rukmono Budi Rum, Ira Adiyati Rusdi Rusdi Rusdinal, Rusdinal Rusilanti Rusilanti Ruslinawati Ruslinawati, Ruslinawati RUSTAMAJI RUSTAMAJI Rusyani, Yelli Yani Rusydi Rusydi S. Hasan Sadikin Amir Sadu Wasistiono, Sadu Saed Armia Saeful Amin, Saeful safni, irda safura, siti Sagitarini, Luh Linna Sahala Manalu, Sahala Sahertian, Olivia Laura Said Mirza Pahlevi Salamun Salamun Salasa, Sehabudin Saleh Soeaidy Salehi, Fatemeh Salfen Hasri, Salfen salman al parisi, salman al Salman Umar Salnida Yuniarti Samadi Samadi Samanhudi Samanhudi Sampoerno, Sampoerno Sampurno, Edi Samsi Haryanto, Samsi Samsudi Samsudi Samsul Anwar Samsul Bahri Samsul Mustofa Samudera, Raga Santhy Hawanti Santi Susanti, Santi Santika, I Dewa Ayu Devi Maharani Santoso, Adit Widodo Santoso, Arief Budi Santoso, Bernadus Wahyudi Joko Saptono Waspodo, Saptono Saputra, Dany Eka Saputra, Elin Panca Saputri, Desti Madya Saragih, Yuliarman Sari Widyastuti, Sari Sari Wiji Utami Sari, Anna Khumaira Sari, Dessy Agustina Sari, Dita Lupita Sari, Junita Sari, Melani Kartika Sari, Ratih Permana Sari, Resta Rahma Sari, Yeni Novita Sarjana Sarjana Sarkadi, Sarkadi Sartika Sartika Sarwani ., Sarwani Sarwani Sarwani, Sarwani Sarwono . Sasmito, Cahyo Sastromiharjo, Andoyo Satibi Satibi Satori, Akhmad Satria, Rio Satrio Budi Wibowo Seful Bahri Selamet Hariadi Seno Aji Senot Sangadji, Senot Sentat, Triswanto Septaningsih, Dewi Anggraini Septian Andriyani, Septian Septiyaningsih, Rochany Setiamandani, Emei Dwinanarhati Setianingsih Setianingsih, Setianingsih Setianto Setianto, Setianto Setiawan Setiawan Setiawan, Deden Iwan Setiawan, Dody Setiawan, Nur Candra Eka Setiono Setiono setiowati setiowati Setyawati Setyawati Setyono, Bagus Dwi Hari Setyorini, Dhiana Setyowati, Dewi Nuraeni Sherly Jeniawaty, Sherly shinta doriza Shinta Puspasari Shinta Setiadevi Sholikhin Sholikhin, Sholikhin Siagian, Hotmaida Siahaan, Matdio Sih Natalia Sukmi, Sih Natalia Sihaloho, Estro Dariatno Simanjuntak, Bistok Hasiholan Siraj, Arifuddin Siregar, Indra Siregar, Muhammad Deni Siregar, Simon Siregar, Sondang Martini Sirojul Munir Sistiyono Sistiyono, Sistiyono Siswandari Siswandari, Siswandari Siswono, Eko Siti Aesijah Siti Aisah Siti Alfiah Siti Aminah Siti Baitul Mukarromah Siti Balkis Siti Djamila Siti Fadlilah, Siti Siti Fatimah SITI GOMO ATTAS, SITI GOMO Siti Istiningsih, Siti Siti Khadijah Siti Lestari Siti Maemonah, Siti Siti Masyitah, Siti Siti Muflihah, Siti Siti Nur Aisyah Siti Nurhasanah Siti Nurjanah Siti Qomariah, Siti Siti Qomariyah Siti Rahmawati Siti Rochmah Siti Rohanah Siti Saidah SITI SAODAH Sitompul, Maraja Sitti Hilyana Sitti Khadijah, Sitti Slamet Handoko Slamet Hartono Slamet Haryono Slamet Susanto Sobirin, Mohamad Sobriyah Sobriyah Sodikin Sodikin Soedwiwahjono Soedwiwahjono, Soedwiwahjono Soelaksini, Liliek Dwi Soenarnatalina Melaniani Soenarto Notosoedarmo Soesanto Soesanto Soesilo Zauhar Sofian Sauri, Sofian Sofwan Indarjo Sofyan Sofyan Soleha, Umdatus Solfema Solfema, Solfema Solichin Solichin Solihati, Solihati Solihatin, Etin Solihin Solihin Sony Irianto Sony Nugratama Sopian, Dani Sri Astuti Sri Budiyono, Sri Sri Dewi Sri Harmianto Sri Hartati Sri Hartini Sri Maryati Deliana, Sri Maryati Sri Mulyani Sri Mulyati Sri Murni Setyawati Sri Nuryani Hidayah Utami, Sri Nuryani Hidayah Sri Poedjiastoeti Sri Rahayu Sri Ratna Rahayu, Sri Ratna Sri Ratnawati Sri Rejeki Sri Rejeki Urip Sri Salmah, Sri Sri Suwartiningsih, Sri Sri Wahyuni Sri Wahyuningsih SRI WARDANI Sri Widyarti Sri Wijayanti Sri Winarsih Sri Wulandari Sri Yuliani Sriningsih Sriningsih, Sriningsih Stefanus Adi Kristiawan Stefanus Muryanto Suarga Suarga Suarja, I Ketut Suarjana, Anak Agung Gde Mantra Subadi Subadi Subagyo . Subandi, Ahmad Subardjo, Anang Subejo Subejo Subekti, Massus Subrata Tri Widada, Subrata Tri Subuh Anggoro, Subuh sucahyanto, sucahyanto Suci Khasanah Suci Tuty Putri, Suci Tuty Suci Utami, Suci Sudarmanto, Eko Sudarmi Sudarmi Sudarmin Sudarmin Sudarmini, Ni Made Sudarno Sudarno Sudarto Sudarto Sudaryono Sudaryono Sudirman AM Sudirman Sudirman Sudjanto, Bedjo Sudjarwo ., Sudjarwo Sufyan, Asep Sugeng Iswono Sugeng Priyanto, Sugeng Sugeng Santoso Sugihartono Sugihartono Sugiono Sugiono Sugita, I Wayan Sugiyanta, Lipur Sugiyarto Sugiyarto Suhardiman, Aris Suharni Suharni Suhartati Suhartati Suhartini ., Suhartini Suharto Suharto Suharto, Agung Suhartono Suhartono SUHARYANTO SUHARYANTO Suharyono . Suhatri Suhatri Suherman, I Ketut Sujana, Asep Sujarwata Sujarwata, Sujarwata Sujiyanto Sujiyanto Sujiyo Miranto, Sujiyo Sukamto Sukamto Sukarno, Ragil Sukatno Sukatno, Sukatno Sukemi Sukemi Sukirno Sukirno Sukmawati Sukmawati Sukmawati, Ni Made Rai sukri Sukri, sukri Sulaiman . Sulasno Sulasno, Sulasno Suliono Suliono Sulistyandari, Sulistyandari Sulistyani Budiningsih Sulistyawati Sulistyawati Sulistyoningrum, Indah Suluh Edhi Wibowo Sum, Theresia Alviani Sumarsono Sumarsono Sumartono . Sumetri, Ni Wayan Sunahrowi Sunahrowi Sunanto Sunanto Sunardi Sunardi Sunardi, Ade Sunardi, Hastha Sunarru Samsi Hariadi Sunarto . Sunarya, Po Abas Sundayani, Yana Sunyoto Usman Supardi Supardi Suparno Suparno Suparto, Irma H Supianor, Supianor Supiatni, Ni Nyoman Supra Wimbarti Suprastiyo, Ahmad Supratman, Nurdinintya Athari Supriatna Supriatna Supriyadi Supriyadi Supriyana, Asep Supriyati Supriyati Suradi . Suratman Suratman Suratno Suratno Suraya, Izza Suroso Suroso Surtiningsih, Surtiningsih Surya Dharma Surya Michrandi Nasution Surya, Sara Suryadi . Suryadi Suryadi Suryani Suryani Suryathi, Wayan Suryati Suryati Suryawati, Indah Suryoto Suryoto Susanti Susanti Susanto Susanto Susanto, Andreas A Susanto, Yugo Susi Hartanto, Susi Susi Indriani, Susi SUSI NOVARYATIIN susi susi Susilawati . Susilawati, Elis Susilowati Susilowati Susilowati, Fitria Suslinawati Suslinawati, Suslinawati Sustrami, Dya Sutarno Sutarno Sutiman B. Sumitro Sutiono Mahdi Sutomo Sutomo Suwandi Suwandi Suwandi, Dedi Suwardi Suwardi Suwardiyanto, Devit Suwarsi, Suwarsi Suwarti Suwarti Suwarto Suwarto Suwendar Suwendar SUWIRMAN NURYADIN, SUWIRMAN Suyadi Suyadi Suyanto Suyanto Suyatno Suyatno Suyono Suyono Syafei, Nendi Suhendi Syafitri, Endang Nurul Syahniar Syahniar Syahrial Haq, Hilman Syahrul Syah Sinaga Syaiful Anwar Syakri, Sila Abdullah Syamsuddin Syamsuddin Syamsuryadi Syamsuryadi, Syamsuryadi Syarifah Asyura, Syarifah Syarifah Fadiya Hallaby Syarifah Hikmah Julinda Sari Syawal Harianto, Syawal Syofyan Syofyan Syutharidho Syutharidho, Syutharidho T. L. Phan T. Sabrina Talarima, Bellytra Talitha Widiatningrum Taufik Hidayat Taufik Ridwan, Taufik Taufik Taufik Taufik, Adit Taufiq . Taufiq Akbar Taufiq Taufiq TEGUH ARFIANTO Teguh Riyadi Teguh Santoso Thoyib, Thoyib Tien Fabrianti Kusumasari Timiyatun, Endar Tintin Sukartini, Tintin TITIEK DJANNATUN Titik Ismailia, Titik Titik Sunarni Tjahjanulin Domai Tonih Feronika, Tonih Totok Sumaryanto Florentinus, Totok Sumaryanto Tri Agustini Solihati, Tri Agustini Tri Joko Daryanto, Tri Joko Tri Lestari Tri Martini TRI PRABOWO tri wahyuni Tri Wahyuni Sukesi Tri Watiningsih, Tri Tri Yuni Iswati Triana Rahmawati Trianik Widyaningrum Triayu Septiani, Triayu Trikaloka Handayani Putri Trisminingsih, Rina Trisno Raharjo Trisnowati, Heni Tritiyatma H Triyanto, Dedik Nur Triyuni, Ni Nyoman Tubagus Zufri Tuhu Pinardi, Tuhu Tumbelaka, Bernard Y. Tumini ., Tumini Tunny, Risman Tursino, Tursino Tuti Afriani, Tuti Tuti Alawiyah TUTI RASTUTI Tutik Nugrahini Tyas Retno Wulan Ubaidillah Ubaidillah Ucu Cahyana, Ucu Ucu Koswara, Ucu Udayana, Deni Udi Utomo Udiantoro Udiantoro Uke Kurniawan Usman Uki Dwiputranto Ulfa, Mairiyah Ulia Ridhani, Ulia Ully Irma Maulina Hanafiah, Ully Irma Maulina Umar Mansyur Umi Aniroh, Umi Umi Nadhiroh Umi Rahayu, Umi Ummi Kalsum Ummu Harmain, Ummu Unang Sunarya Urip Rahayu, Urip Usia, Tepy Usman Usman Usrek Tani Utina Uswah Hasanah Uswatun Hasanah Uswatun Khasanah Utami, Kristiana Sri utami, noorwitri Utami, Rahayu Sri Utami, Sari Utari Dewi Fatimah Utin Desy Susiaty, Utin Desy Utomo, Bedjo Varantika, Novanda Veny Iswantiningtyas Vera Utami, Vera Vidayanti, Venny Vita Yanuar Vitrianingsih, Vitrianingsih Vivanti, Diana Vivi Vivi, Vivi Wadiyo Wadiyo, Wadiyo Wahid, M. Abdul Wahidullah Wahidullah, Wahidullah Wahyu Hari Kristiyanto, Wahyu Hari Wahyu Hidayat WAHYU SUKARTININGSIH Wahyuddin Albra, Wahyuddin Wahyudi , Wahyudi Wibowo Wahyudin Wahyudin Wahyuni Purnami Wahyuni, Amaliyah Wahyuningsih Wahyuningsih Wahyunita, Sari Wahyurianto, Yasin Wanda Wanda Wang, H. Waras Nurcholis Wardaniati, Isna Wardatul Jannah, Wardatul Wardhana, I Gede Adhitya Wisnu Wardika, Wardika Warsito Utomo Waryana Waryana Watemin Watemin Wawaimuli Arozal Wayan Arya Paramarta, Wayan Arya Wendi Andriatna, Wendi Weni Novandari Wibowo Wibowo Wibowo, Ary Iswanto Widayati, Ririn Wahyu Widi Hartono Widia Juliani, Widia Widianto, Eri Widodo, Herru Prasetya Widya Hary Cahyati Widya Kardela Widya Sari Widyanti Rahayu Widyasih Sunaringtyas, Widyasih Widyawati Widyawati Widyawati, Fransiska WIDYAWATI, KARYA Widyoningsih, Widyoningsih Wiedy Murtini Wijanarko, Sugeng Riyadi Wijayanti, Erlina Wijayanti, Lono Wijhati, Ellyda Rizki Wikaningrum, Riyani Wilda, Yetti Wilhelmus Hary Susilo, Wilhelmus Hary Willy Tri Hardianto Winarni, Rina Wahyu Winarto Winarto Wing Wahyu Winarno Winingsih, Wiwin Winny Astuti Wirastuti, I Gusti Agung Putri Wiratomo, Yogi Wisnu Ananta Kusuma Witabora, Jonata Wiwin Sugianto, Wiwin Wiyono wiyono Wulan Tri Wahyuni Wulandari Wulandari Wulandari, Ratri Wulandari, Rosita Yandono, Prayudo Eri Yani Mulyani Yani Puspitarini, Yani Yanti, Elyta Vivi Yanuardi Yanuardi Yarlitasari, Dyah Yarmis Syukur Yati Supriatin, Yati Yayah Rukiah, Yayah Yedi Herdiana, Yedi Yeni Agustin Yeremias T. Keban Yerik Afrianto Singgalen, Yerik Afrianto yesi budiarti, yesi Yessika Nurmasari, Yessika Yitawati, Krista Yoli Farradika Yonathan Dri Handarkho, Yonathan Dri Yori Herwangi, Yori Yosefina Lewar, Yosefina Yosi Wulandari Yoyoh Jubaedah Yuda Romdania Yudhi Ahmad Nazari Yudhistira Saraswati Yudhy Kurniawan, Yudhy Yueping, Y. Yufiarti, Yufiarti Yufri Aldi Yuktiana Kharisma yul Hendra Yul Martin Yuli Adam Prasetyo, Yuli Adam Yuli Rahmawati Yuliana Yuliana Yuliani Yuliani Yulianthi, Ayu Dwi Yulianti, Natalia R Yulianto, Fazmah Arif Yuliarni Yuliarni Yuliati Yuliati Yulistiana Yulistiana Yulita Zanaria, Yulita Yulizawati, Yulizawati Yulyanti, Depi Yumna Rasyid, Yumna Yumni, Hilmi Yuni Astuti Yuni Purwati Yuni Ulfiyati Yuni Wijayanti Yuniarti Yuniarti YUNIASIH, IDAH Yunik Windarti, Yunik Yunita Yunita YUNITA, TRASMA Yusep Muslih Purwana Yusmaniar Yusmaniar Yusri Yusri Yusuf, Nurul Arfiyanti Yuyu Wahyu Yuyun Farida, Yuyun Z. Arifin Zadrian Ardi Zaenal Abidin Zahroh, Chilyatiz Zaimar, Yulia Sofiani Zainab Zainab Zainal Rafli, Zainal Zainal, Andri Zainol Arifin, Zainol Zaituni Udin Zakir, Muhammad Irwan Zayzda, Nurul Azizah Zein Mufarrih Muktaf, Zein Mufarrih Zen Rahfiludin, Zen Zet Rizal Zikri Fachrul Nurhadi, Zikri Fachrul Zuarni, Zuarni Zulfan Saam Zulfan Zulfan Zulfi Hendri Zulhan Arif, Zulhan Zulharmita Zulharmita ZULHIPRI, ZULHIPRI Zulkifli Zulkifli Zuraida Zuraida Zuriyati Zuriyati Zuryati Djafar